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Hmmm, guess they were just testing things this morning. I just checked again, and the two channels are no longer listed. Well, we must be getting close.
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hdcable, what I and it appears spleen were refering to was the component ouput. In the SA website it says by pressing setting twice there would be an option called "pass through". Turing this option on will allow the cable box (SA explorer 3250HD) to send its signals out in the stations native resolution ie 1080i or 720p for the HD ones and 480i on almost all others. Without turning on this option the box will send out all signals in whatever format its set too. So if i have it on 1080i my hd chanels look great but when it upscales the standard stations to 1080i it looks bad. I would much rather it be sent out in 480 and let my tv do the upscaling becouse it does a much better job.
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hdcable - nope, I'm talking about the component output. I've tried following the setup instructions in the wizard in the past and at no place in the general settings menu do I get the option to adjust picture output format to pass-through (the mysterious Set Picture Format option).

Hounsfield - exciting! Looking forward to this ...

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josh - I should have read the last page before posting the same thing that you did.

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Spleen93 - I will look into why that is not there and get back to you about that. I can tell you that it is not on my SA 8000HD DVR box ether. I hope pass through is something we (OTWC) can add even if we need a software upgrade to do it.
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I hope that there's a software update that enables this!

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Yes an update for the pass through feature would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you hdcable for taking the time and looking into it.
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I have good news OTWC is adding HDNet, HDNet Movies and Discovery HD on March 15. From March 15 to March 30 they will be available for free then they move to the HD tier (with inHD & inHD2 @ $6.95).
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Hoorah!!! That's fabulous news, hdcable. Thanks for the info!

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Yesss! Hopefully things get straightened out with ESPNHD and KGMB next. And a firmware update to allow pass-through on the 3250HD would be great.

Thanks for the updates, hdcable.
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At last... Discovery HD!! Thanks for the great news, hdcable. I'm also thrilled to hear that these new channels will be included in the INHD package .
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Thats great new! I second the comment on KGMB. I still haven't gotten over not getting to see the Superbowl in HD.

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Thats good to here. I expected to have to pay more for the new CH's. It looks like oceanic is starting to get things going with there HD line up. Can't wait! I am also really surprised with all the bad weather that we have had the last few days I did not lose cable or internet once.

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That netspeed site to check your speed, is that netspeed.com? I get timed out, so that can't be good

Are KITV, HBO HD, and HD Showtime (and soon Discovery) the only channels currently available in HD through Oceanic? About how much does HDNet cost?

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And INHD1 and INHD2. And occ. Fox Sport Net (not true HD as of now though). All these HD channels (INHD1, INHD2, KITV HD, and soon to be HDNet, HDNet Movies, and Discovery HD) are part of the HD package for $6.95/month (or was it $9.95/month? Can't remember). Showtime HD and HBO HD are in their respective premium movie channel packages (i.e. can't get the premium movie HD channels on their own).

Thanks for the good news, Ed!

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I'm just wondering, what kind of stuff do they play on inHD and HDNet?

Is inHD mostly sports? The Oceanic Cable site doesn't have a description.
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InHD and HDNet both offer original programming, sports and movies.
You can check them out at the following:

InHD Website

HDNet Website
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The HD tier is $6.95 per month. When there is programing on Ch. 923 (FOX Sports Net) only the game (Lakers, Kings or Dodgers) is shown in 720p HD. You can check out the FOX Sports Net HD schedule at http://www.foxsports.com/content/view?contentId=1528343 .
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HD Sports on Oceanic is not strictly Fox Sports Net from LA. I have seen NY Knicks games as well (and they weren't playing the Lakers).

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Anyone get a call to pick up their HDDVR yet? It was supposed to be here by now. When I called last week they said that a few hundred came in and went out. Not sure if that was for staff or customers.

On another subject.
I recently bought a Costco Akai 42" Plasma. It was on sale for 2500 at the time. The quality of this TV is only good with HD stuff and it's going to go back. The plasma is a nice unit but PQ sucks. Faces looks like shades of clay or clay face. My wife cant stand that all I watch is INHD or HBOHD. My 80" projector looks better than this. One thing for sure is that im glad of costco's return policy. Any one recommend something good to replace this with. If so where do you recommend I get this from?
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Plasma screens picture quality have yet to reach the quality of CRT projection sets or CRT tubes. They have a hard time producing true black. If you head over to www.cnet.com they have good info on the + and - of all different types of TV's.

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freek - send me Email. I'll show you mine (50 inch Panasonic plasma) - email address is my_user_name_at_AVS@hotmail.com (sorry, don't want to actually post the Email address in its entirety to avoid getting spammed by bots - just replace the part before the hotmail.com with my user name here). I can't claim that I have the best PQ in the world but I'm still tweaking.

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Probably a dumb question, but is Discovery HD the current channel ( viewable over regular cable) listings only broadcast in HD, or does Discovery HD have a totally different channel (and schedule) than the Discovery channel we watch in SD now (on chan 69)?

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I believe that Discovery HD has its own schedule but can't attest to that as a fact.

(edit: just checked Discovery Channel's website - yes, they have different schedules)

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Did anyone who watched the Oscars tonight notice the sound was off at times during the broadcast on DKITV? Otherwise the picture quality was awesome!

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Seems to be a regular problem with HD broadcasts - have noticed this with the Oscars, the Superbowl, and other HD shows we've seen in the past.

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KITV has had real problems with it's DT signal of late. Last Monday during "Fast and Furious" the audio sync was at least 3 seconds off. By the second hour KITV abandoned the HD signal simulcasting the SD broadcast instead.
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The delay would get pretty bad and then the sound would cut out for a second and it would be in sync again... Very odd.. the thing is it is tape delayed so I doubt it's a problem with the satelite.

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I would have to take exception with the statement that plasma, including my second generation Pioneer, doesn't compare to CRT projection. Except for direct view, I think plasma does the best job for HD, and you can't get a 50" direct view! For RPTV, the newer DLP units are excellent, but still take up too much family room real estate.
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