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Update: I spoke to a friend of mine who has had dealings with Escient, he informed me that this issue usually turns out to be a defective storage memory chip and probably will require replacement. The reason that it works for a while after the restore is that everything gets cleaned up and repacked so it takes up less space. Apparently the defective chip is further along the the chain but eventually as you add or update your collection it will eventually try to access the bad chip and fail. Sorry about that.

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I have found a simple, easy, cheap fix for this problem and it has been working for several months now. It was always a pain to go downstairs and get behind the rack to power cycle this unit every time I wanted to use it so I bought a timer like you would use on a lamp to turn it on and off every night it was less than $5.00 and I have it set to cut power to the fireball every night between 3-4 am. It seems like as long as it's powered off every day it never try's to do the library backup thing.
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I just got a used Escient DVDM-100. Only thing, the previous user used a password lock to get "full access". I am unable to get the password - that avenue is closed. But to do anything else like even a factory reset I need to access the "Advanced Settings" menu. Without the password I only have "Guest" access.

Is there any way to factory reset the DVDM-100 without access to the onscreen reset menu? I am stuck and have searched Google for nights. I cannot get even web access since the internet settings are unknown..... no access to any setup menus !!!

If you have any ideas, help is greatly appreciated !
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I have never taken the lid off mine but I've seen where if there is a backup battery, like on a PC, removing it for a while will cause it to fully reset? Maybe? As far as the Internet settings go, I would assume they had it off a router so if you plug it into your router and go to the device table of your router's internal webpage and look at both active and inactive devices, see if you see a ip or a device that you don't recognize.
BTW I set a password into mine just to see if the web GUI still allows you full access and it does not, it prompts you to put in the password or enter as guest before it even shows you anything, so knowing the ip will not gain you anything unfortunately.
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Thanks dj_ok

Escient support actually emailed me the master codes !
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