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Buy dot com has the new price posted http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...9&loc=111&sp=1
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yeah. but. i called buy.com. "in stock soon". :(
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DNNA needed to do something with pricing. I was in a brand new Circuit City and in the PVR section they had a 40-hour 5504 for $449, a 40-hour 5040 for $299. Beneath both was a 40-hour TiVo for $199 and an 80-hour version for $299.

On all the price tags, in very small print, was mention of service activation, monthly fees, rebates, etc.

The point, though, is that even after owning two network RTV 5040's, I still would find it very hard to explain to the average person the pricing differences, and why an RTV is a better buy.

I think RTV as we know it today is not long for this world. In order to survive, RTV needs to evolve. In Japan, PVRs with DVD recorders are flying off the shelves.


Pioneer is selling a couple of models in the U.S. with TiVo basic, which provides a limited EPG with NO monthly fee.


In order to survive, I think DNNA will need to add the following to the RTV product line:

1. RTV 5K with built-in DVD recorder for under $500.
2. RTV Basic EPG with NO monthly fee.
3. RTV supported software that turns your Windows 9x/2K/XP PC into an RTV media server. This software would need to serve sound/picture/video files (MPEG-1/MPEG-2/WMF/MP3/JPG/GIF/TIF/etc) stored on a PC to a wired or wireless networked 5K RTV.
4. An inexpensive RTV thin client which can connect to both the RTV media server client on a Windows PC, or another networked 5K RTV.

If DNNA does not have this product line in place by next Christmas, then I would plan on having something under the tree next year to replace our RTVs, because RTV won't survive much past 2004 otherwise.

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So am I to understand that the integrated 3-year activation is already a thing of the past? This is really screwy! Even I'm starting to get pissed off at DNNA, and I'm their biggest fan! :)
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Have you ever called tech support for ReplayTV? It was less than stellar. They needed to get rid of two things 1) the Fat and 2) the grossly overpriced manditory hardware and subscription bundle. They were pricing themselves out of the market.
If you don't understand DVR's you will never pay $500+ for a VCR. Once you get in the game you will never go back. ReplayTV offers a lifestyle change.

ReplayTV is best option for a television since color and the remote control.
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Originally posted by dyker
I was at Circuit City today. They had a big sign next to the Replays saying the price was dropping effective tomorrow maybe (can't remember exactly). The $149 price on a 5504 was specifically mentioned.

Tivos were flying out the door. Literally They have a sale on DirecTivo series 2 40 hour units for $99. Requires $4.99/month DirecTV fee for service.

And I just bought a 5080 for $250 and activated (last night) it for $250. Shoot.

Does anyone know: Can lifetime service be returned to DNNA if I decide to return the unit to BestBuy to get one of these cheaper 5508 units (I don't care about CA or ISS)?

I'm not a Tivo expert, but from what I've been led to believe the $4.99 service is Basic Tivo, with regular or full Tivo still at $9.99/month. I'm not sure what the difference is but I've seen this related to some of the DVD Tivo combos, too. Can anyone elaborate?

Still not going to sway me away from MyRtv!
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So now today there is a dealer on Ebay doing "Buy It Now " on 55XX for 249.99. Has alot of units listed and not a word about activation. Looks like he is selling high before buys get wise.
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If true, this was definitely needed. I was in CC yesterday buying something else, and saw two different people walking out of the store with Tivos and this store had a pretty picked over pile of Tivos. Mostly what was left were boxes that had some exterior damage.

The replay pile was untouched, even though CC had a big sign saying you could finance your Replay purchase over 6 months interest free.

-- edited to correct bad grammar.
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The new price is at Circuitcity.com: http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.js...4&catoid=-8881

According to that link, service is included. The Buy.com link (see above in thread) says that service is not included.

Another discrepancy: Buy.com says the list price is $199. CC says the list price is $549. That leads me to believe that CC is offering it with the service included for just $149.
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I just called Circuitcity.com.

They confirmed that the $149 includes 3 years of activation/service.
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For $149 you get 3 FREE years of service on the 5540?

Count me in for my 2nd replay! I may buy 2 more!
I have been waiting for a super deal like this to buy another unit!

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Good thing I sold two of my four when the price was going for $500 on ebay. For once in my life I was in front of the price drop. :D

For $149 and 3 years of service on the 5540 that's worth giving up CA and internet show sharing.
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But what about THIS link from amazon.com for office depot?

It clearly states 3 years included.
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I looked before I leaped. I read the product description on CC's web site. I called CC for confirmation. I purchased two based on the information I received from two separate CC sources. It's their problem now. I have a print out from their web site, and I noted the CC customer service rep's name that I spoke to.

I've got my ammo. I'll fight the fight.
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Just ordered one for instore pickup! Great deal for the kids room. :)
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I also called to inquire as to whether the "Free ReplayTV Service" (as described on the website) was correct. The response......

".....Well...uh..... I don't really know what 'free' means......"

After trying to explain for quite a while that "Free ReplayTV Service" implied that the ReplayTV service would in fact be 'free'....

"..... nothing in this world is really 'free' ....."

The only thing that he could confirm is that the product would sell for $150. He told me that the only way to get more information would be to call my local circuit city store.

I suggested that there was likely a mistake on the website, but he had no interest in that concept.
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I think when I saw the sign yesterday it said that service was separated.

I wonder if service is tied to the unit when you buy it? Maybe the "existing" stock on the shelf would have service built in while new stock wouldn't?

Circuit City has a liberal return policy...
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Actually would have been good to have bought yesterday and pricematched today. Should'v would'v could'v.
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It certainly can't hurt to visit CC today and buy the unit.
When you attempt to activate it at home, if it does not promise the
3 free years, return it, no harm done.
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I'm with antnjen - I just ordered mine from CircuitCity.com, where it clearly states on the 'Service Charges' line 'Free ReplayTV Service'. If it's not included when I set it up I can either return it for a full refund, or get in on antjen's lawsuit!
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... still says that :

"All 5500 models include a 3-year subscription to the ReplayTV service and can be extended for only $.99 per month."

for what that is worth.....
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Yes, but this activation screen has changed:

When I activated 2 days ago it specfically omitted 5500 series from activation. Now it says different: If you are a ReplayTV 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 user, Service Activation does not apply to you. Your ReplayTV is already service activated when you purchased your unit.
. So the site did change on that page.
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My head hurts :p

Did Sonic Blue buy ReplayTV again ?:D
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Soooo tempted to buy a couple of 5504's.
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This is spelling DISASTER for ReplayTV...

Right now, people are calling the customer service representatives asking about whether the cheap $150 units include 3 years of service. These guys are replying:

"All 5500 units have 3 years activation included in the price"

It is SO obvious to me that due to the price drop and the UN-bundling of the subscription that people/employees are getting confused. Heck, even some of the ReplayTV web pages still show that all 5500 units come with 3 years service.

But, DNNA should MAKE SURE THAT the customer service representatives are giving out the CORRECT information!

ReplayRichard? ReplayLyndon? Call those customer service desks SOON and straighten them out! And have someone fix the website!
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While I admit that I was tempted to jump on the price mistakes (which we all know are clearly mistakes) to try to get a 5504 for $125 with free activation I decided not to do it. First of all, activation is out of the retailers hands. If you call them to complain about their "included activation" claims there's really nothing they can do about it since they don't activate the units. The most they can do is give you your money back.

Secondly, with regards to the "no harm done in simply returning the unit if I don't get free activation" crowd, doesn't it indeed do harm to DNNA, the very company we want to succeed? If a unit is returned I don't believe that the retailer can simply package it back up and sell it as new. Don't they have to return it to DNNA, which will then have a glut of returned units due to the retailers inaccurate activation claims (which, arguably is DNNA's fault for switching back & forth with their activation policies)?
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I just bought one for pickup from CC.com...and printed out the page which states "Free ReplayTV service".

The is by far the best deal of the year!
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IF it's really the deal
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Folks are going nuts over on FatWallet. I don't have the heart (or the Nomex underwear) to burst their bubbles.
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Originally posted by tedler
I just bought one for pickup from CC.com...and printed out the page which states "Free ReplayTV service".

The is by far the best deal of the year!
Just remember that it's CC, not ReplayTV, who screwed up the item description, while it's ReplayTV, not CC, who actually provides the service. I doubt that having a printout is going to 1) get CC to give you a check for $299 to pay for the service; 2) get DNNA to give you free service out of the kindness of their hearts :)

Odds are very high that you're just wasting two round-trip drives to CC.
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