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Re: Greenville's Ch 9 DT:

I have been unable to receive a signal from this station for several days. Anyone receiving it, and at usual strength?
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Originally posted by jerry birdwell
Re: Greenville's Ch 9 DT:

I have been unable to receive a signal from this station for several days. Anyone receiving it, and at usual strength?

Coming in at 100 signal strength as usual for me. I am only about 4 miles from the tower though.
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They will not go to full power until late '04 or early '05.
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What was up with WHNS tonite?? I wanted to catch new eps of the Simpsons and Bernie Mac.. All I got was left channel audio on DT57 and a little of right channel audio on analog 21!! Geez, this is sad.

I tuned over to analog 18 in Charlotte, perfect audio.. Band conditions were such that I could not get DT27 reliably.. But what little I could get sounded great. (Thanks to Bob as always for his passion to make things run like they ought to!!)..

This is pathetic people. I don't mean to fuss as I know there are some techs and engineers here that are doing the best that they can with what they have to work with, but there is no excuse for what I heard on WHNS tonite.

This right here is a big reason why I drive over 120 miles round trip to work five days per week. I refuse to move to Asheville to live because I don't want to give up my wonderful quality HD OTA from Charlotte!
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WHNS was like that at 12:00 Sunday afternoon as well. I wonder if these stations even monitor what they are actually sending out over the air waves. I am just glad I get the NFL games and the Faux Widescreen via DirecTv. I really have no other need for Fox or our pathetic local affilliate.
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The people at WHNS have been far from truthfull about their DT plans , before they went live all we heard about was the equipment not installed yet, but one time I called to see if anything new was on the agenda and the engineer I talked to slipped up and told me that the equipment had been in place for awhile and that they were not going live because they did not want to spend money for the power to run it. Probably the same type of scenario in regards to FOX widescreen. All we can hope for is some other party buying these clowns out.
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To all: Re WLOS-DT replacing transmitter:

Jim Carrier has advised:
"Tomorrow morning WLOS-DT will go off the air to replace the low power
transmitter. AI tech expects to take at least the entire week. I
expect that it may take longer since there is the possibility of snow
later in the week. The existing transmitter must be dis-assembled and
taken down the cable car before any of the new equipment can be brought
up to the top."

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Jerry- What are they replacing it with? An even lower power transmitter?
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It is higher power. Lets just hope that they use its higher power and pass through the ABC HD.
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A scan this morning found WLOS-DT back on the air. However, my signal reading is less that in the past, with the antenna(s) oriented for the maximum available signal. It is less than WUNF-DT which is on the same tower.
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I am getting the signal as well. I dont beleive they broadcasting at any increased power. Maybe since they had all the delays they just swithed back to the old transmitter.
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Could be. I sent Jim a note asking for comments regarding the signal. However, remember Jim stated earlier that the old transmitter must be removed from the Mountain prior to taking taking the new one up for installation. I will post Jim's reply.
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If that is the case, maybe they have just not turned up the juice yet. I sure hope that this is not the new high power signal.
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Does anyone get guide information for digital WLOS or WB40? All I get is "Regular Schedule". The simulcast of WB40 on 14-1 shows guide info. I also get no info for WHNS-DT or any of the Public digital channels. I have a Hughes E86 and DirecTv.
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The program guide is a function of the station programming the PSIP and some do and some don't. Others give only limited information. Using a Samsung 160 I get approximately the same results as you. Nothing for WLOS-DT and for WHNS. I general get limited programming data for WUNF (33-1,2,3,4, 5, but they only program up to 48 hours in advance and seldom program the entire weekend. Usually there is no info for Sunday. 33-2 has programmed data for the full day to satisfy its cable commitments, thus is confusing when HD is not broadcast prior to 8 p.m. SCTV-DT 9-1,2 generally is programmed for the day, but only after you tune the station for a short time. 9-3 is programmed if there is local programming, but usually has no information for the PBS Loop.
WYFF-DT and WSPA-DT are most reliable.
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Message from Jim Carrier, WLOS-DT, in reply to my observation that the signal strength has not improved with the new transmitter:
"We're not at full power but about four times what we were previously. Will not go full power until sometime in January. At least that is what the electrical contractor thinks. We have installed a 500kW generator at the foot of the cable car track and completely re-wired the building electrical system for 480V in. When this project is complete the UNC transmitter will not have to run on a step-up from our 208, we will then have the capacity to crank up the DTV power."
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Guys I'm in the Spartanburg area & just picked up an HD receiver. I've had a combination rooftop UHF/VHF antenna with booster that I've used for some time with my satellite system.

Will that antenna work well enough to pick up HDTV or am I going to have to replace it?

Right now I get WBTV, WYFF (very snowy picture), WSPA (clear), WSOC (nearly unwatchable), WIS (just here enough for the VCR to notice it), WLOS (clear), WHNS (clear), SC ETV 29 (clear), UNC TV 33 Clear, WCNC (snowy) and the rest of the locals with virtually the same conditions.

How can I expect that reception to improve/decline when I set up HDTV?
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A good over the air antenna for UHF (and VHF) is a good indication the same equipment will work for your new setup. The only VHF-DT in the Greenville area is SCETV, on Channel 9 from Parris Mt. You will find some great pictures on its HDTV (9-3) channel, so don't pass this up.
All of the DT transmitters are on the same tower as the SD transmitters, and it sounds as though you should expect good DT reception from all except WYFF. But it is strange that you are not receiving Channel 4 that well if you get WHNS-21 which is near WYFF. You may be surprised by the WYFF-DT.
In my case, I don't get the SD very well from several of the stations, but receive an excellent picture from their DT transmissions.
I see no reason to replace an existing antenna installation if it is in good condition and the cables are good and low loss. RG-6 is suggested if the signal is marginal.
Remember, with DT you either have a near perfect picture...or none at all!
I would just connect the antenna and start scanning for the DT signals>
Good luck....and feel free to send out any questions that may come up.
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Repeating from Thread #1:
Have you used http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.asp to check for the location of each area station and the orientation of your antenna for each? Also, I strongly suggest that you set your receiver for the channel you are missing to its signal strength meter and do a 360 degree search for a signal. You may find that a "bounce" from a different direction may give you a signal. My first DT signals were from a bounce from the opposite direction of the stations (WSPA and WYFF). Also, remember that the stations are not located IN Greenville (except for Channel 9). WSPA is on Hogback NW of Spartanburg, WYFF is on Caesar's Head north of Greenville and relatively near WHNS which is on Rich Mt. WASV is between WSPA and WYFF. I use a large broadband RS antenna in my attic, and it gives good results--but is very directional and must be reset for best reception of most stations and I change channels. But by far the best results is from a Channel Master 4-Bay UHF antenna set to a comprimise orientation that gives me all the UHF-DT stations from the one setting--except for very unusual conditions. I am told the 8-bay is the best for problem reception areas and this information comes from some highly respected RF engineers.

PS -- Newest information for the Western Carolinas is now on a new thread:
>>> Western Carolinas HDTV Fall 2003 <<<<br />
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I've seen several posts here and in the other thread about WJZY & HDNet.. Is this the same "HD Net" that is available on satellite systems, and does WJZY rebroadcast their entire schedule?
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WJZY is the UPN-46 station out of Charlotte on a very tall antenna west of the city. I occasionally watch the station, and never have seen any HDNet programming. Recently, I have read that WJZY is offers HDTV programming, probably some UPN pass through. I don't often try for the stations DT signal, but can always see a very snowy analog picture and at present the program is Judge Mathis. Suggest you sign on to the station's website and you will find a place to send email...which I find the station is quick to answer. It would surprise me if HDNet has any deals with local stations now that it is a "premium" pay channel on the satellite.
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Jerry I was referring to this post from the older Western Carolinas thread that popped back up this morning:

To John Crockett -- great to have you in the group! Thanks for being a part of it.

I just spoke with John Bishop at WJZY in Charlotte.. We now have UPN HD!!! For all those within range turn your antennas towards Gastonia / West Charlotte and tune up to channel 47. HDNet has been moved from DT39 to DT47 and UPN HD when available will be shown on 47.1 with SD on 47.2....

Gotta love it!


Also WJZY has a schedule on their website (not updated for this week) for HDNet, that's why I asked. With things like the "Mark Cuban Show" listed it appears they at least partially carry the network, or did at least which I thought was odd as well.
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WJZY-DT and WRAZ-DT in Raleigh both carry a derivative of HDNet called "High Definition" that is from HDNet for broadcast stations. It is mostly sports and original HDNet Programing. It is not the same HDNet channel that is on sat and cable.
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Thanks for the clarification.
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alright, thanks for clarifying that. Though I don't see it listed on the listings at all now since WJZY has added a UPN HD feed.
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Asheville's UNCTV-DT (25) is off the air this morning for the installation of a backup generator.
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This morning's Asheville Citizen-Times has a lengthy article regarding Home Theater and generally describes DT equipment for DVDs...nothing about HDTV. Those who follow this thread know that Editor Gabordi has refused to "touch" HDTV or DTV for the past year. Hopefully area subscribers will let Mr. Gabordi know of your interest.
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Re Asheville Citizen Times: Editor Bob Gabordi responded today that rapidly changing technology probably warrants more HDTV Coverage. Help convince him that that is true, especially by including the HD information in its log listings.
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OK guys I got the HDTV tuner I had bought in today (it's an older model) and tried it out. Unfortunately the results weren't what I expected. I think something may be wrong with the tuner, but one of you might can help me better understand it.

First of all when I do its auto scan it picks up a different group of channels each time (the first time it only picked up 21 & 33 which is UNC TV), the second time it picked up just WYFF-DT and the third time it picked up WSPA. I even tried turning off the channel mapping and this trend continued. If you enter the Channel # of the missing ones manually, either with mapping on or off, it never finds a signal. This particular model receiver is really old and doesn't have any signal strength meter, so I can't check that.

When it does pick them up WHNS & WYFF are clear as glass but WSPA is heavily pixellated, and if you flip away from it to one of the others it'll say "Signal Not Found" 3 times out of 4. As I've mentioned in past messages I'm using a good quality rooftop antenna that picks the Analog versions of all of these channels up in a watchable format (WSPA SHOULD be excellent under any circumstances).

According to Antennaweb.org I should be able to pick all of these DT stations up with "The smallest of TV antennas, these receive equally well from all directions. Designs include novel-shaped disks, patch antennas and antennas that attach to satellite systems. These antennas are most effective when signal strength is highest and away from reflecting structures or low areas"

All the three stations (WSPA, WYFF, & WHNS) are within a few degress of each other according to the list there, so I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to pick up WSPA when I get the less powerful WYFF & WHNS (both of which come in worse on analog feeds than WSPA does)

Any suggestions?
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Your old antenna may be very directional, and the weak signals may be fading in and out. One way I have checked for usable signals is with a common rabbit ear antenna that comes with most sets. The antenna length should be rather short, approximately 11 inches for DT-25. To be exact, divide 5904 by the frequency. WYFF wold be 5904/741.25 = 7.96 inches, each side. The dipole is not very directional. Open it flat with it set for about 9 or 10" perhaps as short as it will go, and aim it about mid way between the stations. (Did you move the old antenna during your scans?)

The other potential is a multipath problem that causes the pixelizatiion. The rabbit ear antenna potentially will worsen any multipath and that will become more obvious.
You don't say what brand receiver you have. Some drop any channel not received during each scan, some retain previously locked channels. The key is to find a place where all channels can be received, then don't scan any more! Observe what you receive for a while (couple of days) and see if the pixelization continues. You don't mention the time frame for your test, but don't forget the stations still are off the air rather frequently. During the past week 25 was off for a power change. Just prior to that 56 was off for several days. WYFF-DT is subject to power outages.

If you find the temporary dipole does a better job of getting all available stations, then I would recommend a UHF only antenna, such as the Channel Master 4-bay bow tie. Good gain, and a reasonable reception pattern. (The temp dipole is not intended to be permanent.)

I don't believe the receiver is the cause of the problem of dropping stations...but hopefully those with more technical experience will offer advice. I would be suspicious of the older antenna, leadin, and any amplification and splitters. Don't judge by VHF reception of analog signals; UHF analog patterns will be more indicative of potential for UHF DT signals.

Let us know what you are finding as you continue the search.
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