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Yeah, you would need to get digital cable service before you can get the HD tier since it's part and parcel. But you certainly don't need to subscribe to HBO or Showtime to get the HD tier. Box rental is extra.

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What's with the $4 music channel?
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My understanding is that Music Choice/FM service isn't encrypted by Oceanic and since you need the IPG to operate the HD Cable Box, that's actually what the $4 fee is for, it's just easier to explain that you must have Music Choice to receive the HD package.
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I've noticed that none of the local radio stations come in for me, just the Music Choice ones. Is that how it's suppose to be?
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According to Oceanic's Website you should receive the FM stations. I'll find out for myself on Thursday.
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The radio stations work for me, as do the Music Choice stations.

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Well, if I'm suppose to be getting the FM stations, I guess I'm going to have to waste another 45 minutes of my time trying to get through to Oceanics Customer Support. Sigh....I hate calling them.
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Speakerphone, Linda, speakerphone.

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So apparently a push went out to the cable boxes this AM - anybody know what that was all about?

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Hopefully it wasn't another Jackson Auto infommercial channel!
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I dunno about the push, but there are a bunch of new MOD (Movie on Demand) channels in the upper 900's.

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spleen, I noticed the cable reset too.. I checked and the firmware is still the same 2003 version it always was.. no passthrough feature :/
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firmware is still the same 2003 version it always was.. no passthrough feature

Yeah, that is really starting to bug me now that there is more HD programming available. Switching between HD and SD is a bit of a nuisance. I wonder why other 3250HD users, on non-Time Warner systems as well as Time Warner customers, have gotten updates and we havent...
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(sigh). Oh well, was hoping ....

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I've emailed customer service about an update for the 3250HD, their first response was that SA had no software updates available. I then pointed them to another thread here about the 3250HD that discusses software versions, etc. They replied telling me: "Your request has been forwarded on to
management so that we may consider the software upgrade that you have

Maybe if a few more people start asking about it it'll speed up the process...

Anyway, if I hear anything else I'll post it.

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There was an HD DVR update in Hilo the other day; it is scheduled to hit Oahu on Thursday. The update (no scheduled time yet) after this one will make it easier to copy recorded programs to a VCR.

Once again, if you want an IEEE-1394 enabled 3250HD box, and you have a similarly equipped HD VCR/set, PM me and I will give you the necessary contact info at Oceanic to schedule an installation.

They do not provide these boxes for connection to PCs.

By July 2005, Time Warner is scheduled to have DVI, HDMI and IEEE-1394 ports activated on their settop boxes.

The Cablecards are on the way to Oceanic right now...

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Thanks for the info Eric.

I really just want the Pass-Through feature enabled. Don't have any firewire devices. I wouldn't mind DVI, though. I think the software versions that allow Pass-Through also activate DVI don't they?

By the way, Eric, does your 8000HD have Pass-Through, DVI and all that good stuff enabled now?

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My 8000HD has none of those things enabled. Not until 2005. It is a Time Warner corporate edict, and apparently, any Time Warner cable units who have activated them are in violation of this directive.

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Wow, nothing until 2005. Now that's really bad news. When you mentioned 'by July 2005,' I figured that meant they'd update things as they become available. Nothing like what you just mentioned.

Well, thanks for the information.
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I agree about the passthrough. It would be so convenient.
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Eric - don't have a CableCard equipped TV ... but when does Oceanic think that they'll be in a position to start handing the CableCards out?

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The Cablecards are being shipped to Oceanic now. They want to be proactive and be ready for the new sets which should be readily available by early this Summer. So "Real Soon Now" is a good guess!

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Eric - thanks for the info!

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I read here on the forum some people have the 3250. Is this box significantly better than the 3100? Should I try and get oceanic to change mine? I'm still on the wait list for the HD DVR so don't know if it's worth the trouble to change it now, since hopefully the DVR's will be in soon. I keep calling them and they keep telling me soon they will be in and they will be callling in order of the wait list.
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Aloha Hiloboy...

I'm also on the Hilo system. Hilo now has the 3250HD in stock...it's better than the 3100HD, for instance, the ability to stretch and zoom the picture at the touch of a button.

I have the HD DVR also. It's better than the SD DVR, but still buggy and certainly doesn't have the utility or elegance of a Tivo or ReplayTV.

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll see if I can exchange the box. I also have the regular DVR on another tv, though I must be one of the few that like it better than the TIVO. I use to have a tivo but I think the Explorer 8000 has a better picture, and with the 2 tuners and PIP features, and having it all in one integrated unit made it an easy switch for me.

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I do like the PIP and two tuners (I did have the two tuners with my old Sony DirectTiVo), but the software is DREADFUL. It crashes more than occasionally, too. My old SD DVR from Oceanic used to turn the power on all by itself every morning at 8:20 for some inexplicable reason, too. Never figure that one out.

The HD DVR software is definitely more stable than the SD was. But I have found some anomalies. If I record THE SOPRANOS in HD Sunday evening, when I play it back and it gets to the end credits, the audio starts stuttering...then dropouts (both audio and video) occur. EVERY TIME. EVERY WEEK. Different episodes. I think it's the change in program material. The credits are very compressible (black background, just white characters on the screen). Just before that, it was normal action, in color...their system gets confused, or eager, or something.

I like the abilities that TiVo and Reply give you. Find all programs with this actor or director or genre or whatever.

Much more convenient and useful than a straight program grid.

The SA8000HD doesn't let you start watching a recording program until its finished!! That really bites.

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I would join in on the fun on this one but don't want this to turn into an 8000HD bashing thread. What I would give, though, for a CableCard equipped 2-tuner HD Tivo ... (sigh) For now, I'll live with the 8000HD.

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I have the 3250 box and have experienced some problems. The biggest annoyance is the box "freezes" and the only way to reset it is to unplug it for a few seconds and then wait for it to "reboot" I called Oceanic and the service rep could not reset it from her remote location. They were going to send a field tech out a week later. I told them I'd rather unplug than wait a week for someone to come and take a look at it. The other problem I have is on the interactive channels, like the ebill, where I get an error message all the time. I talked to a friend of mine who has the same problems with his 3250 box. I can try exchanging it, but since I have a 8000HD DVR on order I will just keep unplugging it until I pick up my 8000HD box.
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I think (hope?) that with the coming of Cablecard, a lot of these issues will go away, since we will have CHOICE available. And I'm very happy to see that Oceanic is being very proactive about embracing this new technology. I get intermittent errors with some of the interactive channels, too; such as E-Bill, Channel 1, etc. I don't think it's necessarily an issue specific to the 3250HD.

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