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Too bad 12 is a Raycom station. I live in S.E.Shreveport so I probably wouldn't qualify for a waiver.Wish we could---that would put an end to all this on&off foolishness.
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Yeah Raycom wont be an automatic waiver but maybe we could wrangle one anyway. Worth a shot as soon as CBS HD goes live on D* i will attempt to find out who to talk to over there. Would be great to have a known good HD feed of the SB.
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Good deal Ken & THANKS.
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Has anyone been able to talk to a real person at KSLA about when they might be back on the air? My voice mails have gone unanswered.

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I just found this thread and it has been interesting reading. If I recall, last year's Masters golf tournament was broadcast by CBS in high definition but KSLA did not. In fact, I think it was down totally. I emailed the manager about my displeasure and he actually wrote back stating that they have had a lot of trouble with their "first generation" equipment but would work to correct the problem. I see from reading this thread nothing has changed.

I live 40 miles north of Tyler and can only pick up 3-1, on a regular basis. 6-1 is non-existent and of course KSLA is hit or miss. I have the Channel Master deep fringe with CM preamp atop a 60' tower and the Zenith 520. Of course, all this is useless right now as all I can get is Directv hd (except for the ABC digital feed out of Shreveport. I'm pretty far away but when everything is right the transmissions out of LA. are pretty good and with adequate signal strength.

Today, I emailed KSLA wondering if the hd feed would be ready for super bowl. BTW, do you know there is no way to find their email address on their website? I had to do an MSN search to find it. These people just do not want to hear from their viewers, let alone the few hd aficionados that cause them a lot of grief.

Can any one from our area here tell me what stations are coming on line in the near future? And why are the Tyler stations doing nothing? I think 56 has a baby transmitter on such low power that it can not be accessed unless you live under the tower. Channel 7, according to CEA, has been "under review" for a couple years now, missing every start-up they have posted. So what are we to expect in our area? Thanks in advance.
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Well, low and behold, this fellow Offut just returned my email stating they were having trouble with the equipment again but were working on the problem - I wonder?
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Yes,it's a small victory that Offutt answered at all.You know ,a lot of these stations always poor mouthing by saying how expensive HD gear is and also saying that the HD capability does not generate one red cent for the station.These things may or may not be true.I am one that does believe,however,that when the government issues a mandate to any entity that they should help with some sort of sudsidy.As far as I know this is not the case with HD.
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htrn:try calling Offutt b'twn 4:00-5:00 pm.That's your best chance. 677-6744
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Originally posted by milacqua
Can any one from our area here tell me what stations are coming on line in the near future? And why are the Tyler stations doing nothing? I think 56 has a baby transmitter on such low power that it can not be accessed unless you live under the tower. Channel 7, according to CEA, has been "under review" for a couple years now, missing every start-up they have posted. So what are we to expect in our area?


I live on the east side of Tyler and have about the same reception as do

Here is what I know of the Tyler stations, please understand that some
of this is second-hand information:

KLTV 7 has a construction permit for channel 38, but they want to move to
channel 10. I suspect this move would help them cut costs by combining
their analogue and DTV signal on the same antenna. Their move to channel
10 has been stalled by an LP 10 operating in Longview. I am told that just
as soon as the FCC gives them clearance, they plan to fire up on channel
10 at full power.

KETK 56 has a flea-power set up at their transmitter site at Mt. Selman. I
have seen it and it consists of a 400 watt transmitter into a VERY SMALL
omidirectional antenna mounted on the south face of the tower. This
allows them to cover their city of license, Jacksonville, but not much else.
I do not expect them to do much before the FCC FORCES them to make
another move! Their analogue PQ is bad too, in my opinion, in that it is too

KFXK 51 has a small set up at their studio which MAY cover the city of Longview. KCEB 54 is interested in 38 for their DTV channel. Since 51, 54, and the two low powers 48 and 58 are run by the same crowd that runs 56, I don't expect to see much movement in that direction until they are forced.

KLSB 19 is currently on the air in Lufkin. It is a small NBC outlet that you will not be able to see where you are, I can't either. This station has recently sold and the FCC approved the transfer on 15 December. This station is going to become our new CBS. The transmitter site is moving to Ponta, Texas, which is just to the south of New Summerfield. Once there, they will cover Tyler, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and possibly the Longview areas. Their DTV channel is 18. It will be interesting to see if they go ahead and go full-power DTV. Look for them to arrive in the spring or early summer of this year.

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Thanks Hank, that is great information!
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I do know someone who works at KSLA so I MAY have a slight inside advantage in the waivers, but I have not asked them, and do not really know if they can help or not, but I will try. This person isnt in management or the technical side of it so its a shot in the dark. I had that same trouble also with getting an email address off their page, amazing how they bury it. Anyway if I do get a yes no or a what is a waiver response I will let you know. Till then lets all hope that channel 18 goes full power before the SB and we can all pick it up!
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Thanks Ken. I actually talked to Mr.Small(chief engineer)at 12 this A.M. Couldn't believe it when he answered.I must have called him 75 times and always got audix. Anyway,he said that it should be back up today Also said they were going to install a tube somethin or other so they would have more power and then when part went down they would not be completely off the air.
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I keep seeing Mr. Small's name come up. Could be Ted Small, who was
once Director of Engineering at KFXK, Longview?
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Could be ,I guess.He said he came from South Carolina in reference to problems at a station there.What do you know about him?
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I guess Small was wrong about being back up yesterday. Or maybe it was me.What he actually said was "They're bringing it back up now--" which could mean "they're working on it". Also,I e-mailed Offutt hinting around about a waiver & he replied "No way,it's against the law."
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Well, I can finally see 12, Sunday morning, 11 January. At 4:30 am it seems to be as strong as 3, but early mornings can be deceptive.

I did some temporary work for Ted Small several years ago while he was Director of Engineering at KFXK, Longview. My impression of him was highly favourable but this may not be the same person.

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They did something right finally. From the little I saw the game last night was pretty darn good - picture wise too! Lets just hope for no glitches during SB. I think it is important that we all continue to contact these people when this stuff happens. Otherwise, they will think no one is watching and won't do a thing about it until their hand is forced.
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10-4 that
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Well I saw the game yesterday on KSLA had a lot of small breakups here, probably due to their lower than max power output. Game today is the same picture breakups and audio stuttering and out of sync. I found an email link to apply for a waiver on the ksla web site, i sent an email off.
I won't hold my breath but it is worth a shot, I cannot invite people over to watch the superbowl with no idea whether or not they will even be broadcasting that day. I hope that tube or whatever they were talking about fixes the situation, but I have to wonder why they have so many problems with their setup and KTBS doesn't have any. They are broadcasting on 3 subchannels at KTBS and the HD feed always looks good and no problems at all. Someone at ksla needs to figure it out quick.
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All I've ever been told about that is "They(3) use a different company." This by Offutt. I thought the game today was pretty good quality.And I think it's encouraging that they worked on Saturday to get the HD feed up.Fingers crossed,
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Well, 12 fizzles out again! They started strong yesterday morning, but they still had the problem of flickering and lip sync. Finally, the picture completely broke up during one of Ed Bradley's editorials. Signal strength was still strong, however. I switched to analogue in order not to miss Mr. Bradley telling all about how 12 was first in every improvement, including HDTV. I look forward to seeing their commemorative programme, tonight at 7pm. I will watch on analogue 12, however, since their DTV signal has not the strength or the quality to remain watchable here.

Meanwhile, I fully enjoyed the skating shows aired on 3, this past weekend. They were not in HD, but even at 480p, the quality here is far better than our analogue ABC affiliate, KLTV.

Too bad 6 is off the air! Has anyone heard whether there is hope that they will return soon? Has anyone heard about the others; 24, 33, and 45? Any hope for more than flea power?

Kindest Regards
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Yeah the history show should be fairly interesting...gonna tivo it.
Nothing out of 6 here at all, and nothing from 33, or 45. I am getting all PBS digital fine though even 25-5 was up and in HD yesterday when i checked. I put my Terk 55 back up on my mast under my channelmaster just to be able to get upn 21 analog, sure can't wait till ktbs gets UPN up and running digital, gonna be nice to have a 2nd local station with a GOOD HD feed.
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Well,here we go again ----12 is down & no one answers the phone.
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Here's what I've learned. Don't even bother going to 12-1 until there is something really, really, really important coming up (Masters Golf Tournament, Super Bowl, etc.). Then, about a week before the event bombard the hell out of them with emails, phone calls, letters, whatever. If the event is not significant, the effort to get these people going is not worth it.
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Well I watched the history of KSLA show, it was interesting. Kind of funny how they tout that they were the first in everything up to and including HD and if you clicked over to 12-1.........NOTHING....just a black screen and no signal. I have serious doubts they will rectify the situation for the SuperBowl and even if they are on the air who knows what kind of quailty it will be....SAD.
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I was unable to see but half of their history telecast. The effects of weather on distant signals has its explanation somewhere in Murphey's Law!
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I talked to Offutt today. He said they have two separate parts shipments comming in this week.One shipment comming all the way from France from a company they ,evidently, are contracturally obligated to.The company relocated to France after the fact. Also he said that when they get the tube apparatus I refered to in an earlier post,that it would double their power.Talked like it would be this spring.Said that they have had an extraordinary run of bad luck but think they can see light at the end of the tunnel.Says he has another employee on board which helps and promises they are doing everything to rectify situation. If true,hopefully,our little group had something to do with it. IF----
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Well I hope they used Express overnight shipping, seems very silly to wait this long for necessary parts. Maybe they will manage to get them installed and running BEFORE the superbowl.
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Here is a link to the latest news about CBS coming to Tyler:

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1:00 p.m. 1/17 and 12-1 is back up.
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