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Of course, I was blacked out on the game via Directv since it was the local SD game. So WSPA managed to make sure I didn't get to see the game in HD.

The way USC played, I didn't miss much.
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Jeff- Did you order the NCAA tournament package?
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Yes, I ordered the NCAA package. I imagine I will be able to see some of the other HD games thru Directv, if WSPA isn't showing the same game on the SD channel.

Last year, the HD game was blacked out if the SD game was; in other words if your local station was showing the game locally(HD or not).
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That stinks. I dont order unless my team is in the tournament. WSPA really should be taken to task. I hope they dont screw us on The Masters.
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While I don't how to do it, it seems to me that there ought to be a way to convince the local stations that they are not dealing with a bunch of kooks or yahoos, but people who have demonstrated a willingness to spend dollars, sometimes a lot of dollars, on things we want. In other words, we are probably the advertisers dream customers -- we have money to spend. On this basis, they ought to be courting us, not neglecting us.
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I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I am always treated like I don't know what I'm talikng about when I contact the station. I WANT to watch their programming. I understand that HDTV doesn't pay the bills for them at the moment, but it is still frustrating.

WSPA ended up showing the HD games last night, even though those games were different than the ones shown on the SD channel. I don't know if they changed their mind, or if the guy I talked to yesterday was full of baloney.

I could see those games in HD on Directv also. So, the game I wanted to see in HD was unavailable to me while the ones I wasn't as interested in were on two channels I could see.
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I have sent a brief summary of the concerns to WSPA and have asked for a response by email.
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With apologies to the late Charles Schultz:

You're a good man, Jerry Birdwell.
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I guess your email worked. I watched the end of the Pacific/Providence game and part of the KU game and it looked fine. I had decided I'd wait to see what they did before I sent them a note. I hope that means the games Sunday will be HD also. Too bad for the gamecocks. Now they can look forward to spring practice (ha!)
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Hello to all,

I live on the East side of Spartanburg in the Hillbrook area and am very new to HD. I tried to put up an antenna in my attic, but only got one channel in (WSPA - with a signal that fluctuated between weak and none), so I mounted it on my roof. Alas I now get one channel (WSPA - weak to medium signal), but the sound does not match the video. I am not using an amplifier for the signal, yet. I currently have Direct TV with Tivo. I am now waiting for the Direct TV, Tivo, HD receiver.

Does anyone else have any experience with getting signals in Spartanburg? I am in the process of upgrading my HT, and getting local channels in HD is part of that upgrade. I look forward to future discussions with you guys.

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Moechild: Welcome.
First, I would check for information at this web address:
I would not, however, take the antenna recommendations literally, but you should also go to an orientation map at the same address for directions to the various transmitters. All stations in this area, except SCETV which is on Channel 9, are UHF and this makes for a small, easily handled antenna. I have not consulted a map for your area, but unless you are behind the ridge line running through Spartanburg, I am really surprised you are not getting WYFF and WHNS...both on tall towers and on high mountains. WLOS could be problem with its low power at this time. How well do you receive the analog transmissions for Channel 21, 62, 33 and 29? That would be a good indications for what should be usable UHF-DT reception. And, generally speaking, DT is easier to receive than Analog.
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I live in Boiling Springs, not too far from you, I get all OTA channels except WLOS. Even from Rock Hill. What kind of antenna are you using? I have a cheap amplified UHF set top antenna (RCA). I have to turn down the gain to get WYFF! All channels come in well with no pixelation.
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I live in Boiling Springs, not too far from you, I get all OTA channels except WLOS. Even from Rock Hill. What kind of antenna are you using? I have a cheap amplified UHF set top antenna (RCA). I have to turn down the gain to get WYFF! All channels come in well with no pixelation


I am using a Radio Shack VU-120XR UHF/VHF/FM 10 foot long antenna. From there, I have 75 feet of RG6 to a Turk 5X8 multiswitch. From there I have about 130 feet of RG6 to a diplexer, then another 5 feet to an LG LST-3510A HD Receiver/DVD Player. I also have Direct TV, hence the need for the diplexer.


I used that link from a previous post of yours to point my antenna yesterday. I would move the antenna, then have my wife to a scan. I did numerous scans within a 110 degree range. I have not tried testing any analog signals yet. I will try them and let you know.

Thanks to everyone for your help.

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Suggest as a test you connect only the antenna to the HD/TV receiver to make sure there is nothing in the present distribution system that is causing problems. Based on other responses, your area should have better reception than you have experienced. Is the multi switch amplified?
(I use a large Radio Shack in my attic on a rotor, and it's only drawback is that it is very directional and requires re-orientation for each change of station...whereas the Channel Master serves to receive all local stations from WUNF-DT on Pisgah to WSPA-DT pm Hogback in just one setting.
Neither the Pisgah stations, nor WSPA are line-of-sight, but my reception is very reliable with signal strengths ranging from 69 to 90.) I receive WLOS-DT only with the attic all-band RS antenna carefully aimed at Pisgah.
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I called our (Charter Communications) customer service people today and they are taking orders for HDTV in the Greenville/Spartanburg area right now.. but to my dismay, no details. Sorry, I will dig up final info as soon as I can. The details from an earlier post here is more than likely correct, but I though I would make sure. So if you want Charter HDTV, give them a call, and let me know when you get it, and what they tell you. I think it is important for Charter to get this right, so if you have problems, please let me know, and I will pass any bad or good news on.

Thanks, and good luck!

John B.
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I tried the analog and got decent signals from 4,7,21, and 29 in the morning. In the afternoon, 21 was a little degraded. 33 was very snowy all the time and I could not get 62 in at all.

I decided to try the RCA amplified rabbit ears that MGTR has. On Monday night I was able to get in WYFF, WSPA, and WHNS. I think my wife is now hooked on the picture. Last night I could get in WYFF and WHNS and not WSPA. I moved the antenna very slightly and could then get in WSPA, but not WYFF. That is the way I stand right now.

Does WYFF reduce power at 11:00 PM? I remember my signal meter showing the signal dropping right at 11:00 PM on Monday night.

This weekend I am going to try doing some more testing of my cabling. I will bring the RCA antenna up to my roof and see what I can get in with it.

BTW Jerry, my multiswitch is powered.

Thanks to everybody for their help.

Rob J.
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I don't have a good contour map of your area at this time, but based on past experience I don't believe you should have a major obstruction between you and WSPA (Ch 53), WASV (Ch 62), WHNS (Ch 57) and WYFF (Ch 59). The analog signal from Ch 29, in Greenville, indicates you should receive Channel 9 DT with no problem. RF amplification has proven to be a major culprit in signal degradation, and it is very difficult to understand why you are not receiving very strong UHF signals from these station. I am anxious top hear what results you get with no amplifier in the line from the antenna to the STB. The very fact that MGTR has to reduce the gain of his amplfier even with a small antenna indicates that WYFF (59) puts a very strong signal in your area--one that could overload the amplifier.
The fact that you did not mention ghosting in the Analog review indicates you have little or no multipath problems.
The 4-bay Channel Master antenna is your best bet for setting up a high gain antenna that will receive all stations from one "compromise" setting aimed about half way between WSPA and WHNS...and if on a rotor you probably can pickup transmissions from some of the very tall towers east of Charlotte.
You need a good contour map to help determine what mountains may block you, if any. I have never noted a signal drop from WYFF at 11 p.m.
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I picked up a Motorola DCT 6200 from Charter in Asheville today. They are currently charging an extra 3.00 for the HDTV box which includes the local channels and HBO and/or Showtime if you subscribe to them. For an extra 3.99 you get HDNet, HDNet Movies, and ESPN HD. On the sheet of paper that they gave me they list

770 - HDNet
771 - HDNet Movies
773 - ESPN HD
777 - HBO HD
778 - Showtime HD
784 - WYFF

WSPA should be on soon, allegedly.
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I just called the 800 no for Charter and was told HD is now available. Local stations and Discovery for about $7 more and I think $4 more for ESPN and HDnet and HD net movies. BUT WYFF is the only local station he has listed now! The last I heard WYFF doesnt pass HD and NBC only has Leno and a couple of others anyway. WSPA is not listed yet! Well, its a start. I have only Cable Basic and Modem and it would cost me about $50/mo more, no way at this time of course. I mentioned on the other thread I have the Directv pkg including CBSHD East AND West. Comments, everybody?
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Fordw- WYFF has been passing HD since day one. NBC has a good bit of Prime time in HD.
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So, does anyone know what Charter's definition of soon is for WSPA? I really want to watch the Master's in HD, and my topography does not allow me to receive a consistent signal from WSPA. This is disappointing that CBS with the best (imo) HD programming was not included in the launch.
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Picked up Moto 6200 box yesterday, was told CBS is still in negotiations. Box rent was +$3. Watched West Wing last nite, looked good, hope more stations are added soon. Set box to default to 480p instead of 480i on non HD channels, looks OK. HDPAC was 3.99 extra and included HDNet, HDNet Movies and ESPNHD.

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I just emailed WSPA regarding Charter cable carrying their signal. This is the reply I just received:

Mr. Henry,

I wish I could give you some good news about an agreement with us and the cable company. The problem we are having with an agreement is, the cable company is not wanting to retransmit our entire HDTV signal. Also they do not want to carry both of our signals, digital and analog, on their system at the same time. Your continuing request with the cable company for our HDTV signal will be one of the best tools in resolving this matter.

Ron Peeler
Chief Engineer
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Sounds like we really need to be aggressive in contacting Charter and demanding that WSPA is added to their lineup.
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Here's the canned response from Charter:

Thank you for contacting Charter Communications.

We are still negotiating contracts with local providers in your area.
We hope to have them in place sometime in the near future.

We care about the opinions of all of our customers and will keep yours
in mind as we continue to explore new product possibilities. We hope to
extend the availability of advanced services such as this to more of
our customers. In the meantime please understand the hurdles we face when
situations like this occur and be assured we are working with you, the
customer, in mind.

If you have questions or require additional assistance please contact
your local support center at the number listed below.


Customer Care Team
Charter Communications
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Apps1, of course you are right about WYFF HD. I have been trying for months, adjusting antennas to pick up WYFF and WNTV DT. I had never been able to get anything but flashes on the signal meter on WYFF until yesterday I lowered my antenna and tilted it back a little bit and have perfect reception with no dropouts since. The signal strength is low but perfectly steady. Now if there was some way to get ABC HD. On the other hand I received WNTV pretty good last summer but cant get a thing now.---- One thing I dont understand about Digital is some days signal strength is steady and others is varies wildly with dropouts even on a strong station using an indoor antenna. Ch 21 seems to be bad about this.
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Whats the deal with WYFF-DT? The last 2 Sundays during American Dreams the signal has fluctuated wildly, 82 down to 70 then 0 and back up and then the same.they need to power up and quit shafting the viewers. We watch their ads and we have the money that their advertisers want, not the folks sitting in front of a 13" with a clothes hanger for an antenna.The sooner they understand where the folks with disposable income are the better.
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I have been beating that drum for some time now, but I don't know how to get the message across that we are sitting here with money to spend. Treat us right, and we will spend it.
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3-30, 7pm, WYFF-DT seems to be off the air. I had been getting perfect reception. Can someone confirm this?
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Right - it was definitely off at 6:30 PM on 3/30, but back on at least by 9PM. A real mystery.
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As I mentioned in previous posts, I could never pick up WYFF-DT, just flashes on my signal meter, until about 10 days ago. After adjusting my antenna, a $79.95 all channel Radio Shack, to maximum height and tilting it, I got perfect steady reception for about a week until the station went off the air for a few hours 3-30. My Dish 6000 needs about 50 reading and I was getting 60 to 70. I thought I had it made as WYFF is my only ota network station. When they came back on the air 3-30 I havent been able to pick them up since. I just now spoke to a WYFF engineer and he says they are on the same power and havent changed anything. I am very unhappy. Has any one had a similar happening?
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