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Need Help with Sub selection  

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Hello - I'm looking to upgrade an old Yamaha YST-SW100 sub, that just doesn't do anything but boom (in a very bad way). After reading a bunch of threads on this site, and researching web sites, I have it narrowed down to two subs:


Since I can't listen to either of these subs prior to the purchase, and being in Canada the shipping charges that I would have to pay if I don't like it to return it are quite high, I would like to read some comments on what you would do with a similar setup.

I have a room that is 12 feet wide, 28 ft long, with a 7 1/2 foot ceiling. It is in the basement, with a carpeted, concrete floor.

I realize both these subs fire downward, so I don't know if this is the right choice based on a concrete floor, or if I should go with a direct fire sub.

I currently have an HK520 with an HK PA 2000 powering the rear channels to make a 7.1 environment. My satellites (4) are SOLID's (made by B&W) rated at 150 watts and mounted on the wall and ceiling. The mains are Polk RT800i's, and my centre channel (recently upgraded from an old Yamaha that did not mate at all with the Polks) is the Polk CSi3.

Thanks in advance!
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Just wondering why you aren't also considering Paradigm's PW-2200 Subwoofer? It's not that much more expensive and it has also earned very good reviews. I believe we Canadians get a bit of a preferential price, too.
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I'll check it out - there is a store located here in Edmonton that deals with them. I haven't read much about the Paradigm's. Thanks for the tip!
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kpt krunch

If your in Canada I would say ck out the paradigm 2200. Thats if you can get a good deal for one up there. My brother in law has a paradigm setup with that sub and it sounds good.

I myself had a hsu vtf-2 for about 9 mos. Sold it to my brother and decided to go with the svs pb1. Nothing wrong with the vtf-2 it was a good sub
BUT, it will not hold a candle to the svs pb1. There is about a $150-200 difference but well worth it.

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What's your budget? How big's your room?

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Thanks Dan - that's the kind of info I'm looking for. I will definitely consider that. I will be checking out the Paradigm 2200 as well, and see what I can get it for (if I like it that is). How would you compare your brother-in-law's Paradigm with your svs pb1? Which one cost more money?

Pipe - my room isn't all that big, my budget is anything under $1000 cdn. See my post at the top for room dimensions and equipment I'm using.

To be honest the Paradigm 2200 would be a no-brainer right now (or 2100) as I can simply return it. If I decide to go the mail order route I want to make sure I don't have regret, as returning it could result in an out of pocket expense of $200 to $300 cdn.
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Kapppppteeeeen Kcccuuuuunh

My room is 28 x 14 x 7 . I found a Velodye F1800XR used in mint condition for $750.00. These are no longer made but they can be found. It's truly awesome and Velodyne is a serious contender with subs costing $5k US.

Hope you find a good one.

Mine weighs 120 lbs. and looks so cool too. The 18" woofer is something to behold.

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kpt krunch, The pb1 and the paradigm 2200 are close in comparison. I have not been able to compare both in the same room. My brother in law with the paradigm lives 100 miles away. The svs goes for $650 shipped in the US. The 2200 is around $800 Us.

Svs is known for their great customer service. I am not sure about Canada but in the US if you are not satisfied with the product you can ship it back within 45 days with little or no shipping. You might want to email Ron at svs and he can answer any questions you might have.

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I think you should first look at Canadian sub because of exchange rates. On Hsu side, wait for a week for the STF-3. 12 inch driver and more power than VTF-2 in addition to all the newest refinements. Hsu talks about this on his web page. Best of luck

For your information, price of STF-3 is $600 (free shipping in USA, may need to ask Hsu about rates to Canada, but I still think it best to look in Canada first)
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I have no actual advice on your situation but thought I would mention another sub that may or may not be a competitor. The Axiom EP350 is $820 CDN but I am not sure how it compares to the others mentioned in this thread. Axiomaudio.com
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if u could squeeze your budget some to get the pb2-isd i am sure that u wouldn't regret it.
after all, doesn't everyone's initial budget stretch a little once they actually decide :)
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Thanks for all your advice - this place is sweeeeet. I will be trying out the paradigm first (either the 2100 or 2200). At least if I don't like it is a lot easier to take it back. If I do end up going stateside, I think I might seriously consider the VTF-3R, as it doesn't look like a sub at all and would be easier to blend into the decor. I doubt you could place anything on it though, wouldn't be much of a sub if it didn't shake thins off :)

And your are right Jon - I already started out with a $500.00 cdn budget, but that's blown (literaly, the PSW404 I got a deal at that price on I either blew or was already blown, I believe it was the latter - it was an open box) and this is something I intend to keep for a very long time.
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Originally posted by Kpt_Krunch
I doubt you could place anything on it though, wouldn't be much of a sub if it didn't shake thins off :)
The sub itself should not shake....and the VTF-3 does not. I keep my laptop on mine all the time....in fact someone came over yesterday to check out my system, cranked up LOTR, the walls shook, but no problem for the laptop. I have placed a cup of water on it as well....no issues.
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I'd definately appreciate your followup after you hear/buy a Paradigm.
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You may want to discover the deep, articulate bass of Miller and Kestrell (www.mksound.com).
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go with svs
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i am afraid to put a glass of water on my pb2+, but i will try something else to test this out.
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Originally posted by 9000rpm
I'd definately appreciate your followup after you hear/buy a Paradigm.
I just (finally) got my PW2200 yesterday, in the Rosenut finish. Based on other posts on this forum, and my own calibration, I have the settings as follows:


- all speakers set to small, cross over set to 80 hz.

- Phase Control set at about 10:30
- Cross over at 150 (all the way to the right)
- Volume at about 10:30

Sub is located in the corner, facing the listening area, 6 inches from the back wall and left side wall (about 2 feet from the Sammy HLN617W TV).

I know a lot of people like the HSU and SVS subs, but if your Canadian, and your looking for a sub, and your room dimensions are similar, GET THIS SUB.

It's brand new, so it has some breaking in to do. I watched Finding Nemo first and it was amazing. Darla rapping on the glass, the whale, the submarine, the explosions, all those scenes shook the couch, book case, cd's, people, etc. You can actually 'feel' the air pressure change when a powerful LFE happens, and it just doen't kick you in the chest, it kicks you everywhere!

For music, the sub sounds very nice as well. You can hear the bass, feel it in some spots, but it by no means overwhelms you like the LFE can do on movie DVD's. In comparison, my old cheap Yamaha sub either boomed uncontrollably for everything, or you couldn't hear it all.

Thanks again to all the forum members for all your posts on Sub's, including settings, what to watch, er, listen for, room postioning, etc. And a special thanks to 9000rpm in Cowtown (nice of you to help an Edmonton boy - just don't tell anyone :) ) for recommending the sub to me and to Dan711 for the comparison with the SVS.

Happy New Year everyone!!

The Kap'n
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I almost always recommend that canadian buyer look at canadian product first. By the time that taxes, shipping, and exchange rate are determine, you are no longer getting the USA bargain that others are.

VTF-2 has been available for many years, and been improved much in the process, so take care in comparing with past user review. VTF-2 today is better than VTF-2 of one or two years ago, and soon to come VTF-2 MKII is better than current VTF-2. Also, now there is STF-3 which is about double the output of VTF-2 and priced at $599 USA.
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