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Anyone else seeing this?  

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3020 v3.0 B21

Every day I get this "Network phone numbers have changed" for my area. I select the primary dialup for the area and I keep getting this same message every day anyway! Is this a bug?

Access number current selected is (206) 674-1209
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I suggest you try alternate local numbers. I was trying to initialize a new 3060 last night and the modem kept disconnecting. I thought the unit was defective until I tried an alternate access number. Then it didn't have any problem. It also had a hard time connecting to the 800 number on the initial call. Perhaps the alternate number forced a lower-speed connection. My phone lines are pretty clean, and my previous 2020 and 3030 units never had connection problems.

The Other Glenn
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What are you going to do with these serial numbers?

This happens to at least 1 of my units (I haven't checked messages on the 2nd one in over a month). I've re-run setup several times nd it keeps happening. I'm not going to run setup again because I'm tired of having to redo my channel lineup everytime.
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I've been Emailing Mark a few time because I was having the same trouble.
I just want to check with you and see if you're getting the same symptoms. The only time I would get the new phone # message is when the dialin failed for some reason. Not ALL failed dialins would cause the message, but all messages were on failed dialins.

Just as I noticed this connection and was going to try figuring out which error codes on the dialins caused the message I stopped getting failed dialins. I think it was something flakey on the number I was dialing in at, and only on my 3030. I got FAR fewer failed dialins on my 2020 using the same access #.

Anyway, see if you can notice any pattern connecting the message with a failed dialin and if so note the error message, and any error code listed in that message. Forward this to Mark and maybe we can help him track this down.

Mark, I hope this will help you find the problem and didn't post this to step on any toes, especially yours.

Wayne Dunham
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