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Syracuse / Utica, NY - HDTV

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I just got my HTL-HD as part of a deal through d*.

I bought a CM 4228 and installed it.

I am getting ABC,NBC,PBS,FOX no problem.

Any idea when WTVH will have HDTV up? I want to watch CSI!

I hate to have to go up and move the antenna to point to WWNY (35) in Carthage whenever I want something on CBS.

Anyone here doing something different?

How is TW's Digital Cable for HDTV? How many channels do you get?

I am getting D* installed today to get those HDTV channels.

Anyone else in Syracuse here?
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Welcome to AVS Forum!

Yea, there are a few of us here and there are certainly lurkers as well. Don't know about WTVH - I keep threatening to call them and ask what their story is but just haven't done it yet.

We've got TW digital cable. We get HBO-HD, SHO-HD, In HD, In HD2, Discovery HD, PBS (rarely has HD programming), ABC and NBC. That's it. It does no good to call the cable company because they have no idea what is going on, when programming is coming, what is coming, or much else. They claim we'll have HD PVR and "more programming" soon, but who knows.

Let us know how your D* works out.

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Regard CBS HDTV in Syracuse:
I called WTVH about once every two weeks since October and got nowhere past the operator. Their engineers never returned my phone calls and emails. The only thing the operator said was "October", then "November", and finally "Decemeber". It is now December and they are till working on it.

WTVH said they are the first TV station in Syracuse. But they will be the last digital station! I wanted to watch CSI and the football games.

Don't forget UPN (480p) is carried on channel 3.2.
Do you have problems getting the channel guides from all the OTA channels? I cannot get the guide from channel 9 on my Sony STB. I talked to the engineers from WIXT. They only get channel guide from channel 9 on their Samsung STB but nothing from all other channels. Whicg STB do you have?
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Just to chime in as another on TW's feeble HD options. I'm living in Rome, but it's the same basic service area.

I got my HD box (Pace) two weeks ago and the darn thing keeps shutting down on me due to overheating, right now it's on it's side with a fan blowing on it (a cooling solution from an old pc ). I spoke with TW's tech support (hehehe right) and they 'fixed' the problems by shutting off all my free movie channels. Not that I'm mad about that, since I wasn't paying for them, the box was totally unlocked when I installed it and I figured they'd notice it sooner or later. I'm mad that the ditz at the office thought /that/ would fix my problem.

Anyway, I've tried to get a replacement twice and all they are offering me is some cheapo box with no optical i/o, no DVI, no passthrough for component, etc. I'm staying with my overheating Pace box so I can keep my DVI. If you have a TW-supplied HD box, try to get the DVI box, maybe TW will learn the importance of DVI (the lady at the desk had no idea what optical sound or DVI is...).

I'll also chime in about WTVH, the absolute worst SD channel I get on the entire spectrum, and the one we usually watch on sundays for football Watching that then going to ABC's stellar HD MNF is night and day. I really wish they carried ESPNHD, too. They did slip in 2 HDNet channels recently, but they are still locked on my box. I imagine they want to soak us for even more of a monthly payment to turn on a couple more channels. I'm thinking of taking up snorting cocaine, it's a cheaper hobby than watching cable tv
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Komoto, demand that TWC replace that Pace box with another one. I had one installed a week and a half ago on my upstairs small HD set, and it's excellent, distinctly better than the current Scientific Atlanta HD box that I have on my larger set. So far I've found that the INHD channel subscription is worth it because it now includes two HDNet channels. The four of them together are worth the asking price. I do agree that the ignorance of HD by TWC's office staff and their installers is just appalling. Hang in there! I do think that we're well on our way to having a decent HD service.

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Hi from your southern neighbor.

I'm looking to get an HD feed from a CBS station for the Superbowl. But, from reading this thread it looks like Syracuse isn't going to be the answer.

I guess I'll just have to keep pestering WBNG here in Binghamton to at least pass through the Superbowl. They are broadcasting a digital signal, just no HD. Our ABC affiliate, WIVT, is. Go figure, and our CBS station was also the first station in our area.
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I finally got WTVH's attention last week.

I emailed them a link to this parody website I set up.


An email I got back from the General Manager said they are now shooting to be up by the Superbowl.


I talked with the engineer at WSTM. He said they originally planned to share their antenna with WTVH but WTVH ran out of cash and we're kicked off the new tower.

They are now erecting their own tower near their analog one.

I hope my site hits the local paper and gets some attention.

The ultimate irony. Syracuse's first television station. The last with HDTV.

I have the HTL-HD model STB. I get regular schedule for local stations as well. I read that the next version of firmware 1.07 will have the ota channel listings and a signal meter. I hope D* sends it soon.
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I also have the HTL-HD receiver with 1.06 firmware. I have read that some later manufactured units have the 1.07 firmware, but that we will have to wait for 1.08 in 1st qtr 2004.

I wonder if your tactic on WTVH will work down here with WBNG.
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Nice site! I emailed the general manager. I'll report any new info IF I get a reply...
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Time Warner, your place to turn for two of the 12 post season football games in HD.

The first day of playoffs, wild card round, are on ABC. The rest of the playoffs is on CBS and FOX, with the pro bowl on ESPN, and Time Warner offers us none in HD.


I'm so glad I bought a HDTV to watch football I guess it's time to get into watching hockey, since adding HDNet and INHD, there's almost always a hockey game on.
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Originally posted by Komoto
Time Warner, your place to turn for two of the 12 post season football games in HD.

The first day of playoffs, wild card round, are on ABC. The rest of the playoffs is on CBS and FOX, with the pro bowl on ESPN, and Time Warner offers us none in HD.


Komoto, I share your frustration, but the fault doesn't lie entirely with TWC. Our local CBS affiliate has still not got its digital act together, FOX doesn't yet do HD, and ESPN seems to be insisting on a high price for a rather skimpy set of HD offerings. Let's start by putting WTVH's feet to the fire.

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Syracuse's first television station.

And it shows
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I emailed WTVH's general manager and here is the response I got:

Our target date for high definition is the third week of Janury, just in time for the Super Bowl on February 1st. Thanks for asking.


Jon Lawhead
President/General Manager

That is good news to me, I'm actually hoping they are up by the 18th so that I may catch the AFC championship game in High Def.

I also asked him how long after they were broadcasting in high def would it be until TWC carried the signal and here is what he had to say:

They are close to installing the necessary equipment in our station. Once we are ready to broadcast, they will be ready to pass the signal to their subscribers.
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I also got a reply from John Lawhead saying the same thing that mayor. reported. Maybe this will happen!

Of course, some of us have to wait for Time Warner to actually carry the signal.

I will email the head techie over at TWC and send him a copy of Lawhead's email to me and see if I can expedite things...
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Thanks, guys! Best news I've heard in a while.

Saturday's games were stunning, and one of the guys who can't make it for MNF was in awe, because until now he's only seen SD CBS and Fox games

Now let's hope for a Peyton Bowl!
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The head techie for TWC, in response to whether they are ready for WTVH's high def signal was: "We are looking at getting them on ASAP; just some question as to what format we will receive them in at our headend and the equipment required for converting it."

He went on to add: "I hope you like the new HD channels that were added--still no word on ESPN HD. We're getting ready to release the HD DVR."
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Shweet, it's good to hear they are making progress. You can tell him ol' Komoto (from Rome) is happy with the new channels, it's what got me to pony up the subscription fee

It's kinda wierd that most of the programming is converted old stuff, though. I saw a great (in a cheesy way) old Chuck Heston 1971 zombie movie and I generally watch Hogan's Heroes on my lunch break. Bizarro, but it still beats SD.

Anyone know if the Science Channel offers HD? It's my favorite channel and would go great with HD. Speaking of that....tonight (tues 1/6/4) they are having a special on PBS at 8PM (iirc) on the Mars lander, but I don't hold out much hope it's in HD, I haven't seen any HD on PBS' 3 HD channels...
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Hey there northern neighbors. I was wondering if any of you have tried to get any of the Binghamton stations? And, if so what antenna do you use? I ask, because our CBS affiliate is dragging its feet on HD content, ie: Super Bowl, and was thinking I'd try to get your CBS affiliate. We currently have five channels broadcasting digitally, but only one has HD content (ABC).
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I don't have an antenna or OTA reciever.
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DirecTV has an agreement with CBS to provide CBS-HD to those areas served by O & O CBS stations. Maybe, you folks can use this to put pressure on your CBS affiliate to stop dragging their feet.

CBS-HD thread
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I think we are all set up here - the general manager of our CBS affiliate (WTVH) has indicated that they hope to be up before Super Bowl and our Time Warner folks are ready to put it on our cable. So, unless something weird happens, we don't need to apply any pressure at this point - we should have CBS (HD and digital) OTA and digital cable soon.
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Thanks for that update. I'm not sure I can get WTVH digital 47 all the way down here. When it gets a bit warmer I'll aim my antenna up your way and see what happens. I don't have it on a rotor and it is mounted a bit low. Anyway, keep us informed.
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I am really doubtful that WTVH can deliver the SuperBowl in HDTV. They had a target date in Summer 2003. It is now about six months late and they are saying they can get it working within the next two weeks. I am sorry. I don't believe it. I will get more info from DirecTv about their CBS-HD offering.
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Just to let you all know that WBNG has granted me a waiver for the E/W coast feeds of CBS from DirecTV. I guess they just won't be able to get their HD up by Super Bowl time.

So now I'm waiting to hear more about CBS-HD from DirecTV.
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I posted this in the Binghamton thread, but thought you all up in Syracuse might like to know as well.

I received the following email from the chief engineer at WBNG.

At this point we are broadcasting in only DTV Digital Channel 7
WBNG has no firm plans to go to HDTV in 2004.
I have seen the HDTV signal that CBS sends us and it is
Incredible but corporate and the powers to be have not
Given any possible dates to go to HDTV yet.

Michael Calkins
Chief Engineer WBNG TV 12

Now I know why they decided to give me the waiver. I guess they feel that this area doesn't have enough potential HD viewers to make the cost worthwhile. So they just went with the minimum requirements to be broadcasting in DTV.
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Way to be luddites.
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A bit short sighted by corporate idiots.
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I sent a note to WTVH-5's GM, Jon Lawhead, yesterday asking what the chances were for having HD for the Superbowl. Here's his response:
Dear Ron,
We are within just a few days of having our digital signal on the air. We will definitely be on by the Super Bowl. We will also be the only station in Syracuse to have Dolby 5.1 Surround sound. Enjoy the game!


Jon Lawhead
President/General Manager

So things look good for HD Superbowl with full surround sound.
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I hope all goes well with you. I don't want to put a damper on your enthusiasm, but WBNG here has had a digital signal for quite some time, yet aren't going to have HD rolled out any time soon. It does sound like WTVH will, however.
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Anything with WTHV yet?
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