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CAT is still having trouble with our new generator. Tomorrow they hope
to have the problems corrected. If they are correct we will test it
off-line for a couple of weeks. If no more problems develop, we'll put
it on line (mid June). At that time DTV power will be brought up.

We're trying to have network HD passthrough up by the end of August.

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Hopefully in time for MNF!! (I haven't watched anything on ABC since the end of football season!)
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Re WSPA-DT Audio:
There is hope. Here is a response from WSPA's Ron Wheeler:

Ron Peeler>
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Hello all, I'm planning on ordering a UHF antenna thru a local supplier and need some advice. I'm leaning towards the Channel Master 4221 which has a range of 45 miles. Will this help me receive WLOS-DT and WHNS-DT? I know WHNS isn't really broadcasting HD right now but I'm very hopeful for the future (aren't we all?). I know that WLOS is broadcasting from Mt. Pisgah but I don't know where WHNS transmits from. I live just north of I-85 at the Pelham Road exit (#54, the Sugar Creek neighborhood). My question is, how far am I from those two transmitters? Will one antenna get all the signals or do I need a more directional one for WLOS-DT? Do I need more range than 45 miles? Thanks for any help in advance.
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The Channel Master 4-bay antenna is a very good antenna for UHF in this area (and the only thing that will beat that is a heavy CM 8-bay. It's beam pattern allows me to pickup all the stations in this area over more than a 90 degree angle from one compromise setup; rare but depending on your circumstances it could work for you. However, be prepared to use a rotator for most reliable reception. As for WHNS, the first page of this thread outlines locations and power status of all stations in the area. WHNS is on Rich Mountain, near Caesar's Head and is the tallest tower in this area. Also, use the website for antenna locations from your address whose name is provided in the first few entries at the start of this Western Carolinas forum.
For more info on the antenna, see: http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/cm4221.html
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Installed the 4221 over the weekend complete with rotor. Put it in the attic. I am pleased to report total success! Only channel I am not getting is WB 40-1, but I am receiving 13-1 (ABC)and 13-2 (WB). Needless to say, I am thrilled. Many thanks to all on this board for their suggestions and advice. By the way, did anyone watch the NBA Finals last night? That didn't look like HD to me. I am assuming WLOS-DT is still having issues passing through HD. Oh well....
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Greenville's WB40 is owned/operated by WLOS and is carried as a second channel on WLOS DT, maps to 13-2. Same tower as WLOS (Pisgah). So you are getting all available. How well do you receive 25, mapping as 33-1,2,3,4 depending on the time of day, from PBS Asheville? Also on Pisgah. Do you need to turn your antenna?
See posting above quoting Jim Carrier regarding WLOS and HD. It will be the end of August before WLOS-ABC goes HD for this area.
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Jerry, I am receiving all of the channel 33's quite well. I will check the signal strength tonite and get back to you. I do not have to rotate the antenna. What is interesting with 13-1 and 13-2 is the S.S. fluctuates from 45% to 10%, back and forth. Some pixelization but nothing major. I will check again tonight and post tomorrow.
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Calvinb...fyi, Channel 25 is at maximum power; WLOS is very low power. Compare the two.
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Originally posted by Spiked
Any idea why we don't get Discovery HD?

Is it just me or does ESPN usually broadcast in 4:3?

I'm curious about Discovery HD as well. One of my managers at work was a tester for Charter's HD service before it launched and Discovery HD was part of the lineup during that period.

As for ESPN, yes, most of their programming is 4:3. They finally stopped stretching 4:3 content after the first HD SportsCenter broadcast last night. (Except for the ticker, for some reason.)
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Here is the latest from WHNS-DT/Fox"
I am sorry for the delay in getting this information to you but I wanted to be sure to get you the latest update. As things currently stand we will be on the air with HD no later than the end of the year (12-31-04). We are working to move the date up to possibly mid October but it is unlikely that all of the pieces will be in place by that time.

Jerry W. Garvin<<
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Hello, I seem to have lost my signal from WYFF-DT (4-1), was wondering if any of you guys are having any problems or not. All other channels are coming in great. Thanks up front for any info you can give.
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I'm not sure if your signal came back or not. I am watching 4-1 right now and the signal is great (I'm located in Greer too).

EDIT - I had to post to see what time it REALLY is. You posted 20 minutes ago and I've been watching 4-1 for the last 45 minutes or so - the Regan Funeral Procession - without any dropouts or loss of signal. So it must be on your end.

EDIT - I just checked the signal strength and it is in its normal range, so I have no major drop in signal strength.
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Thanks for the info, I think that I may have some tree and/or alignment problems, I tuned to 4-1 and now I'am getting a very low signal. Thanks again.
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13-1 has been problematic the last 48 hours or so at my location. Anyone else having problems? Are these signals subject to disruption from thunderstorms, etc? Maybe that is the problem. It was terrible last nite (Wed). Jerry, you are correct: freq: 25 is a very strong signal for me whereas WLOS is 35-45% at best and often gives me no picture at that strength. Very frustrating, but I guess it would be worse if they actually showed HD and I still couldn't see it. I guess we have to wait until they pump up the power.
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Re DT during thunder storms and changing weather:

My experience is that electrical storms cause reception problems especially when between my RX antenna and the TX antenna. To a less extent, storms cause occasional pixelization when beyond the TX but generally in the same direction from me. My greatest problems have been during seasonal changes...from winter to spring and back...and this lasts some two weeks.
But the problems on UHF are nothing compared to VHF-DT. Channel 9 out of Greenville, being on the same channel as Charlotte's 9, is subject to both co-channel problems and WX problems. My concern is that stations will be switching back to VHF (their option under present FCC indications) and that is going to present a whole new set of problems.
Having said this...DT is much more reliable than analog!
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From Wayne Estabrooks, UNC-TV:

A firmware upgrade for the Samsung SIR-T165 is available. For details, see
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Ben Szobody has a front page article about HDTV in The Greenville News today. It is nice to have HDTV getting some attention in our local news. I think Ben did a great job with the article but I wish someone would write an article that focuses more on how "great" the picture is and how much fun it is to have a group over to watch a program like the Superbowl in HD. It is important for people not to focus on just the problems with HDTV.

I was disappointed to hear that WLOS has pushed back its HD date to the fall season. I guess now we need to cross our fingers that by Christmas time that both WLOS and Fox get their act together and join WYFF and NBC in broadcasting HD. Until then I am looking forward to the Olympics.
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To all:
For those of you interested in recording HD with your computer, here is a recent development:
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The HDTV story from Tuesday's Greenville News is here, if you want to read it:

It includes info on recent developments and potential technology advances in the near future.

The last story I wrote on the subject, from January, dealt more with the amazing nature of the technology, as suggested above. It's still on the Web here:


Going forward, I'd like to hear from posters here about aspects/angles of HDTV that you think hasn't been touched yet. Tuesday's story was long enough, and I'm writing for general readers who don't always know what HDTV is, so plenty of technical details and consumer issues are left to be explored.

What do you think is most important going forward? Jerry has mentioned the compression issue, which can degrade the picture. Others have repeated that all analog TVs will eventually be junk, at that might make a lot of people mad. Does Charter's new package advance the HDTV gospel, or will it take something else?

E-mail me your ideas and suggestions at bszobody@greenvillenews.com.

I'd like to hear from some new people, and maybe more HDTV-endowed folks in more saturated markets.
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Did you attach the rotor part of the antenna to any part of the attic. How did you run the wiring from the attic to the TV? I am having difficulty in finding openings in the attic to bring the cable outside and then to bring it to the living room where the TV is situated? How did you solve that?
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The Braves channel mentioned in Ben's article is now showing up in TitanTV's and TV Guide's listings for Charter in the Greenville/Spartanburg area, along with TNT-HD, another apparent new addition.
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Ravichandler, my father in law and I mounted the rotor on a 4x4, then bolted the 4x4 to an old entertainment center shelf that is heavy and supports the antenna. It is now mobile! Mounted the antenna and mast to the rotor for a total height of about 5'. Lots of space in my attic. Ran the RG6 and 22 gauge wire down the middle of my home through two stories to my crawl space using the preexisting gap used by the A/C power supply and several other wires. Fished the wires through using some string with a weight on it. Fished it on over to the hole in the floor behind my entertainment center. Used about 100' of RG6 and about 80' of wire (thermostat wire from Lowe's). Important to note that I have an A/C unit in the attic with wires running to the crawl space. Don't know if most homes are like this. Just find the large black conduits running down and look under the house to see if they come all the way to the crawl space. My father in law figured this out (he's an engineer). PM me and I'll fill in the rest.
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I was wondering how all of you with Charter HD like the service so far? I work for Charter (on the media side) and I like to pass on comments to our folks on the Charter Communication side.

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Anyone else notice audio issues last night on WSPA-DT during the movie "The Patriot"?
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I have continuting problems with the audio sync on WSPA-DT and you will find in this forum the response from Ron Peeler with respect to promised fix(es). I assume the station is still trying to solve the problem based on recent observations. Just as disconcerting is the extra loud audio from the station, compared to all other DT broadcasts in the area UNCTV is now almost as loud as WSPA.
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Charter Asheville HD comments. --- On my 50 in 16x9 TV the cable box gave a small picture in the center of the screen on HD. Charter sent a man Friday who tried to phone a tech person without success. I then downladed the Motorola DCT 6200 manual and found by turning the box OFF and pressing Menu a white screen with black letters appears. By changing settings I was able get the HD pic to fill the screen.-- Calling toll free no, people dont know that WYFF is the only local channel??--- I hope they can at least add local CBS and PBS soon. I know WLOS and Sinclair are the holdup on ABC. No local HD on WYFF until 8pm and then very little this summer. They need Discovery HD, by far the best HD channel.--- Very happy to get the Braves games.--- WYFF Digital is surprisingly clear and colorful --- Very happy to get pack with VH1-Country, favorite channel, no commercials only $4 extra.
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FordW thanks for the feedback. I'm going to pass your reply to the Charter people. I had the same problem you did when I first got my cable box. A guy a Tweeter here in Greenville told me about the "Power off/Menu" setting. Also, FYI, Just between all of us on this board, but we are working with the Discovery Channel, and I hope something happens real soon. When I can talk about it or anything else, I'll post it here. Funny thing is, sometimes you "guys" here know it before I do. But I'll keep trying.

Anyone else? I'll take Good or bad comments
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I really like Charter HD. I just wish there were more channels, especially local.

The braves channel is awesome - thanks a ton for that.

But missing out on Discovery, PBS, and CBS, as mentioned above, is very annoying. Especially since I was told all available local channels would be included in the package. The promotion is misleading.

Any time you call customer service, no one has a clue about HD programming. Some feedback about exactly what is going on would be very much appreciated.

If Voom did not require a land based phone line, I would have probably already dumped charter tv altogether. I rarely watch any SD channels anymore.

I do realize this is an infant technology and offering, so I am willing to be patient until fall. But if there is not a more robust HD offering, or if I need to do so to get NFL games in HD, I'll be going satellite.

Thanks for asking. :-)
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Spiked, thanks for the response. I can tell you Charter is working with WSPA to get on by the fall, but I just don't know if that is going to happen. As far as Fox goes, don't look for them to be HD until December, maybe. I bet there is some pressure for them to be HD by the Super Bowl. Fox the network will be showing game in HD, but WHNS can't do it yet.

There is more stuff coming up soon, so stay with it. The new PVR's are in the pipeline, I just don't know when they are coming out. It will be the Moxi system, and at least on paper it sounds "sweet".

If you have problems, try Charter customer service first, and if you still have problems, let me know here or through PM.

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