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Archive DVD from PVR help PLEASE!!!  

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If this is not allowed to be discussed, I apologize in advance. But I am trying to figure out which PVR to get based on being able to dump down shows to my imac and burn DVD's. I have heard of the Digital camcorder method of using the camera as a pass thru device in order to be able to plug directly into the imac's firewire port, but there seems to be other methods that peeps aren't willing to discuss in the Tivo forums for instance. Any help, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to be able to record the entire St Louis Blues hockey team's playoff run and archive it all on DVD. Thank you very much.
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Wow...34 views and not a response!
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Consider a DVD recorder. It will record in "real time" without having to re encode the video. Also DVD will be able to hold 1/2/4/6 hours of the games and some unit let you edit. Check out Gateway http://accessories.gateway.com/Acces...ductid=2520516 or Sony to start. You can review the owner's manual to see if it will meet you needs. Good luck.. I hope Santa brings me one!!!
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Thank you reedyj,

That is very helpful. I did however spend 1800 bucks on an imac so I was hoping to get this done with what I already have. I can borrow a camcorder for the pass-thru method. Is this ultimately the best way to go with what I have?
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The newer replaytv units have a network-out port that allows you
to send the video to another reply unit or to readily available software. Then
you save the video and after messing with it you can record it to DVD.
There are Tivo hacks for roughly the same thing, but I think it's a lot hackier in the Tivo world as the inter-unit streaming is not a built-in feature.

The replayTV solution has a mac software package too (see the ReplayTV forum).
Making the DVD is a hassle though. You'll need an MPEG2 codec and a DVD package. You'll find a reference for a free one as well as iDVD instructions in the forum.

The Panasonic DMR-E100HS seems like a really easy (but expensive) solution.
It's here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...1%255F1/107104
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Here's a different approach from the UTV forum...

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