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KITV did delay the broadcast of the Oscars as they delay most of the prime time programing from ABC, but they don't use tape anymore. I have been to the station and I can tell you that everything is digital (HD & SD) in there plant. To store programing and commercials for playback they use a computer server called a media pool (each one is like a giant Tivo). They also have separate media pools for HD and SD. In the past when I have talked to them about the sound problem they have said that the problem is coming from ABC in New York and not KITV here in Honolulu.
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I called OTW today to check on the status of the HD DVRs, but didn't have much luck. The CSR I spoke with today had never heard of them. Guess it depends on who you talk to, but this also makes me wonder if there really is a "sign-up list" for the DVRs, or if the CSRs we spoke with earlier were just humoring us. Hope not!

Anyway, didn't have time to wait to speak to another CSR, so maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
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The box you are looking for the SA Explorer 8000HD is known as a 159. If you have a SA Explorer 3250HD it is known as a 158. Next time you talk to a Oceanic Time Warner Cable CSR Ask them when you can get a 159, if they don't know then ask them to ask the GL (Group Leader). Good Luck.
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Cool, thanks for the tips, hdcable

I'll give it another shot tomorrow.
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I just talked to Oceanic and they were able to check that I am still on list to get a HD recorder. They used my phone number to check. The girl thought only about 10 have come in and gone out so far FWIW.
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The Sears stores on Oahu have the SA8000HD and are using them to demo some of their HDTV's, so that accounts for 3 of 10 boxes.
Note: Sunday when I was at the Ala Moana store, they had the "E! Red Carpet from the Oscars" on InHD on and in zoom mode. Figures doesn't it.
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Yes it does ... (sigh)

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got a call from oceanic today about HDDVR.
Was told I will be able to pick up on March 11.
Just in time for recording HDNET,HDNET MOVIES or DISCOVERYHD.
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I just spoke with KITV's Director of Engineering and he told me that they are aware of the sound problem and they are trying to fix it. I want you to know that he has a HDTV and a HD digital cable box from OTWC and he is monitoring the signal from home when he can.
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that's good to know ... so at least he can feel our pain ...

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Speaking of pain, I called OTW this morning (I got a message yesterday telling me the HD DVRs are here and that I could call back to put one on hold for pickup), and they confirmed to me on the phone that the HD DVRs are indeed available, and that I could go to Sears at Ala Moana today to pick one up. I rushed home from work this evening, disassembled my SA3250HD, fought rush hour traffic to get to Sears by Oceanic's 6:00pm closing time, only to hear: "we haven't received any HD DVRs yet."


The CSR looked up my account in the computer and confirmed that someone had indeed instructed me to pick one up today. What's up with that? Did this happen to anyone else???
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Sounds like the normal thing - the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing ...

I'm still hoping that I get a phone call at some point. Hmmm, maybe I should call Oceanic and found out what my waiting list status is ...

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Hello All!

I apologize that this is off the subject, but on the advice of spleen here- I decided to post where I knew you all would be.

There are plans in progress to an ISF tour of Hawaii. 2 DOCDVD calibrators; Josh Lehman and myself will be out there during this summer for 1 to 2 weeks to calibrate the displays of a store that has contacted us.
To make our trip truly worthwhile, we would like to get a list of interested people (20-30 if possible) who are looking for ISF calibration(s).

Again, I apologize for invading the thread- but I really wanted to get the news to all of you- we want to service as many people as we can when we're out there.

Thanks for your time guys!

PM myself or DOCDVD for further info.
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I guess Oceanic is working its way down the wait list for the HD DVR. I got a call last week and scheduled a pickup at the Sears counter for the 11th.
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I got a call from Oceanic saying the box was in. After I called back they said I can pick one up after Thursday the 11th as they are not really ready right now.
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My wife informed me that I got a phone call from Oceanic a few days ago about my DVR - also available on the 11th. Of course, she only remembers now ...

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HDCABLE- do you know how big the hard drives will be on the HDDVR?
Also do you know if it will record in/play back 5.1 sound?
Thanks for any information you my have.
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Good luck to all of us in picking up our 8000s tomorrow!

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I was just flipping through the channels and noticed that I had a new CH. (918) Discovery HD Theater. Watched Rides in HD. Looked real nice. Hope HDnet is soon. Still waiting for my turn to get the new box. Keep calling oceanic just to make sure i am still on the list. I thought I was near the top. I guessed wrong. Hopefully soon.

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That's awesome about Discovery HD. Thats the one channel I have been waiting for!

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Picked up, installed, favorites set, set the box memory for SD and HD . . . now how to you switch between resolutions?
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to change resolution
hit settings button
scroll down to picture format
use<-or-> to choose format
press enter
settings now changed
make sure you check picture size
i have found normal to be the best
when in normal you just need to change picture format when
viewing high def as apposed to the other setting where you have to change both the format and size.
hope this helps

By the way the s video does not work for hdtv's only the componet out
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Perfect, thanks! The OTWC clerk at Sears said that yesterday was the first day of availability and they hadn't had many people pickup their boxes, but expects that with the the weekend coming, Friday is going to be busy.
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Frustrated. Went to Oceanic today and picked up my new 8000HD. Installed and tried to watch something -- and the screen is blank. It picks up the guide information and displays it correctly in the banner on the bottom but no picture. This is true on all channels, not just HD channels. Figures this means that everything is hooked up correctly, just that there's no cable signal coming out of the HD box. Interestingly enough, trying to press the LIST button on the remote, gives me the message that I'm not authorized to do this and to call customer service. Called customer service ... BUSY signal (not even the hold msg)! Tried now a couple of times with this result. BTW, my other cable boxes in the house (non-HD) do have signal.

Any ideas otherwise, guys?

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Nevermind ... it must have been the cable box still loading up - it fixed itself after waiting a bit more and resetting the cable box again. Pulled the trigger a little too fast on that one ....

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Sounds like curiosity killed the cat! When you first plug the box into power, it takes a very long time before the time appears in the display. From past digital box experience, I've learned that you don't turn the box on until you see the time display.
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No, this was *after* the time display had come up. It took about an hour for the box to actually start displaying material (and after a couple of resets alolng the way). I learned that lession a while ago while resetting my *other* cable boxes ... It's still telling me that I'm not subscribed to InHD ... (sigh). I'll see if it corrects itself by tomorrow.

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spleen93- i also am not getting my inhd or my digital sports pack,but i get everything else that i don't pay for max,tmc,sundance etc...
Tried to call oceanic but only get busy signal,but since i got all the other channels i am not complaining just yet. I'll see what happens tommorow. Maybe the phone lines will be better.
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Rick - good to know that it's not just me. I'm on hold with Oceanic customer service right now - we'll see what they say.

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I have some good news on the OTA front. KITV's parent, Hearst-Argyle, has approved a new 1000kw(vs. the current 8.5kw) transmitter for KITV and KHVO(Hilo). Both are expected to be completed by the end of '04.
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