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I've heard Charter has been testing them... but nothing about them being able to record HDTV. They may be looking at doing this, but I haven't heard. I'll pursue it after the HDTV roll out starts. We had a video presentation to Charter employees, that mentioned PVR's at the end of 3rd quarter/4th quarter of 2004. With very little talk right now about them, I wouldn't bet on it right yet. We'll see.
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To All re WLOS:
Generally I like to get permission to quote replies from Station Owners-Operators, but after a week I feel our forum members are entitled to see this reply from Sinclair regarding WLOS:

>Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We DO take digital TV serious! We have invested ~$150M into developing a "state-of-the-art" (H)DTV capability, and continue to invest in the future - a future that serves the needs of individuals, communities and local markets across the United States of America.
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Re WSPA--This station's audio is by far the loudest in the area, and frequently local station breaks and other local programming nearly blast me out of the room. Need your comments to pass on to the station.

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I get the feeling, WLOS was not broadcasting in HD last night on 13-1. Was that just their standard broadcast. It looked better than my Wlos on DTV, but I just didn't think it was HD because it was not wide-screen. I guess I was right.
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Jerry Birdwell-
This is wonderful news from WLOS. Much better to have a positive answer with a timetable (even if slips) than continued deafening silence. Good work!
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Glad to hear about wlos, but hope that they will increase their power. I'm currently in the "dead zone" over in Seneca and get no usable signal currently. Just for the record, I almost never watch ABC since there is no HD. I found myself watching "Holy Cow" on PBS, just because I've gotten spoiled with the picture! Holy Cow!!
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Fragman: Were you watching PBS from Pisgah (Channel 25)? As you know, it is on the same tower as WLOS-DT. Difference is power, although WLOS did increase it power a bit a few months back.
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No, I get channel 9 out of greenville. Due to my topography, (I live at the bottom of the hill, with tall trees all around!) I struggle to get the NC stations, while the ones in Greenville come in fine.
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Has anybody noticed a drop in signal strength from wspa in the last week or so. It used to be a solid 90 for me now its around 70 with drops to 50 and below at times.

No I don't have a real antenna yet, just amplified magnavox rabbit ears.

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Hello all, I'm new to this thread and am very happy to see all the locals. I'm very new to HD, in fact, have not even installed it yet. I AM the beneficiary of the famous DirecTV $99 deal and am having it installed in two weeks. I will be linking my new Samsung TS-360 (still in the box) to my Toshiba 30HF83. I do not have an OTA yet and that is where I need help and advice. I'm in the 29650 area code and have read lots about the Silver Sensor and various indoor RS models. What is the best way to go to receive ALL local stations (WYFF,WSPA,WHNS,WLOS,ETV and even UPN and WB). Perhaps even some other cities channels? Eventually I would like to drop the locals package off my D* subscription. Some other questions: should I go all out and put up an outdoor ant.? Do I need a rotor- for inside or outside use? Thanks in advance!
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Start with a review of your situation at
I believe all of your potential stations except DT-9 will be UHF. I suggest you consider a Channel Master 4 bay bowtie for a relatively wide reception angle. This antenna is small enough to go on a rotor in most attics. Post your reaction to the antennaweb suggestions...and you should get a better response to your questions.
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The website seems to be recommending a UHF (yellow) antenna. Reading further, it seems that an outdoor antenna is best but I may try an indoor one first, if for no other reason than cost and ease of installation. I am very new to this so any help is appreciated.
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Calvin, Billyray:
WSPA is pegged at 100 for me. I have a few extra antennas from my days of experimenting that you can try. PM me if you are interested.
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I live in Clemson in a similar lot as yours (bottom of the hill with lots of trees). I am having problems picking up NBC and CBS. Can you tell me what antenna you are using? I have a uhf only Winegard on a rotor, with a Winegard 4770 preamp, but the reception is spotty at best. Thanks for the help.

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Anyone have a WLOS-DT (13-1) signal?
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Originally posted by wrighthenry

I live in Clemson in a similar lot as yours (bottom of the hill with lots of trees). I am having problems picking up NBC and CBS. Can you tell me what antenna you are using? I have a uhf only Winegard on a rotor, with a Winegard 4770 preamp, but the reception is spotty at best. Thanks for the help.



I've got a Radio Shack 80" boom antenna (VU-90XR) mounted about 25' in the air and a Channel master 7777 pre-amp. (The pre-amp made all the difference for me) I usually get CBS, NBC and PBS (I don't count WHNS since there's nothing HD on it, but it does come in) without having to change the direction of the attenna. I don't get WLOS.
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Jerry- I have had nothing on 13-1 since yesterday.
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A studio engineer told me at 3:30 that Jim Carrier had called in and asked that the re-set be activated for the DT transmitter but they had no way to monitor. He tried it twice while I watched. No luck.
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"but they had no way to monitor". What a joke! That is really pitiful.
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Thanks for the reply. I have ordered a channel master 7777 preamp, so hopefully that will help out my situation. I wish I could raise my antenna another 25 feet, but I think my wife will kill me! Thanks again.

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WSPA-DT is off the air as well at 11:00am this morning.
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WSPA-DT is on at 1:20 p.m., but WUNF-DT (33-x) joins the missing WLOS-DT (13-x)
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WLOS, WUNF AND WSPA - DT are are all back on now.
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Charter Cable will begin HDTV service in the Greenville area at the end March. Information received from CSR is:
1. Box rental will cost $3 more per month.
2. Box type probably Motorola 5100.
3. HDTV Channels received for $3:
CBS (CSR could not confirm)
HBO-HD with sub.
SHO-HD with sub.
4. Free install(will use Monster Cables)
5. For $6.99 a month extra you will receive HDPAC:
More to be added later

I was told that work orders would be sent out starting March 22 with installs beginning March 24. I was placed on call back list for install.
If interested call now to be added to the list.
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I got the same dates (March 24) for Charter in Asheville. The channels are showing up on the guide. As of 3-11-04 they were:

Discovery HD
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For those of you having problems with WLOS-DT signals, you can take at look at the antenna radiation pattern at this address:
The "D" pattern limits the signal from the north, west and south of Mt. Pisgah, especially in view of the signal strength at this time.
There is no new word at this point on the "backordered" equipment needed for WLOS to commence passing ABC HD.
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thanks for the info. Just curious, though, why the odd dispersion of the signal. I just assumed (yes, I know that's bad) that the signal would radiate equally. Is it geography, or is there another reason?
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Re Directional transmission patterns, the FCC has changed its rules regarding sending strong signals into low density areas, such as coastal cities broadcasting out to sea. It is just as easy to design a directional transmission antenna as it is to design a directional receiving antenna. And power is normally expressed as ERP (effective radiated power) and that is the "antenna gain" times the transmitter power. Reduced transmitter power saves lots of money on the electric bill. My guess is that WLOS started DT operations with a temporary low power transmitter (recently replaced) and initially used the directional pattern to better cover its primary viewing area with the low power. I also assume that will change in the future. I hope to have more information...someday.
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Here's a new one: WSPA refuses to show today's South Carolina-Memphis game in HD, despite it being available in HD AND being the game they are showing on their DT channel. The person I talked to at master control said the decision had been made to upconvert all tournament games, EVEN if they are available in HD. He said it was not his decision, and said I should call Sacrea Fareed (I'm guessing at the spelling) at 864-587-4417 to discuss it. She is the "programming coordinator" and it was her decision.
The person at master control admitted there was no reason they couldn't show it; "they just decided not to."

I encourage local viewers to call and complain.
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I am very suprised by this from WSPA. Thank goodness for DirecTV.
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