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Incorrect Password Problem?  

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A couple days ago, I started getting this message:

"Your ReplayTV was unable to contact the ReplayTV Service because the password in the unit was incorrect."

So, the automatic daily connect is not working. Net Connect is also running into the same problem. I am not getting TV guide updates. I have tried different phone numbers to other nearby cities, which result in the same problem. My modem does work, because I am able to download a new listing of phone numbers to other cities.

The ReplayTV support person said that he doesn't know about this problem and said that if it continues 2-3 days more to call back. Well, it's been three days so far, but I will give it over the weekend before calling support again. I was wondering if anybody knows about this problem.
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Try a different dial-in number.... That will usually fix the problem.

Remember, it's just television...
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I've tried 3 different dial-in numbers each located in a different city (but all within my state). I've also tried unplugging the box but got the same problem. I'm using 3.0 software.
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Some ReplayGuy remarked on this a few months ago when many were seeing this problem. He said that it was a problem of communication with their authentication server and not a problem with the ReplayTV.

Whether that is causing your problem now I could not say.
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Thanks guys for your replies. I was kinda depressed about the problem and was quietly going through suggestions. Good news is that it updated last night with only a couple days of guide left. The ReplayTV support people were really trying to help me out... kudos on their efforts. In the end, the problem went away by itself. No explanation was given on the password problem from them. They did mention that their servers are very busy with people downloading 3.0.
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