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PC as PVR  

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I've been trying to put together a dedicated PC as a PVR. I'm using a PVR-250 for a tv-tuner, a Matrox G450 video card, and an s-video connection to my Sony Wega CRT TV. The picture quality to the TV is decent, but it is somewhat washed out. Does anyone have any advice on getting good quality video on TV-out?
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I have an ATI RADION digital TV and video card in a similar configuration. The ATI card supports dual monitors. The TV can be one while the computer monitor is the other. The driver software provides separate gama settings for the TV than those that are used for the computer monitor. In this way you can set the brightness and contrast relationship on the monitor to its unique requirements.
When I first set it up I too noticed that my PIONEER ELITE 50" HDTV Monitor was brighter than my PHILIPS 13" XVGA computer monitor. SO I went to the display settings and fixed it for the TV.
I recommend you look into the existing driver in your Control Panel and if the control isn't there for you then contact MATROX and see if they have a driver for you.
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