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Anyone noticed WSTM-DT being re-mapped incorrectly the last two days? I have the HD-TiVo and channel 54 is not being remapped to 3-1 anymore. I do a re-scan and it shows up as 54-4 with the UPN sub channel as 54-3.

Could this be that new PSIP requirements due Feb 1, 2005? I've restarted my box, basically done everything but power off and restart.

Anyone have an email to an WSTM engineer?

Thanks for any info anyone has.

Doug B.
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try going to the CM website or Winegard website. They should have an 800 number to call, and they'll in turn give you a list of local retailers. I know there's at least one in Syracuse. Otherwise, you could overnight from a website.
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Anyone noticed WSTM-DT being re-mapped incorrectly the last two days?

Yeah, I'm having the same problem, except mine are mapped to 54-1 and 54-2... I figured they were monkeying around with the PSIP data because I couldn't get it to remap no matter what I tried.


try going to the CM website or Winegard website.

I did that a while back when I was looking for an antenna and found a place out near Carrier Circle that was a Winegard dealer. When I called them, however, they said they only dealt in wholesale to retailers, and I had to go through Cerone up in Brewerton to get their stuff. I ended up ordering everything online and didn't think about it again until this morning. I called up Cerone, had them three-way patch me in w/ DSI (wholesaler), and ended up getting a Winegard AP-8275 from them for a pretty good price. I'll try it tonight to see what happens.
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I might have mentioned it earlier, but Watertown has a DT 7.1 and 7.2 for CBS and Fox. My guess is that if you can't pull in Rochester, you might be able to get Fox out of Watertown.

However, I haven't seen Fox in HD from this facility...well, at least it wasn't widescreen. I haven't been able to get an answer from the station either(HD on Fox or not). Maybe worth hoping they'll be HD for the Superbowl?

Good luck w/the Winegard. At least its not as cold as yesterday. Must have been -20 windchill and you were doing antenna mast extensions! AWESOME!
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Well. I guess I may as well go ahead and cancel T-W now. I was going to wait until after the superbowl, given the pleasant surprise we all got last year with CBS and TW actually delivering the HD superbowl.

But if it's just going to be the crappy SD channel, I may as well just watch it on a SD set at someone else's pad.

The reason for my cancellation: two weeks ago I was scheduled from 12-5 to get the DVR service. I'm already paying $135/mo, btw, this'd put me close to $150/mo for TW alone. Yikes. But the money wasn't the thing.

It was the no-call, no-show. I've been in management, and I've fired people for no-call no-shows. Apparently 'firing' TW is the only thing I can do. I took off the entire day, because I wanted to play with my new toy. As 5 rolled around and no tech, I called TW (Rome). I sat on hold for 10 minutes (they really shouldn't say it's higher than normal call volume when I'm always on hold for 10 minutes or more whenever I call...), before getting a fairly inept CS rep....who then dumped me back to the beginning of the call queue. So I sat on hold for 15 more minutes, before speaking to another CS rep, who had me on hold for 5 minutes. All told, it took 40 minutes on the phone to have them tell me the tech was running late and would call me when he left the job he was on at the time.

Well....he didn't. They at least could have said he wouldn't make it, offer me some kind of discount on my bill, and reschedule for another day. But they went with "he's still on his way", so in my book, it was really /two/ no-call, no-shows. Because in my management days, if I call the employees house and they tell me they'll be in, and don't call or show....well, they get fired. You can always call and make arrangements.

I thought maybe they'd call the following day to apologize and make some amends, but I haven't heard anything from them since.

I'm going for DSL and Voom, screw TW and their overpriced, underdelivered, arrogant and incompetent ways.

I should also mention I still have that overheating Pace HD box I was talking about a few pages back in this very thread. I feel stupid and used for paying $135/mo for the last year for this level of sheer incompetence.

Just a heads-up for local TW folks.
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I certainly can't dispute your characterization of customer service (they are ALWAYS changing their menu and ALWAYS experiencing longer than normal call volumes - you'd think they would take the hint and hire some more customer service representatives - and train them!). Anyway, I believe this is the way cable customer service is - they have a monopoly and so they have never had to cater to customers.

A fly in your ointment however is the Voom is on the way out. Voom will be sold or disolved soon, so don't go investing in their equipment just yet... Dish and DTV are the only satellite guys left.

I can't get satellite (neighbor's trees), so I'm stuck with cable, rotten customer service and all.

Good luck!
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Ahh, crap. Not enough customers or what? Any links to some info on Voom's status? No flies in my ointment, I'm glad to know of this beforehand!

I guess I will look into Dish, isn't that the better one? Guess it's time to dig into some new forums here, it's so great to have this resource! I was actually speaking to the dish guy while waiting for the cable guy, my landlord who lives below me has dish.

I'm just glad it's not a complete monopoly anymore, so I do have some alternative for both television and internet access (the more important of the two, heh). I just sent in an email about 3 times as long to their local office, demanding satisfaction or removal of service. My bet is on the latter, but I've got to try, eh?

And btw...you know there are ways to get rid of those trees
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Yes, Voom might be dead soon but I think it has a real cheap install option right now which might make it still worthwhile to try. Especially if Komoto doesn't have an antenna now installed (since he came from cable), it's a way to get someone else to do that install while trying Voom for a while.

Currently Voom is owned by Cablevision so getting away from lousy cable tv companies is kind of hard to do. I've been with DirecTV for a long time and my personal experience is that they are way better than the cable companies I've dealt with before. But you can find plenty of people who would say DirecTV is just as bad.

Well, good luck!
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Look at the news blurbs in the center of the screen, right when you sign in to AVS Forum. The dad runs the board of directors and the son runs the company. They lost something over $70 million last quarter...

P.S. The trees are fifty feet tall. Trust me, they would miss them!
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I remembered seeing you post about 7.1 and 7.2 before, so I gave them a try. Amazingly enough, I had zero success with them as compared to my almost-marginal success w/ Rochester. They must not be broadcasting at full power, because I'm closer to them and have what appears to be a better line of sight.
I think I'm giving up on the idea of seeing either FOX game in HD... Even with a dedicated STB (as opposed to the OTA tuner built into my Dish 811), I can only get Rochester to come in for 15-20 seconds at a time. It then promptly degrades for a few seconds, rinse, repeat. I think my wife's about fed up with me running around on the roof all of the time, so I had better get back to the other household projects I'm supposed to have been working on Oh well, I had to try. Hope the rest of you have better luck than I have.
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Yeah, I was following the same series of posts a short while back, and according to Jon, they went full power (320kW) on Jan 7, 05. I don't believe they have any plans of going further than that, since that's what's listed on their FCC license.
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Shaque. I just received an email from the Watertown engineer, WWNY, stating that Fox will be staying just SD. So, you're not missing HD on Fox from that direction.

Can't get a glimpse of Rochester from here. Guess I'm stuck with SD digital.
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As crazy as it sounds, I just realized that I'm left with analog as my only option, since WSYT still hasn't fixed their problem & I can't get a lock on Roch or Watertown. Yikes...
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I live in Rome and am able to pull NBC (3.1), UPN (3.2), CBS (5.1), ABC (9.1), and PBS (24.1, 24.2 and 24.3) via an indoor antenna and my Samsung 360 Directv set-top box. My question is regarding FOX 68.1, I am not able to get any signal even though it is off the same tower as a few of my other digital signals that I am receiving. My box is saying that the channel is there but nothing. Is this channel up and running, or is there a mistake. I know they are not broadcasting in HD yet but I thought they were in digital. Any help would be appreciated.
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I think Fox68 is currently "broken". They recently had some hardware failure and are waiting on "parts".

They are currently just SD right now too. I think they claim they will be HD and full power this summer. That will also include WB43 (channel 44) up and running.

Thats amazing that you are getting all those channels with an indoor antenna from Rome. Which one? I have no trouble getting all the channels you mention but have not been able to get the Syracuse Fox reliably. I was hoping that when they go full power, I will though.
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Yeah, Fox68's digital broadcast (19.1) is definitely off the radar, and has been for quite some time now. It was like pouring salt on a wound when I realized that not only was I unable to watch yesterday's Philly/Atlanta game in HD, but I couldn't even watch it in SD digital. (This may even apply to the upcoming superbowl if they don't get their act in gear...) My only choice was to tune it in via good old analog UHF at channel 68 - something I haven't had to do in nearly a decade... Depressing, to say the least.
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I am using just an RCA ANT1250, amplified indoor, 29.99 at Walmart
It is surprising to me too! Even though I have a Rome address, I live more towards Floyd...in the country, I guess in a good reception area. I get about a 50% signal most times, so I do have some occasional cutouts and break-ups, but nothing that ruins the HD viewing. Thanks for your replys about FOX, glad to know that something is up.
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I noticed that ESPN2 now has HD content. Does anyone have any news on when Time Warner will be offering that in the Syracuse area?
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No idea on carrying ESPN2... I've been wondering the same thing w/ Dish.

Noticed last night that 54 is back to 3.1 and 3.2, but now 24 seems to be stuck at 25. Gotta love it when everyone's playing with their PSIP data - I feel bad for all of you with DVRs...

Just to close out my previous series of posts regarding FOX OTA, thought I'd add this:
From the Liverpool/Clay area, I've been able to get WUHF with 15 total feet of mast on my 2nd story, a CM 4228 & a Winegard 8275 preamp, and a variable 20dB attenuator using both my Dish 811 and a Sammy 451. The catch is that it's only really watchable while the sun's up. After sundown signal strength drops to 60% at best on the 811 which isn't enough to maintain a lock (was at 80% 7:30am this morning). Guess that nixes the chances for the superbowl (starts at 6:30pm), but thought I'd share for anyone else that's thinking of moving their rig outside to catch Rochester.

On a related note, does anybody know what the F WSYT is doing (not doing) in regards to fixing their digital broadcast? It's bad enough that they've got the majority of the HD equipment and haven't finished setting it up, but come on - at least get your stinking DT signal back up. I'm getting really sick of the old analog channel 68 gig. Sorry, had to vent...
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Hey shmaque,

I hope the antenna Gods are kind today and you can receive WUHF today for the Super Bowl! The last couple of days I have been receiving it here (114 miles) without changing my setup. Well just in the morning like you mentioned, but maybe you being 45 miles closer will make it watchable tonight.

We will be watching here since I have been Grandfathered in and receive the National Fox on D*. Good Luck!!

Doug B.
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Yup, I lucked out bigtime - we were able to watch the entire game on WUHF with only a handful of break-ups. Luckily, the longest glitch during actual game-play was only for about 10 seconds. Maybe the temp. being warmer the past few days helps atmospheric conditions? I don't know, but I sure can't complain - it looked outstanding.

Now if we could just get WSYT's DT signal back on the air so I could take down that extra 5' of mast to make my wife happy...
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Are you serious?!?! It actually DID work? I was seriously considering buying an OTA receiver and getting an antenna to see if I could pick up WUHF. But, based on all the previous posts and info in the rochesterhdtv forum, I decided it probably wasn't worth it because picking it up was spotty around Syracuse.

So close! 2 years ago, I lived in Dayton and was all ready to go but Dayton did not broadcast Fox HD at that time either. Then last year, after I moved back to Syracuse, I didn't have the PJ and sound setup yet, so had to pass. This year, I got the theater ready but couldn't get Fox HD in Syracuse.....but maybe I could have! SO CLOSE!!!!

Oh well, I'm glad it worked out. I'll have to wait until next year to finally (FINALLY) see the big game in HD. ... BTW, how did football on FoxHD look compared to CBS and ABC?

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Yeah believe me, I was as shocked as you are. I almost didn't even bother trying to tune it in, but I guess this time my stubborn personality actually paid off. As it was, being able to watch the game in HD was the only thing that made those McNabb INT's a little easier to swallow.

I thought the PQ was incredible, but then again, most of the games I've watched this season were in SD on WSYT, so anything is gorgeous compared to that. Personally, I thought it looked easily as good as ABC's MNF games, as well as CBS's 1080i Sunday games. Didn't see any weird pixellation during fast motion shots, etc...
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Any word on when Fox 68.1, plans on getting back up...at least on a digital feed? I live in Rome and then analog feed from them is not great, I am hoping that their digital feed will reach me. It appears they transmit at pretty high power when they're up. Anyone hear anything? Also, I have been having trouble with NBC 3.1, are they going to increase their broadcast power? I get CBS in the same location perfect.
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Geez, this thread is quiet. C'mon Central New Yorkers! Unite!
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I think this thread stays quiet until either something silly happens with FoxHD (or the lack thereof) or some big event comes where HD is not available (like the Superbowl and the previously mentioned silliness of Fox locally and their HD broadcasts (or the lack therof)).

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Originally posted by jchas41
Geez, this thread is quiet. C'mon Central New Yorkers! Unite!


Had to watch my Hokies beat Duke last night in low def.

P.S. WE WANT NBC-HD up here in the north country (Potsdam, Canton, Massena). If Channel 5 NBC out of Plattsburgh won't give us HD, then let's get it from the Syracuse NBC affiliate.
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I am located in downtown Syracuse and just recently setup my SA3250HD 1394 out to a Powermac G5... All the HD channels work great and I am able to capture and view all HD except - HBO-HD. Does anyone know if HBO-HD is able to be viewed using 1394 out to a Virtual DVHS deck in TWCNY area??

Kind of an off topic question, but it seems like the broadcast flags are relative to location.

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I live in Clinton, NY and am able to pull down all the Syracuse digitals except for Fox (Where is it ?) with a CM4228 , CM7777 preamp, and LG4200A STB.

My Question is about the program guides that are broadcast.

I dont get the program guide for WTVH syracuse. Is it my STB (LG4200A) or do they not broadcast one ? Also, there is no guide for WCNY either. I do receive a guide for WSTM, WSTQ, WIXT.

Do they or are they planning to broadcast the program guides at these stations ?
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Geez, this thread is quiet. C'mon Central New Yorkers! Unite!

Well, for my griping participation, Time Warner was finally able to deliver a working HD DVR box after a couple visits. After more than a year, I was pretty forgiving about it taking a couple visits, but hey....at least my stb isn't spontaneously rebooting anymore *rolls eyes*

HD DVR kicks butt, need more hard disk space by about ten-fold...
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