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There were a number of new ones this week, but this is the first non-Replay Ad I've seen.

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Burn-in is real ... for some TVs. A friend's projection TV was ruined by a burned-in MUTE indicator. Because even ReplayTV's manual advises against keeping an image on the screen too long to avoid burn-in, I'm surprised some of the early ads with a high bloom factor still appear. But I'm also delighted to see the newer ads seem to be designed with less bloom.

I was originally very critical of the ads. Why? Because they were an undesired feature, added to a product I had already purchased and installed in my home. How intrusive that felt! And because the original ads had such high contrast, they almost appeared designed to induce a burn-in risk for TVs that are susceptible.

But I've gotten used to them. In fact, I actually enjoy the classic Coca Cola Santa one (the first "commercial use"). Not that I particularly love Coca Cola or Santa. But, rather, it's a gentle classic - AND something that means actual ad revenue for ReplayTV - a good thing.

Keep the advertising gentle, low-key, and with low contrast, and most owners should have no problem with it. (Even curmudgeony me.)

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It's hard to focus on this with the recent announcement, but here goes:

I have an ergonomic gripe with the pause ads. We pause a lot when we try to get the kids to do something (set the table already!) and then we get right back to it. Now I have to hit exit and then play (or pause again). The extra key stroke is a pain, especially since exit is one of those buttons I still have to go searching for. If I could hit play right from the ad screen, I'd be perfectly happy.

As for the recent announcement, I am happy enough with what I have to go with the flow for some time. As is, this has got to be one of the best toys I've gotten in a long time. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Just hit pause. It resumes playback at the initial point of pause. No need for the exit first.
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yes, any of the normal "action" keys will work without hitting exit. Pause or Play will do what you want. 7-second repeat if you forgot what the last 3 words were.

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