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I also noted a little out of sync on the commercials. But wasn't that a spectacular show. The pictures through my Zenith and Sony VPL HS10 on a 106" screen were so good I even watched the commercials. Thank you WSPA. The picture was perfect from beginning to end, and none of the annoying audio breakup I had experienced a couple of weeks ago with the AFL championship games. I had 3/2.1 whenever I bothered to look, and the music and other half-time program were awesome.
Now if Fox will get it going with the Nextel series, and maybe by next year Sinclair will give us NFC football in HD.
After seeing a good dose of HD, its pretty unacceptable to try to watch SD programming on the big screen.
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Yes...CBS went all out for the Super Bowl, and WSPA did its share in making it a very successful event. (Too bad WE came up one TD short.)
Thanks to Ron and staff for anticipating the HD broadcast and installing the new sound equipment.
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Did anyone get any signal strength readings? It seemed that during the pregame that I had a lot of pixelation and dropouts, and I had not one problem during the game other than the extremely annoying audio level issues....which may have been caused by my receiver . . . dang Sony.
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My signal strength was locked on 100 as it always is with WSPA-DT.
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My reception was great, and I didn't notice any sync issues. I have a DTC-100.
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I received my normal signal strength (for the Samsung 160) at 77. This an adjustable setting in that my antenna is not pointed directly toward the station...it is set to receive a compromise signal from all local stations and that is some 80 degrees away from WSPA-DT. I observed no pixelization and was generally pleased with the technical aspects. The only interruption was at approximately 6:45 when the audio dropped out for about 05 seconds.
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To Shaun and Hap at SCETV:

I watched "Remember the Alamo" on American Experience tonite via DT9, subchannel 3. The program was flawless, it looked absolutely fantastic even if it was widescreen only. No dropouts, pixelization, MyHD card lockup goofiness or any artifact audio or video. This was real digital television that was a pleasure and a thrill to watch. My signal level was in the mid 60's with sleet and freezing rain all over the antenna!

Bravo guys, Bravo.

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hmmm, must be the airport. Maybe less traffic during the superbowl...maybe the ionosphere was more reflective, the planets aligned, whatever it was I was happy to get the Super Bowl with no dropouts... I'm pretty sure my antenna is getting its' best signal from a multipath signal anyway as I'm aimed about 30 degrees off direct LOS. So did nobody else notice a really bad 5.1 mix? I was continually adjusting my center channel and overall volume from commercial to commercial, and even some of the commentary. If not, it's just one more nail in my Sony Receiver's coffin...anyone want a STR-DB1070?
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Anyone seeing a signal from WYFF-DT at this time?
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WYFF-DT is off...and awaiting a transmitter part. Durkee posted that information on our original thread. Here is his statement:


WYFF-DT will be off until repair parts can be installed. We hope to be back on some time tomorrow, Thursday 2/5.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we only have 1 PA tube assembly so there isn't any other alternative.

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What has happened to this thread? I was away from my computer for 10 days, and it came to a screeching halt. Is this the twilight zone? Does everybody know whats happening but me? Come on guys, I need my Western Carolina thread fix.
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I hope that the good folks at WYFF are aware the BOTH races this weekend from Daytona are in HD, and remember to take the needed actions to pass along the feed.
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Hopefully this thread is alive. There has been little participation recently...and we certainly need to improve that and gain more members. We have fair input from local broadcasters, with the exception of WHNS and WLOS. Greater viewer participation should change that.
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All...I lost WLOS-DT for several days...but it returned yesterday. No answer from WLOS in response to inquiries. Anyone else have problems?
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Enoree: Wyff knows the races are in HD and will broadcast.
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I started to watch the Busch race on WYFF-DT. The sound was constantly popping in and out every few seconds, lots of picture drop outs. I then switched over to my B antenna and tuned in WCNC-DT (Charlotte) absolutely perfect sound and picture. I really think that WYFF has some work to do on their feed, somewhere on the path.I think if they continue on this course ,that as more people in the market get DT and do it OTA that they will lose some viewers to other markets that can be picked up here, they need to remember a decent DT signal means perfect reception, not a marginal ,snowy picture like analog.
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WYFF-DT broadcast of the race yesterday was perfect for me.
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So, how did the 500 broadcast look to you guys and which channel did you watch it on (WYFF-Dt or WCNC-DT)? I watched it on WCNC-DT and had some break-ups at the end, though I think that may have been a reception issue on my end. The weather seems to have had a negative impact on my reception for the last couple days.
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Watched it on WCNC, the breakups were a NBC problem. WYFF really needs to go to full power soon and stop playing around.
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Everything was fine on WYFF-DT except for the NBC network problems. Shrek looks great as well.
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WYFF really needs to go to full power soon and stop playing around.

Yeah, the reason I had to watch it on WCNC-DT is because I can't reliably receieve WYFF-DT. Perhaps if they went to full power I could recieve thier signal. I can get the analog station very well.
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WYFF's 500 coverage was disappointing, but it was not the transmitter that concerned me. It was NBC's soft HD cameras. Weather may have caused a short breakup late in the coverage here in Asheville, but otherwise there was a steady 88 or better signal when I would check during several commercial breaks.
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I read your post about low participation, and would like to say that while I read the thread a lot, I don't participate much, because I really don't have much to say. I'll probably watch much more OTA HD when I get my HD Tivo, but until then, I only watch special events OTA., the rest is DirecTV TiVo.....
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I check here each day. I have started to post replys several times and stopped because they were mainly just complaints. One thing I would like to see corrected is Closed Captions on WYFF 4. I have a samsung sirt-151, and CC works fine on other stations. There appears to be two types of CC, one is the anolog and the other is HD. My unit shows Service1 is being received on Charlotte channel 3, WYFF4, and WSPA, the others that broadcast CC show up as CC1. Only WYFF4 does not display? E-Mail to WYFF4 was answered with, "Our equipment shows CC are being sent out". I would like to ask if anyone can actually see CC on WYFF4 or have any idea why I can not see them?
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I just tested the CC on WYFF-DT during Regis & Kelly. I get CC with my Hughes E86 with CC1 turned on.
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OK thanks. At times my unit selects CC1 on channel 4 and I see CC, but most of the time it selects Service1 and I do not. I do not have any way to select which one to use. It looks like my unit sees Service1 being broadcast and will not select CC1.
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Here is a quote I received from WYFF4, it appears my unit thinks they are sending the "new" type CC. I thank you again for helping me, and can only hope that WYFF4 finds their problem. Since it is a low priority item I doubt that it will be soon.

"There are two types of captioning on HD.
They are referred to as 608 and 708. 608 captioning is comparable to the
captioning on analog video. 708 captioning is supposed to be the "new and
improved captioning for digital. We have no problem viewing the 608
captioning, but we have not been able to see any 708 captioning even
thought everything appears to be configured correctly for it. "
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Let me jump in here and relate my experiences as a broadcaster.

CC has been a royal pain in my butt on DTV since the start. There were protocol issues with the manufacturers on both sides and it seems that the transmitting side is catching up with receive side. The early Sammy's like the 150 and 151's are prone to have CC problems.

Here is the juice:

A non HD DTV signal (meaning anything EXCEPT 720p or 1080i) sends EIA-608 (analog standard) CC. A HD (720p or 1080i) signal sends 608 (for CC fields 2-4, Text fields 1-4 and XDS packets (V-Chip data) and EIA 708 (the HD CC standard) for CC field 1 (also known as Service 1). If a station is sending 480p and the encoder is in what is called a "mapped mode" meaning it is taking a 480i signal and converting to a 720p or 1080i signal (due to the hardware upconverter architecture) it is being remapped in the MPEGII encoder as 480p (in other words it is sent as a 1080i or 720p signal, but your receiver is told it is 480p and treat it like was real 480p) then it uses the HD standard and not the analog standard as in a real 480p or 480i signal.

Now having said all that, the early Sammy's don't know how to interpret the 608/708 intermingling and it doesn't show anything when it happens. You run 608 straight and those receivers decode CC to beat the band! My Sammy 160 and the stations Sammy 165 handle OTA HD CC with no problems.

Now, having this very 480p peculiarity, (my upconverter only put out 1080i mapped to 480p and the encoder compressed to look 480p) it took almost 2 years to find out that was the problem.

Life is NOT simple when it comes to DTV ANYTHING.
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That was probably more info than anyone besides me would like to hear on CC. I found it interesting and I believe others will also, if we knew everything life sure would be dull.
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Originally posted by mdgaffney

That was probably more info than anyone besides me would like to hear on CC. I found it interesting and I believe others will also, if we knew everything life sure would be dull.

I don't want to know everything, just what I need to know and get it on the first pass!
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