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Shreveport / Monroe, LA - HDTV

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Has anyone had any luck getting a response from KSLA Channel 12 17.1 Digital??
They brag on their web page about having HD but in over a year with my HD setup I have only managed to catch about 2 hrs of programming from them. I have emailed them several times and get no response at all.
Its pitiful to have all these Football games on CBS in HD and they havent managed to get any of them on the air in over a year.
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I have not had any luck either in getting a response from KSLA. I think many of the stations consider DTV as an unwanted stepchild.

On the other hand, KTBS has taken DTV and HDTV very seriously and I have gotten immediate responses from their engineering department.

I live 85 miles west, southwest of Shreveport and can receive KTBS and
KSLA about 50% of the time. I receive KTAL occasionally and KLTS, KMSS, or KSHV not at all. However, I did not design my antenna system with the idea of receiving Shreveport. This was only an unexpected bonus.

I am hoping that my DMA may someday consider putting a signal on the air worth receiving. As it stands now, KETK (22-1) has a 1kw ERP signal on the
air, 20 miles from my home, and KFXK (31-1) has some low power set up at their studios in Longview.

Kindest Regards,
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Thanks for the reply and if you are able to get KSLA 50% of the time i am amazed I live in Bossier and they are NEVER on the air here. I have a Channelmaster 4248 and a Terk 55 and I can get KTBS PBS and KTAL just fine with either antenna. KTAL is not HD tho so its useless....pic quality is worse than cable. Have yet to pick up either KMSS or KSHV . I agree with you KTBS is great they always respond quickly with accurate info....KSLA is hiding something i think, I have heard rumors that some engineer spilled coffee on the transmitter or something and it went up in smoke.....I even emailed Raycom who owns KSLA and got no response from them either. In case you werent aware KTBS has picked up UPN 21 and dropped PAX so hopefully we will have UPN HD sometime soon.
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[i]. In case you werent aware KTBS has picked up UPN 21 and dropped PAX so hopefully we will have UPN HD sometime soon. [/b]

In the Tyler area, we have threee full power stations run by one company.
KETK 56, KFXK 51, KCEB 54. There are also two low power stations run
by this same outfit that I can receive. They run UPN on 54, 48, and 58. I
have enough UPN for for three sets of eyes . What a waste of spectrum!

WB is also run by this same company but they limit that to a cable channel
only, so I watch through the snow on KSHV on the one WB show my wife

Last night, I was watching the CBS movie on KSLA-DT. However, the signal
was weaker than usual and I had to switch back to analogue to see the
end of the movie.

The antenna I am using is a Winegard HP2710P so called "Ghost Killer"
with a CM 7777 pre amp. This antenna is mounted on a 30 foot tower,
nothing spectacular.

You would probably do well with a small outdoor bowtie, such as the
Winegard 4400, aimed at the Moringsport antenna farm.
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Id try anything if i thought it would help but if they are having transmitter troubles I dont want to keep wasting time on it. It would be nice if they would answer the emails one way or the other.
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You may try talking to the KTBS engineer. He may know something about
the KSLA set up.
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Well guess what, I fiddled with my antenna for an hr or so without any success today and after giving up i decided to run the full search on my 38F310 and for some reason after the search i am picking up KSLA-DT fine. I guess something in the tuner was blocking the new channels?? Anyway thanks for replying and I hope someone else gets some good out of this.
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When I got home, I was receiving KSLA just fine and your lack of reception
was very puzzling to me. I have run into a situation with my Zenith HDV430
where the station reverted from its virtual number, 12-1, to its actual
number, 17-1. I have noticed that 3 does this occasionally. I thought it
was a problem of distance, but it may be something else. If you lose 12
again, try inserting the channel manually.
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I have tried all the numbers i could think of and nothing was happening. But when i did a complete rescan of both antenna inputs KSLA popped up for some reason my tuners were ignoring 17-1 in favor of plain old 12 analog. I hope i dont have to do that everytime it hiccups tho it takes alomst 10 minutes to scan all the channels.
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That is a long time! It takes my unit about 1-1/2 minutes to scan through,
but it is only looking for DTV and not analogue. I wish I could get KLTS
(PBS) but I guess they are running low power to keep costs down.
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KLTS comes in good here get about 54 on signal level....channels 25-1, 25-3, and 25-5.
It does seem they are not full power tho since once in a while i do get dropouts on them. But it does look gorgeous on 25-5, 25-3 is pbs kids and 25-1 is just 24 digital but its stretched.
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This morning, I could get neither 3 or 12, digital. They are severly affected
by approaching weather fronts. The analogue counterparts were ok, as
was 33 and 45, ok for the distance involved.

I would like to see the maximum ERP moved from 1 Meg to 5 Meg.
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My big thing is KSLA better not screw up the SEC title game Saturday night, someone there needs to flip the switch BEFORE the game starts.
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Just as i was afraid of KSLA didnt send the HD feed out Sat night.
I wmailed them twice and got no response. They sure dont give a crap about viewers. Maybe they will figure out how to work the equipment before the Super Bowl.
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Sorry for the lack of response, been in Texarkana most of last week.
There is expected a new CBS, channel 19 (18-1), to come on line in
early January. This station transmitter location will be approximately
80 miles or so from you. They are hoping to be on by the Super Bowl.

This news may not affect you much, but it will end the KSLA CBS monopoly
here in East Texas, and may make them a little more responsive.
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Hey that is GREAT news I sure hope they do come on at full power. I might be able to get real HD out of that
Id spring for a CM7777 in a heartbeat if i could get a good signal from a CBS affiliate.
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I checked the CBS website and they did not list the SEC title game as being simulcast in HD. Does anyone know if it was indeed in HD elsewhere?

My friend called KTBS t ask about the BCS games. They said all BCS games will be in HD!

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I am not a spectator sports fan, but I will probably tune in just to admire
the quality! KTBS has done a great job with their facility and should serve
as a spur to get these other channels off their tail-sides.

Many years ago KTBS gave our local KLTV serious competition. Then, as so
many new FM stations and other wireless services came on line,
interference caused the PQ to drop. Now, KTBS is better than KLTV.

It will be interesting to see if this may encourage KLTV to get with the
programme. For now, however, I think I may invest in a higher gain
antenna, watch, and wait.

Kindest Regards
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Yes Steve the SEC title game was HD everywhere but here. KSLA doesnt care to comment about their poor HD effort, so the only thing you can really do is tune in and see if they manage to find the right switch to throw for HD stuff.
KTBS is wonderful though, they always do a great job and I am anxious to see if they get UPN 21 upgraded to HD soon.
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If you're positive a show should be HD, try calling the station's news hotline when the control room forgets to "flip the HD switch". Ask them to notify the MCO. That usually works here in Little Rock.

Weekend crews seem to be the worst about forgetting.
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KTAL (15) is coming in this morning and KSLA (17) has a very good signal
strength today. KTBS is always good. KSLA has an annoying flashing
and the newscaster's voice is out of sync with her lips! Have any of you
Shreveport locals had problems with KSLA in this regards? Or should I
attribute it to a distance problem?
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Audio sync problems would have nothing to do with distance.
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Hank the few times i have had KSLA manage to show an HD program in HD they audio was always out of sync. I havent been watching it at all this weekend tho so I am not sure what is going on. They didnt show any HD this past week no primetime at all when i checked in on them.
AR I have called the newsroom before get the ok we will look into it line but never manage to get anyone that cares at KSLA.
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I don't think they will until the "powers that be" finally determine that their
revenue stream is going to depend on the quality of their delivery.

Moreover, I think KTBS is in a good position to exploit the fact they are first
up, with full power. It has changed my viewing habits somewhat and I do
not live close enough to get 100% signal reliability.
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Hello all. I agree with all the comments about KTBS and KSLA. I callled and e-mailed KSLA over and over until I finally struck a nerve by telling them that they should check with KTBS to learn how to do HD. Got an ugly E-mail back. I forwarded that E-mail to RAYCOM corporate and now I at least have a contact at KSLA. He seems to be a very busy man with no knowledgeable help and seems to meen well. I am not convinced,however,that he knows what he is doing.I can tell you that HD appears to be down on the priority list at KSLA and is related to cost. Anyway, here is the contact info:JOffutt@ksla.com; Phone# 677-6744. Best time to call is arond 3-4 pm. Don't expect return e-mail from him because it probably won't happen. Right now I can get channel 12-1 all the time but it is never 1080i widescreen. Mr.Offutt told me just 12/12 that he was aware of the problem and that he had contacted CBS because it was something to do with them,not KSLA. Still no 1080i widescreen this past weekend and I E-mailed him about it.
Glad to see this thread has started! Let's work on KSLA!
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Woo Hoo! Way to go. A friend from my church who works at KTBS refuses to comment on KSLA's HDTV. He just shakes his head when I ask him.

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Best of luck with HDTV from KSLA. I lived in Shreveport from 2000 to 2002. I remember when KSLA told me that they would have their HDTV signal up by May of 2001! Still good to see that some of the stations have made significant progress in the DTV transition.

There are a couple of ways to get the station's attention. One would be to send a traditional paper letter to the station's general manager and/or to Raycom's headquarters in Alabama. May even be worth the two bucks to send it by certified mail. They are far less likely to blow you off than if you send an email.

You could also try stopping by the studio during regular business hours. Ask to see their public inspection file. This should raise a few eyebrows, but they're legally required to let you have a look. If you mention that you're looking at license compliance with regard to the DTV transition, the chief engineer or general manager will probably come out to meet you. Couldn't hurt to stop by and let them know that people are interested in their digital signal.


P.S. Do either Time Warner Cable or Cox offer any HDTV programming in Shreveport/Bossier yet? When I moved I think Cox still didn't even offer cable modem service.
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Time Warner has cable modem and HDTV. Cox - Neither, to my knowledge. (DirecTV for me.) I'm still waiting for Sony to iron out the kinks in their GWIII line and HD/D* boxes before I pull the trigger.
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You're right a letter would be more likely to produce a reply---might be a form letter knowing them. Tonight ,as usual, 12-1 is there but I have a little 21x14 image. Funny thing, my set top box says it's 1080i(Zenith HD-SAT520;Sony 32HS510;DVI). I don't get it. No ,Steve , people who work at other stations won't discuss KSLA's problem. I do know that the guy who was the Chief Engineer was fired at some point. Mr.Offutt is the Assistant Chief Engineer and if they have a Chief I don't know who it is.
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Tonight,12/16, KSLA 12-1 was widescreen 1080i. I e-mailed Mr. Offutt and thanked him.
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