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portable tivo  

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portable tivo, I have several directv tivos and love them. My problem is i now hate commercials so much i want a dvr i can travel with. I tried the Toshiba notebook with media center but returned it because the picture was too "grainy" and i thought for nearly 3 grand it should be clear.
I have orderd a Archos AV 380 but I don't think it will work anywhere near a tivo. Anybody know if tivo or replay have plans for travelers?
2nd question: are there outboard tv tuners i could use with a toshiba which would deliver a clear picture, i have been told all computer tuners are not yet clear.
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well, all I can think of is replayTV with DVArchive on your PC, record your shows like normal, and copy them to your laptop. You can even burn DVDs, to save HD space.
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