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I am very new to the HTPC world and have gotten stuck on this problem so thought I would ask it here in case anyone else has had the same problem.

I have a GeForce ti 4200, which has VGA, DVI and S-Video outputs, but only VGA works when I try to play back DVDs.

Using either DVI or S-Video to my TV causes an error from zoom player.

Zoom Gives me an error which say a filter is not working or correct (I'll add the error text as soon as I can recreate the event at home).

This error only occure while a cable is connected to the DVI or S-Video.

When I unplug a cable from either the S-Video or DVI, DVDs play fine to my VGA monitor.

I have not been able to find any posts about this problem, but I am sure I am not looking correctly as this must have come up before.

Any help appreciated. :)