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OTA in San Bernardino CA.  

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Just wondering if anyone was receiving High Def OTA signals from the LA stations in the San Bernardino CA area?? If so what kind of equiptment are you using??

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bump ^^^

How about the Inland Empire?? ... class...anyone....
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ok..1 more bump...there is NOBODY that gets HD OTA signals in the Inland Empire that reads this forum????

Guess I'll have to be the first,

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I live in Riverside and I get OTA from KCBS, KNBC, WB-KTLA, KABC, KCAL, FOX-KTTV, KCET, and a bunch of other spanish-only channels. I used to get UPN-KCOP until about mid-October or so (it's been a while), when apparently they moved their antenna and their signal degraded. For some reason KCAL maps to channel 43-2 as of late, and they don't broadcast their digital signal 24/7.

I get a fairly strong signal on all of those-- I use a cheap RCA indoor UHF/VHF combo antenna that sits on top of my TV. It has a high-gain, high-noise amplifier (by no means a quality one) and I would say I get the above stations 99% of the time (only once or twice in the last several months have I noticed a channel fall below a usable signal). I live on top of a hill in a house with an unobsructed view west/northwest (toward Mt. WIlson). I use a Zenith HDV-420 for DTV. Hope that helps.

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I live in Moreno Valley, have a $30 directional UHF corner reflector type antenna on chimney, get all the networks with no dropouts except KCOP which is dead as a doornail. My mom is in Riverside and pulls in everything even stronger than me but she is able to get KCOP marginally. And her antenna is still in the attic, I am going to move it to chimney. UPN in Los Angeles is lame, I can get all these dinky mexican and japanese channels out here at same strength as CBS, NBC etc., but UPN is apparently transmitting with the power of a refrigerator bulb, now that's what I call a network affiliate...Frenchy
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Thanks guys...that does help. I think I'll try a decent uhf antenna (cheap like the RS-15-2160) and see if I can get anything. If I can, I'll go from there.

Thanks again!,
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Hey Frenchy, I live on Mo Val too. What brand antenna are you using? I live really close to Box Springs. Antennaweb says I need the biggest antenna I can get with a pre amp. I want to put an antenna in my attic. Thanks!
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I live in yucaipa and all of the OTA channels come in perfect using a home depot antenna
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I live in Corona at Eagle Glen (Cajalco Exit off the 15FWY) and I just set up HDTV in my house during New Year's Eve. I tried the Silver Sensor and it wouldn't pull in any channels.
I went to Rat Shack and got a UHF antenna (~30) and a pre-amp and mounted it on the roof. I can get all the channels now with NBC being a little flaky. Signal strength on most channels is about 40%. I went ahead and ordered the channel master 4228 and the 7778 pre-amp and will install those as soon as they come in. From what I've read in the forums, the channel master is the way to go.
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I live in East Highland and don't currently have anything on the roof. (reluctant to pop for an 8VSB for my E6000).
According to the AntennaWeb.org rating for my area KABC would be one of the digitals I wouldn't be able to get at all even with the most powerful antenna. Yet when I plugged a 20yr old portable TV in and extended the antenna I was able to receive KABC analog clean and clear and in fact better than all others UHf or VHF. If you are in the northern part of SB or anywhere near and east of Little Mtn. it's doubtful there is much you can drag out of the air. Good luck
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I live in Corona, I get all the LA digital channels no problem with a VHF/UHF Radio Shack outdoor antenna.
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I live in Alta Loma 91701 north of the Ontario Air Port and can not get 7.1 HD. I get all the other HD channels but not 7.1. Is there anyone that lives above the 210 freeway that gets 7.1 HD ?
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No posts on here for almost 3 months but I hope there are some folks out there who are from the Inland Empire area who'll get this thread going again. I live in East Highland and just had VOOM installed last Monday. Everything went great except they never installed my OTA antenna cause the installer said I wouldn't be able to get OTA from my house with the antenna he had with him. I called VOOM and they rescheduled me for next Friday to put up a bigger antenna. The big question now is will I be able to bring in the stations that antennaweb says I can get. I hope so because from what I've seen so far on VOOM, it's not worth keeping for their satellite programing only as I already have DISH and get near perfect SD PQ (as close to HD as you can probably get). Very limited or outdated HD VOOM programing would most likely cause me to drop it if I can't get OTA.
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I'm in Rialto, about 1/4 mile south of Baseline, using a rather large (about 5' boom length) Radio Shack dedicated UHF corner reflector Yagi (15-2161 if that helps). East Highland can encompass everything from the foothills to well south of Baseline. If you're near the foothills, that will limit your access to OTA signals. If you were able to receive your analog programming acceptably OTA, that would be a good sign, but UHF reception is always fussier in the fringes. (and we are in the fringes!) For a receiver, I've got the LG-made Hughes HTL-HD. I do not receive programming from KCOP-DT except for a small blip on the signal meter (just sufficient to know they're transmitting, but well below what would be necessary to lock). There've been several posts in various threads that KCOP is not running their digital transmitters at full power, but that they did receive authorization recently from the FCC to increase their radiated power. However, one poster insists that's highly unlikely because, according to him, KCOP will be transferring their digital transmissions over to the VHF band when all telecasting goes digital in 2006. Take that as you will -- I'm skeptical, but what do I know?... All the rest of the digital English language locals come in fine most of the time unless thick on-shore moisture rolls in in the evening. I'm guessing the low level moisture reflects the UHF signals from Mt. Wilson enough to be problematic out here in the tullies. KTTV-DT is consistently strong enough for me to lock, and from what I understand, KCOP's digital transmitting tower is in the same vicinity as KTTV-DT's digital transmitting tower. To me this does suggest that KCOP is reigning back their digital transmitter power for whatever reason. I've emailed KCOP for information. In reply, I've recieved diddly-squat. (So much for KCOP's community involvement in keeping their viewers up to date...) I get quite a few Spanish language digital broadcasts, too, though they're of no particular interest. KVCR has completed final testing of their new digital transmitter tower on Box Springs Mountain. Dunno when they plan to begin regular telecasts, though. From where you are, just about any UHF antenna, outdor or indoor, should be sufficient if aimed south and slightly west.

I'd had an RCA DTC100 that could lock only about 60% of the English language digital broadcasts. The 5th generation Hughes is much better at taming multipath.
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I live 1 block South of Highland Ave and 1 mile east of the 30 F'way on a peninsula that juts out near Baseline at 1900 ft. Never had OTA here before and everyone in the area is either on cable or satellite. According to antennaweb, I'm supposed to be able to receive the signals from Mt. Wilson which they show as 50 miles West at 246 degrees. Installer is supposed to be out here nest Friday with a Channel Master 4228 (I think) and I'll know for sure then.

Thanks for the feedback
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Looks like the two problems are 7.1 and 13.1, most likely due to low power on the digital transmitter.
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I'm in Moreno Valley, north of the 60 fwy, on the rise of Box Spring Mtn just up from the mall. After they missed their first appointment and had to reschedule, I was installed last month with the standard OTA Voom package antenna. I had researched on antenna web and indicated to the installers company ahead of the install date that I would need a large antenna per that website. When they arrived they only had the normal antenna. I also requested that they not use a diplexor which could reduce signal strenght and to run a separate line and power amp. Cost for this 'extra' was $75.

Voom worked but the OTA standard antenna brought in nothing as I had already figured. Per the installers instructions, I called Voom customer service and requested an upgraded antenna. The rep put my info into antennaweb.org and said I could only get 2 channels OTA and would not allow the better antenna. Thankfully I had done my own research and found I can get 22. The rep had only entered the zip code. When I asked him to enter the complete address and to indicate the house was multistory within 2 miles of an airport the full availability of channels came up. Result, I was approved for the upgrade and scheduled for 2 weeks later.

Well tomorrow is the date I have scheduled for the upgrade. I called Voom and confirmed they are coming as scheduled and they told me they are sending an actual Installs,Inc. employee versus a professional contract installer. I'm hopeful it will be done right and on time this time.
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The installer arrived on time as scheduled with a huge antenna that was rated at 90 miles and a tall mounting pole. Box Springs mountain and a neighbors tree were the impediments to local OTA reception here on the northwest end of Moreno Valley. Antennaweb.org did indicate I could get 22 OTA channels but it seems that they didn't factor in the terrain.

Without OTA I could not see keeping my VOOM service and paying for cable as well. I will have to research other options. Sure wish VOOM would have local channels over the satellite instead of over the air. I've read too many posts of people unable to get satisfactory reception. Trees, terrain, etc.

I'm bummed it didn't fly and I spent $75 and 3 days time for this experiment.
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I am in upland about 1 -2 blocks south of baseline, on the borderline of LA county and san bernardino county. I have no problem getting all the hdtv channels. I am using samsung t151 and radio shack 2160 on 10 foot mast mounted in my backyard. My aim to mount wilson is blocked by my neighbors trees but I still managed to get all the channels.
I could even get most channels when I was using silver sensor indoors when placed on top of tv.

I still haven't decided if I am going to move the 2160 on top of roof to see if I can get better signal strength. Oh by the way, forget to mention I am using radio shack signal amplifier 15-1171 which helps a bit.
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The problem with 7.1 and 13.1 start north of the 210 freeway.
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I did a search on all open forums, so if this is old news, blame the search engine. :) I found this morning that the KVCR (San Bernardino Valley College's PBS TV channel) digital transmitter is finally in operation. It broadcasts on channel 26, remapped to 24-1. The digital transmitter, testing completed in late May, is on a ridge on Box Springs Canyon Mountain near the San Bernardino/Riverside County line. Since my Rat Shack Yagi is aimed toward Mt. Wilson, that puts me about 100 degrees off axis. Still, the signal comes in strong, though it takes about 3-7 seconds to lock. (I can see the tower from my house, so a coat hanger would probably work!) Once locked, though, the signal strength meter on my Hughes HTL-HD reads consistently in the "good" area on channel 26. Should be accessible to just about anyone in the Inland Empire, though not necessarily without re-aiming their UHF antenna or mounting a small auxilliary UHF antenna and using a combiner. (I got lucky for once...) Viewers to the east: San Bernardino, Colton, Highland, Redlands, Beaumont, etc. may also get off without a re-aim. Anyone else?
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Corona, California
Wild Rose Ranch Area (south of 91 off of 15)
Recently had Winegard GS-1000 Sensar installed on roof by D* installer. Couldn't receive 4-1, 7-1 or 13-1.
He brought back a GS-2000 Sensar (same antenna but with integral amp) and now I have all of the digital locals.
Funny thing about this install is this antenna is only categorized in the Red sector when AntennaWeb told me I would need a Blue sector antenna.
I might be lucky as my view is pretty unobstructed, but I must say I am very surprised that an omni-directional antenna works at 45 miles +.
Must be my week!:)
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