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Okay, I finally packed up my 3030 and hooked up my new 3060. First thing I noticed - the body isn't so soft (which is good) and the faceplate is grey (vs. dark grey). Also, instead of Quantum it now says Maxtor (which is predictable because Maxtor IS Quantum).

The HD seems louder as first glance (or first listen as it were). My first problem - NONE of the phone numbers worked, except for ONE. I was offered 9 numbers, and all would either NOT connect, or would error repeatedly after connecting. I guess we should blame Earthlink, because it's their network.

Major change - the menu is now transparent, like it! Also it came preloaded with 6 videos - an ICEBOX.COM cartoon among them. Also included was what I assume is the ReplayTV Presents with The Grinch trailer.

I'm hoping that we see new brands carrying this technology soon. Plenty of other mfr's are out there, like HK, Zenith, Sharp, GE/RCA/ProScan, Mitsubishi, etc., just waiting to release one of these! Get on it, Replay

The only constant is change.