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No new info on WTVH-5, the local CBS affiliate. However, in yesterday's paper there is a full page add by TWC advertising their HD package. In it they list a channel at 875 with a logo that I don't quite recognize. It looked like a 7 but I'm expecting CBS there.

The reason I expect CBS on 875 is the way the other locals have been mapped:
WSTM 3 (NBC) analog mapped to 863 digital
WIXT 9 (ABC) analog mapped to 889 digital
WCNY (PBS) analog mapped to 850, 851, 852 (1st is HD, others are alternate content)
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A response from Jon Lawhead indicated that they will probably starting on TWC on Thursday. I am still waiting for his answer on a date for over-the-air.
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Thursday has come and gone. Still no WTVH on TWC in Syracuse. Time's running out for all of us Superbowl fans.
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It is getting closer. There is test pattern this morning.
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Is that OTA or on TW? I don't have OTA set up

I have no faith in TW nor CBS to get this working by Sunday.
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It is OTA.
I just received (12:45 PM) an email from WTVH. Jon Lawhead said they are now broadcasting HD. I have to wait until this evening to check it.

BTW: The test pattern this morning was SD with black borders on the right and left sides.
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So looks like no superbowl in HD for me then.
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Don't give up yet. I spoke to TWC and they related to me that an internal customer service rep memo indicates TWC is ready and the delay is due to difficulties with the network feed into WTVH.

WTVH committed to the Post Standard that they would be broadcasting in HD on Friday (Thursday's paper). Interestingly, the PostStandard also reported that their are 3000 HD TWC users in central NY.

OT: Somewhat off topic, I had originally called TWC about their HD/DVR that is now advertised as available on their website ( http://twcny.com/services/DVR.index.cfm -- right hand column and under the HDTV menu choice as well). She did confirm that this was premature and is NOT released quite yet but not months away either. The SA8000HD would be used but no word on 1394 port(s) nor DVI/HDCP -- they hadn't been trained in the device yet.
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I got a DVI box (Pace branded) when I turned in my box at the local TW office (in Rome). It has a rebooting issue and I've been told several times to bring it in and every time they've tried to replace it with a component box, no optical audio. I'm keeping my buggy box and DVI/optical.

One of the reasons for my total lack of faith in TW is the fact that nobody seems to know what a DVI interface is, or why optical digital audio is important. I guess I need to find a TW truck parked along the side of the road and talk to a technician. I also don't appreciate the fact I've wasted the time driving to their office to pick up hardware they didn't even have. My only option now seems to be scheduling a visit from a technician, which usually entails being home most of a workday. :/

Sorry, just venting a bit, I've really been at my limit with time warner.
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Yeah, the Pace has a problem overheating which basically stops it in its tracks so you have to reboot it to get it working again. I put it all alone on its own shelf and have had only had to do one rebooting since.

No sense in beating up on TW, they simply don't have the expertise or the experience with HD so getting angry with them doesn't help... Frustrating I know...
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Hey, I have WTVH on TW digital cable channel 855! Don't know yet whether or not they are able to get HD from the CBS network, but at 8 PM when Joan Of Arcadia comes on, it should be in HD if they are getting the HD feed!
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Originally posted by mnilan
Hey, I have WTVH on TW digital cable channel 855! Don't know yet whether or not they are able to get HD from the CBS network, but at 8 PM when Joan Of Arcadia comes on, it should be in HD if they are getting the HD feed!

Thanks for the info, Mike. WTVH is indeed on TWC 855 and in HD too. Looks good for Sunday!
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The picture quality and sound were excellent most of the time. However there are too many dropouts and pixelation. I am watching OTA.

It is not a signal level problem because My signal meter said it is around 95%, always.

I wonder if the TWC signal has the same problems?
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Yes, the signal that TWC is passing through is also seeing periodic drop-outs. However, it did get better as the evening went on.
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The only time it really matters, in the short term, is of course Sunday night.
Regardless, I think we should give WTVH kudo for making it happens especially during the past few weeks when the weather was bad.
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I, too, despite my curmudgeon-ness, will give out kudos for the great 11th hour push to get this done in this nasty weather.

And all my friends rejoice! I might have to get more seating now...
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And let us now pause to count our blessings. TWC Syracuse now has *ten* channels that offer HD content!

OK, that's enough blessing-counting. When will we get ESPN and Bravo HD?
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...and HD DVR... with 1394 and DVI/HDCP... and HD labeling within the on-line guide... and first run VOD in HD...

It's good to have goals.
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...and lower their rates a little...I'm sick of my $110 a month cable bill.
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Hey, I'm only paying $80/mo!!

Oh wait, and $45 for RR, so $125/mo to T-W....
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The SuperBowl in High Def last night was a thing of beauty! The picture quality and sound were incredible! I was very impressed. My thanks go out to WTVH for getting it done in the nick of time.

Does anyone know what format Survivor was in last night after the game? It wasn't widescreen and didn't look quite as good as the game but it definetly seemed better than "regular" television.

I too am now just waiting for ESPN to show up on Time Warner and I'll be as happy as you can be.
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My understanding is that all the networks are using SD to broadcast their "reality" shows. If you go to TitanTV.com (for example) and set it up for our TW signal, it will tell you which shows are in HD and which are not.
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I contacted Time Warner Cable about the channel 875 that has appeared for the last two weeks in their newspaper ads. That is a CBS channel up in Watertown and we won't get it. They had no explanation why they were putting it in the Syracuse advertisement...
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Right when this game began there was an HDTV banner on the bottom of the screen (saying that it was sponsored by Clark Music) but the game didn't appear to be in true HDTV. Anyone know what format this game was broadcast in? My picture looked better than a regular station and my Time Warner pace box said HDTV but that doesn't usually mean anything. Also, the game wasn't in surround sound? Does anyone have an explanation? I'm curious, thanks.
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I do not know and I didn't tune in the game. However, I did have a comment from the TW techie that WTVH has been having trouble maintaining HD for long periods of time. They have a piece of essential equipment that is faulty and they are waiting for a replacement. This takes some time because (apparently) this piece of equipment is specially built rather than off-the-shelf. So, that's my guess...
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TWC in Syracuse now has the SA 8000HD combination HD terminal and DVR available for an extra $6.50 a month. I've made an appointment to have one installed in a week's time. There's an active thread on this device in the HD recorder forum.
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I've been travelling so my response is a bit delayed. How does it work? Any PQ problems that you can see?

Thanks for the heads-up on the HDVR forum (I think - I've just spent the last two hours cruising through the 24+ pages on the forum).

I've been following the progress of the SA 8000HD with TWCNY for a couple of months now and had decided to wait until they had the DVI connection before I get one. I have the Pace 550 and it is VERY convenient with my DLP display and the DVI connection provides much better PQ than my SA 3100 did. I am assuming that once we start seeing the DVI port activated in other TW areas that we should be able to get the SA 8000HD with a viable DVI connection from TWCNY. I am excited!!!
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Just hooked up my new samsung hd receiver from dtv. All digital stations come in from syracuse 30+miles away(Port Byron). Signal strength is only about 45% but get no drop outs.

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I've had the 8000 since just before the super bowl. I'm using the component out. As of the last time I checked, the DVI, SVid, and composite are still disabled. this is supposed to be corrected via sw sometime soon.
The DVR function makes this box superior to my previous 3100 in terms of usefullness. But in my opinion, the 3100 pic quality was better. The 8000 is far too dark and seems to vary with source mat'l. Also, using the comp out forces me to watch everything upconverted via the box, limiting the use of my TV's stretch, zoom etc. It has locked up and rebooted 2 or 3 times since I got it, and dark screens with apha numerics ( titles, credits etc) causes the audio to glitch. Reading back over what I have written makes me wonder why, but on the whole, the DVR function for HD makes it worth the issues.
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Are you using a rooftop antenna, and/or and amplifier?


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