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OK, have had OTA for nearly a year now.

Zenith HDV420
RS Color Supreme 100 rabbit ears.
Located near Burleson and Ben White.

Aside from FOX, which I cannot get at all, I can get all of the stations 90% of the time. Getting the spanish station requires that I rotate the antenna to the NW but then I get it rock solid, with no fluctuations, at about 70%. All the others are generally strong (70%-80%) but over the course of an hour they will invariably fluctuate, sometimes blanking out for minutes at a time. Also, on any given day, a repositioning of the antenna may be needed to get all the stations. Analog signals here have always had severe ghosting so I'm sure it's largely a multipath issue. I probably get momentary refractions whenever a couple of 18-wheelers pass by on IH-35, to boot, so it's not going to be solved by clever antenna positioning. As soon as the nearest Radio shack decides to start -stocking- their double-bowtie antenna I'll give it a try to see if it helps (currently a special order item).

btw, I love that PBS is making good use of 4 channels. Now, on any given night, my odds of catching a NOVA show airing are much greater than they are/were with the analog signal.
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Originally posted by rajivarora

1) KLRU-HD: OTA, and on TWC
4) HDNet and HDNet Movies

I think we are supposed to get these pretty soon...
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Originally posted by Darthnice
According to a recent post by Peter on the yahoo cable group ... this month looks good for 160 gigs of HD love.

could someone maybe copy/paste some info? I do all my surfing at work and they block the yahoo groups.

Hows it gonna work? Is there a waiting list we can get on?

Are all the channels (even SD) gonna be broadcast at 1080i like the current SA box? I hope they'll use 480 so I can use my stretch plus.
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with the update that was pushed out today for the 3250HD, you can run SD channels at 480i or 480p and HD channels at 1080i... Go into settings and change "picture format" to "pass through"... The 8000HD should have the same feature... According to Peter there are going to be about 1000 8000HD boxes available, much more then I had hoped for... THey should be available to pick up in the lobby sometime next week, he will let us know the minute they are available... I will post the info on here...

btw, the DVI port on the 3250HD was activated today as well... The DVI port on the 8000HD will not be activated for a few weeks...
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Good to see you here also (Tampa from LFZ). We in SA are getting ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX Sports, HBO-HD, SHO-HD, Discovery HD Theater, HD Net, HD Net Movies, IN-HD, IN-HD2, NBA TV HD, from TW. Sucks to be us, eh? Only thing missing is ESPN HD. And the 8000's are pending distribution here also.

Hook 'em, and fire GD.
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I'm looking to buy a channel master 4228 antenna and thought I'd ask here if anyone has one they don't use anymore and would like to sell it. If not I'll order one

PM me if so, I don't want to fill up this list.

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Just announced Thursday...

Austinites will be able to receive Fox-DT East & West and CBS-DT East & West Digitally via DirecTV in the next few weeks.

I think this is really great where Fox is concerned since noone outside the Fox antenna security fence can receive it over the air.



for details.
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This is so kickass for those of use w/ D* because as you said, only those people that lived w/in blocks of the station could pickup their wussy signal.

And when Fox goes HD, we will not be at the caprice of our local Fox to turn their HD signal on.

I am sooo stoked about this.
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Originally posted by tony_ansley

Austinites will be able to receive Fox-DT East & West and CBS-DT East & West Digitally via DirecTV in the next few weeks.

I think it's going to depend on where you are in Austin. If you're far enough north you're probably going to get at least a Grade B signal from KWTX (CBS) and KWKT (FOX) from Temple/Waco/Killeen, which would mean you would need a waiver from those stations, even though KEYE and KTBC are O&O stations. And waivers for Grade B signals are supposedly really hard to get.

I'm going to be in Georgetown, and I "supposedly" get a Grade A signal from KWKT and a Grade B from KWTX. Waivers from Grade A signals are nearly impossible, so I'm screwed as far as FOX is concerned and probably screwed as far as CBS is concerned with a Grade B signal.
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Speaking of KWKT, pending FCC approval they are hoping to turn on the KWKT-DT signal toward the end of the week. Hopefully they will be broadcasting with enough power and passing Fox widescreen that at least some of us have an alternative to KTBC.

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I have radio shack vhf/uhf/fm antenna hanging by string in my attic (can't put them outside in my development in Lakeway). The plywood sheathing of my roof has a a metallic film on it (insulating prperties maybe). ANyone know if that will mess up my reception? I get weird xray like qualities whenever there is a bright white color (like the colts uniform) and audio drop out every few seconds on cbs.
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Most likely the metal sheathing will cause some reception issues, especially if it is grounded somewhere.

And also, external antennae are ALLOWED, no matter what you communist homeowners association. See this FCC article:


You might have to fight the HOA, which is more than some people want to mess with (like me), but it is "legal".
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thanks for the info Rob. BTW - strictly speaking, it is not metal sheathing - it is a thin film, like mylar, on the inside of the plywood roof sheath. Bottom line, tho, outside would give me significantly better reception?
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Look carefully for some writing on the metal foil. These foils are called radiant barriers, I think. In my attic, I have a radiant barrier called TechShield, made by Louisiana-Pacific. Printed at regular intervals on the foil is a statement like:

"Radian barrier may interfere with attic-mounted antenna reception."

Since I had the room, I went and bought the biggest big-honking UHF antenna I could find, the Channel Master 4248, and put it up along with the 7777 (or is it 7775?) preamp.

This was at a time when except for KXAN, all the stations were at relatively low power. Now, with most stations up at decent power levels, I can get KXAN, KLRU, KVUE, KNVA, and KEYE all at excellent signal strength. Not a peep out of KTBC.

BTW, I'm in Great Hills.

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Well, I won't say with 100% certainty (only death and taxes are that certain ) that you'll get better reception, but you are VERY likely to get good reception with an outdoor mounted antenna.

If you mount your antenna 10' above your roofline, that gives you more elevation to receive, as well as nothing impeding reception, such as trees, other houses, etc (assuming you aren't in some very low lying area).

What you might also want to try is a good low-noise preamp with your attic mounted antenna. That might give you enough gain to alleviate the dropouts and stuff.

You might start with a 10dB amp from Fry's. It's in-line (you mount one part right at the antenna, and the other at the HD reciever). The item looks a bit cheasy, but it does work. Not necessarily the best amp in the world, but it might be all you need. Otherwise, I'd recommend a more "professional" model such as the channel master 7777 preamp. It has 26dB of gain. It allowed me to get Fox at my house (in Scofield Farms - about 8 miles from the towers) with a CM4228 antenna, which I have since gotten rid of b/c CBS upped power and I don't really care about fox at this point.

Adding an amp may very well help the digital stations, but may hurt any analog reception your receiving with that antenna -- for example, ghosting and multipath may get worse.

Ok... I'm rambling... just ask more questions if you need any more help. Some of this HD reception thing is just trial and error, especially while some stations are low power and some are high power, etc.
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It took all that antenna to get those channels? I had that exact same setup (despite my previous post in which I wrote the wrong model number), and I downgraded to a $15 antenna and the above mentioned 10dB amp from Fry's ($12), and I get all those same stations. I'm by Fry's, but I'm in a much less hilly situation than the Great Hills area, and I don't have the metal things on my roof. Also, if I stand on my roof, I have pretty much line of site to the towers.

EDIT: oops forgive me... I just reread your post. YOu did the same thing I did... got all that antenna for back in the time when the stations were low power. That's what I get for skimming messages.
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Good call, Rajiv. It is in fact TechShield and it has the same warning you mentioned.

Am I just wasting my time if I try to amplify the signal while keeping the antenna in the attic? I have this lightweight concrete tile roof that I can't walk on and the wife is none too excited about an outdoor antenna (she'll watch TV with ghosts, snow and double images so I can't appeal to her aesthetic sense).

BTW - I got great reception last night (I just put it up last night) - wondering if maybe nightime has some optimal atmospheric conditions for antenna reception.
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Well... when all the stations go digital, you won't have to worry about ghosting, snow, and double images!!!
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Oh, and I think if you have the space and the $$ (aobut $100-$120 shipped), I would suggest trying the CM4248 and CM7777 in your attic. Heck, maybe you can con Rajiv into selling his? I just sold mine a few months ago to someone in Georgetown, otherwise I'd unload it to you.

It is UHF ONLY, but the CM7777 had different UHF and VHF inputs, so you could use some rabbit ears or your existing antenna for VHF.
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good idea. Rajiv - you want to unload your channel master preamp? Shoot me an email at vphillips with domain name of mindspring.com
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Anyone else getting a black screen for ABC? Bleh, I hope this gets fixed by Alias and Practice...

New: Yay, fixed in time.
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Sorry guys, I'm not ready to sell yet. I'm in a mini-valley amid the hills, so my line of sight is poor. Heck, most cell phones don't work in my house!

So, for now I *do* need all that antenna.

BTW, even tho' I chose to go the attic antenna route, I did sensitize my HOA to the issue. They now only require that you inform them of the planned antenna and its location, and I have seen at least a couple of outdoor bowties in my subdivision.

So outdoor can be done if you have a mind to.

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Was Fox-HD on TWC all jumpy this weekend? Was it me, or did yall find it almost unwatchable because of the jittery nature of the screen.
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i have a question about HD through time warner. i have standard cable and was thinking about getting HD through them. what kind of boxes do they rent you? does anyone know if they only have component out. im looking for vga out, but dvi might work...

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Originally posted by bigbevo2k
Was Fox-HD on TWC all jumpy this weekend? Was it me, or did yall find it almost unwatchable because of the jittery nature of the screen.

I don't have TWC so I can't answer your jittery question, but FOX does not broadcast in HD. Do you mean their "widescreen" digital? I didn't notice anything unusual watching it OTA this weekend (football games and Simpsons).

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Originally posted by plaiming
i have a question about HD through time warner. i have standard cable and was thinking about getting HD through them. what kind of boxes do they rent you? does anyone know if they only have component out. im looking for vga out, but dvi might work...

In general, TWC is using the Scientific-Atlanta 3250HD box. They rent it to you for the same price as your regular cable box so there's in increase in fee for that (it replaces the box you have).

It has component-video and DVI out (just recently enabled). The DVI output uses "DHCP" (copy protection) so you won't be able to use it with anything that doesn't support that standard. It also has S-video and coax outputs (for non-HD purposes only) (and I think composite if you wanted it). No VGA.

But I couldn't get the DVI out to work with my Sony TV so beware if you really can't use component out.

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do i have to rent from them or can i buy my own? i currently dont have a cable box, just run straight into my tivo...

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As far as I know, you have to rent from them...
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I am interested in your comment: "Well... when all the stations go digital, you won't have to worry about ghosting, snow, and double images!!!" Was this relating to TWC, or OTA signals? I am also in a valley (behind a big cliff) and can not receive anything with an indoor antenna (and get very little cell phone reception). I am only 2-3 miles from towers. Have not bothered to buy an outdoor for fear it will be a waste of time.

I am about to switch back to TWC from E*, but if I didn't need to buy locals with E*, I might stay with them.... although TWC seems a few months ahead of E* on HD content. Should I try ordering the RS Double Bow Tie?
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Originally posted by RobertCooper
Well... when all the stations go digital, you won't have to worry about ghosting, snow, and double images!!!

Now you get to worry about macroblocking, drop outs and A/V synch issues! Yippie!
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