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Here is some pictures how i did mine.
I hope this helps you out.

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Thanks Deja-vue!

How did you mount your "shaker board" to the sofa itself? Did you use liquid nail or did you screw it in?

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mshe, i used both.
If you scroll down on that page you will see that i used Hardwood, woodscrews and liquid-nail to secure the plate to the couch.
I wanted a solid connection to the Frame. The harder the wood, the better, i figured.
Note that i also used carriage-bolts with locking-nuts to attach the Shakers to the woodplate securely. I did not want to take the couch apart again to re-tighten anything.
Most members report that woodscrews on the Shakers won't come loose, but i just wanted to make sure.

Have Fun!
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mshe, any results yet?
I wonder, how you ended up doing the install.
Keep us posted.

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Is this how I should wire my 3 shakers? I have 6 total shakers for 2 couches.
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Correct Jimmy.3 per channel is the best way to go when you're doing 6.Of course your load is 12 ohms,and most any receiver will love this.I have 6 and mine are wired like this, and the shake is TREMENDOUS!!

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I phoned up PE to see why my order had taken 10 days without arriving and was informed that they have run out of Bass Shaker Pro's

They still have the standard Bass Shakers.

1) Is there much of a difference between the standard and pro's ?

2) Can someone recommend another online supplier that has the pros at a good price ?

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The only other place Iv'e seen the pros at a good price is Ebay.For what it's worth,many here report great success with the regular shakers..I'm not sure though since I do use pros...

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Originally posted by Deja-vue
mshe, any results yet?
I wonder, how you ended up doing the install.
Keep us posted.

I ordered the shakers from PartsExpress early last week. After 4 days of waiting I noticed my order was still in "Processed state". As expected (with my bad luck) PartsExpress had just sold out of the shakers...

I ordered a set from Smarthome Auctions.. they shipped today so I hope to receive them next week.

I'll take some photos once I have mine installed.
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Originally posted by sk8conz

2) Can someone recommend another online supplier that has the pros at a good price ?


Smarthome auctions has them for 90.00 a pair - 10.00 more each than PartsExpress.

On the bright side, Smarthome ships ASAP - as in same day

Otherwise there are 4 or 5 Bass Shaker Pro auctions on eBay for about 65.00. However I believe the seller only ships witin the US (I'm in Canada) and wants a money order (what a hassle...).
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Wow, these things have gotten high!!I think I paid only $24 or so apiece for mine.

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High is not the word. As much as I like mine, I'm not sure I would have dropped $90 a pair. Mine cost was in the order of Brickies. Suppy/Demand I guess. Still, at that cost I might start looking for an alternative. At the time, I think there were only 2 alternatives to pro shakers(buttkicker and Clark Tactile transducers.) Those were quite a bit more expensive at the time, but reportedly delivered much better performance.

I'm sure there are other alternatives available that don't cost as much(as the Clark and buttkicker).

At $90 a pair and the cost of something to drive them with, I might start looking for something else.
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I tend to agree with you somewhat...The effect from them is quite good when hooked to the furniture properly,but $90 for a pair is way too high..I'd hold off for a bit and see if I ccould find them cheaper...

I'm going to see if I can find source where i got mine from and see if he has anymore and at what cost..

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Originally posted by frostlich

I'm sure there are other alternatives available that don't cost as much(as the Clark and buttkicker).

I searched high and low... The Aura's are by far the cheapest. Next in line would be the low end Clark Transducer at 99.00.

The Auras do have the advantage of being small... so you can place them anywhere. With a Clark Transducer it seems you need 2 - 3" of clearence and due to the odd shape you have to mount it on the bottom of a sofa or floor.

It too bad I had to pay 90 + shipping for the Auras... I don't know anywhere in Canada where I could of bought them.

BTW, even when I tried to order from parts express they were 33.50 each.
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Yeah, even their they have went up..a few months back they were on major clearance for $25 or something like that.Still looking for my source.

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Those are the regular versions..

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Here is mine with 4 bass shakers pro.It is hooked up to a separate sub amp.I'm using a 120 watt amp to avoid distortion.I sometimes get blurred vision when watching a movie due to the excessive shaking it does.
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...looking for a pair of sub amplifiers to drive some bass shakers. Something with an 8 ohm power rating of around 120-150 W, with adjustable low-pass filter. Obviously, for this kind of application ruggedness takes precedence over sound quality. Any recommendations are appreciated, are there any good deals floating around?
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Check partsexpress.com. They have several several plate amps between 75 - 300w available.
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Do any of you have any extra FMods that you are looking to get rid of?
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I don't at this time, but easier to get together with other members and buy them..You only need one, and of course cost is better this way.

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Here's a Q:

Is there anyway to hook up bass shakers without the amp?

I'm using the ONKYO 601, and I am NOT using a sub.
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How does an Aura Bass Shaker Pro compare to the cheapest Clark Synthesis tactile transducer? Is it worth the extra money? Better build, better shake per unit? If I go through all this trouble I don't just want an expensive joy buzzer in my seat , but I don't have the cash to get a Buttkicker or high end Clark.

Supposedly Clark Synthesis is now fusing the basic Silver TST229 and the Gold TST329 into the TST239 with the same $100 and under price of the TST229 and the power output of the TST329. I don't know when they'll be out, but they were announced at CEDIA '04 for a ship date of late October.

If it's true that the specs are relatively the same as the TST329 then wouldn't that be worth waiting for? Hmmm...

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Dan for the price you need to try the shakers..I was quite amazed by their output.I too thought it might not be as much as what was being claimed..IT IS!!!!!! It's only artificial if you over drive them.

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Hi all,

I just installed my shakers... rather than bolting them to the sofa I tucked them behind the seat cushion and the back cushion. This arrangement works great - no screws needed

I'm powering the shakers with an old 1982 Sony STR-VX33 140W amp. The amp provides more than enough power for the shakers!

I think I might of saved on taxes as well... Canadian Federal workers are on strike (I think that includes customs officers) and I noticed FedEx didn't hand me a brokerage bill.
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Does someone have an opinion on the base and mid level Clark's vs. the Aura Pro's? At the new price the upcoming low end Clark's are looking more tempting, at least as specs. and warranty go.

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I haven't heard anything on the mid level Clarks. You could try posting the question in its own thread, and maybe get some help that way. I think the mid level Clarks are relatively new to the Aura units. For a while, I believe the Aura's were the only low cost option, that's why there's so much information about them.

Perhaps the mid level Clarks are a response to the Aura's?
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Auras have gone up in price substantially. PartsExpress was the cheap source for the shakers but they have since sold out of them. Smarthome is the only other source I know of with <100.00 Auras. Other sites seem to be selling the Auras for 140+!

The Auras provide more than enough shaking power... you really don't want the shakers to be overly powerful as that makes the effect too artificial. One advantage Auras have over Clark transducers is the shape. Auras can be flush mounted to a seat and do not require extra clearence. Clark Trandsucers are odd shaped and must be mounted underneath a couch or sofa with a couple inches of clearence.
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Has anyone ever hooked these up to some Berkline 088's? Thanks!
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