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I just purchased a house which has a whole home audio system.

Additionally, the home has a Channel Master system for video distribution as well as wiring to 11 location for the satellite feed (so there could be 11 DSS receivers.)

What I would like to do is...

Update the system to support the newer HD Dish and receivers
Install an off-air antennae system for HD and route with Dish
Place (3) Non HD receivers (with PVRs) in one location.
Allow any television in the house to access any of the PVRs/Sat combos
The HD would run to three locations only (and I would expect to have the tuners in those locations)
Control the routing of the video as well as whole house audio from the screen of each TV (requires IR serving back to source).

Other than hiring a qualified professional (which I plan to do), where do you suggest I start in order to determine what I may need? What suggestions do you have?

I do not want to hire someone and not know if I am being taken for a ride or not, or what my options are.