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Yep, it works with the power injector...don't see why I'd need it, but it wont pick up CBS without it!
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Does anyone know of a company that installs antennas ,my 18 year old antenna is dying. I live in St. johns county. Thanks for any info.
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I've read through a good chunk of this thread, but wanted to ask a question. I live off of CR 210 south of Jax and would like to get OTA HD channels. I prefer not to mount an antenna on the roof. I checked the tvfool.com site, and it says that I should be able to receive the major networks from Jax with a set-top antenna. Since I am constructing a new house, I figure I might as well mount an attic antenna before insulation gets blown in.

Can someone who lives in this area recommend a specific model that works for them?
Thanks for any advice!
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jangelj; I live in St Augustine and before my antenna started to die I could get most of the Jacksonville stations. But my antenna was a large yagi. It had elements for vhf and uhf. It was mounted on a 20 ' pole and had a booster. The 2 weak stations are abc 25-1 and 7-1 pbs. Even with this setup those stations sometimes are hard to get. In the summer ,very inconsistent.Cbs 47 and Fox 30 are very strong.I realized I am farther south than you,but Ihope this info helps. I think bigger is safer for better reception.Hopefully someone who lives closer to you can give more accurate info.
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Depends if you're more like CR210 Ponte Vedra or CR210 Orangedale; check the antennaweb.org site for help. Generally, you should have no problems with most any decent UHF&VHF (both!) antenna if you aim carefully. But here are two problems I had in a Floridian house (Palm Beach, but still relevant):
(1) Aiming the antenna in the attic space can make a smaller antenna perform better than a large one! Why? If you can't fit the bigger model under the angle of your roof, pointed in *exactly* the right direction, you lose. Typical new Florida truss construction makes this worse, because it may have to fit within the scaffolding triangles (or worse, in the width of just 1 bay), and the roof angle, and point perfectly to boot. (2) Modern truss "joiner-plates" create little square dead spots in their shadows. This means that mounting the antenna as high up as possible doesn't always work, so be prepared to do some fooling around with positions.
Thus, counter-intuitively, I would get a smaller antenna, within whatever range antennaweb.org tells you. Also because aiming is so important, make sure you can reach it after occupancy (or else do a complete job with a TV set on the construction site before you close up the interior). Sorry I can't directly answer your question with a model number: there's no substitute for local, neighborly, intelligence. (Even further away, though on the same angle of CR210@US1, I needed a Winegard GS-2200 with an amplifier for a customer. It was outdoors but had to be as small as possible, thus that model and the amp.)
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Living on A1A beach blvd in St Augustine-anybody have an HDTV antenna that works to pick up Jax HD?
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