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Does anyone have updates on any new HD channels coming down the pipe for Comcast? I'm getting pretty tired of the current selection.
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Originally posted by EchoOfGecko
Does anyone have updates on any new HD channels coming down the pipe for Comcast? I'm getting pretty tired of the current selection.

I haven't heard of any plans. The big hole is "Discover HD". As I mentioned before, Comcast is currently focused on using the extra bandwidth to deploy "On Demand" and local phone service vs HD since they make more $$$ this way.
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I downgraded my Comcast service to the limited basic (only $1.95/mo since I retained their internet service and get the $10 discount). They said I could keep my HD box for $5 more/mo., but I don't need it because I have VOOM. But it does appear you can get HD box with limited basic.

Walter: Have you received the software upgrade from VOOM? I'm still waiting for it. I'm also still getting low sig. quality (in 20's) despite getting a larger dish. Another installer is coming next week to see what they can do. Of course, the signal problem got worse after I dropped Comcast. Now I'm not so sure even VOOM will work long-term.
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I just heard (from another thread) that to get the firmware upgrade you have to reset the box and leave it standby (as oppose to ON). Download may take anywhere from 30 min to 3 hrs. I'll try it tonight.

Some of the improvements people are reporting are:

"Changing channels now takes only 1-2 secs"
"Program Planner now works"
"Less-frequent lockups"
"Improved signal strength" (I'm skeptical about this one)
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I also did the same as you (keep Comcast basic + Internet). My VOOM signal is typically in the 40's and I get approx. one lockup every 2 days (no bad). Why are you getting weaker VOOM signal after dropping Comcast?
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Walter, my signal Q has nothing to do with Comcast. Just my typical bad luck that it was in the 30's for several days so I was encoraged to call Comcast and cancel the HD cable (kept on as back up). Now that it is gone, the weather or something has changed and my signal routinely drops out (SQ below 20) and I'm wondering if I made the right decision. In any event, they should be able to fix my Voom someday I hope. It would be great if the firmware upgrade included improved signal strength. I'll see tonight.
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Walter, another question.... How are you integrating both the cable signal and the Voom signal into a single display? Do you have a switch? I was unable to get the Voom box to take the local feed from the cable (via the OTA input) and display anything.
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Originally posted by vince2
Walter, another question.... How are you integrating both the cable signal and the Voom signal into a single display? Do you have a switch? I was unable to get the Voom box to take the local feed from the cable (via the OTA input) and display anything.

I'm using the built-in turner/antenna input of my Panny display for Comcast. Voom box goes through a separate DVI input.
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I got the VOOM software update yesterday. As promissed channel switching is a lot faster, program planner works, etc. It looks like they now have a new signal quality scale. Mine is now reading between 91 to 95.
Vince: have you had the update yet?
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Yes, I got the new software yesterday, but had severe rain fade and couldn't get a signal. I bought a sat. signal meter and moved the dish around this morning but still nothing good. An installer is coming tomorrow. Unfortunately, Steve is on vacation. I think there is a tree off in the distance that is giving me trouble. Unfortunately, it is not on my property. Maybe those Comcast commercials about sattelite have some truth? LOL.
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Vince: The "tree" theory seems possible. Now in my case the weather change these days doesn't seem to have affected my reception. In fact it seems a little better now. I hope yours get resolved tomorrow.
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Well, the installer never showed up but I fixed my problem anyways. It seems I had a myopic dish, where the signal was being focused about 2" past where the LNB was mounted. I fashioned a wooden extension to temporarily mount the LNB in the correct position and now I get a decent signal (SQ=85) without any pixellation or droupouts. I have another appointment with the installer next Saturday to find a more permanent solution, but for now at least I can sit back and enjoy Voom.
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Vince I'm glad to hear that you found a solution. Maybe you should wait until Steve comes back from vacation to work out a permanent setup (and avoid other irresponsable installers).
I don't know if you're aware but VOOM has acknowledge a couple of problems with the new software and is working on the next fix. I've seen the "DVI dropouts" and the lockups after pressing "Info".
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That's great! Looks like they are keping on top of problems. I have not had too many problems maybe because I use component outputs not DVI. I love the new channel switch speeds that came with the last upgrade.
I always disliked how slow Comcast was at handling software upgrades. My old 5100 box froze up about as much as my Voom box. I think it comes down to how closely the tech guys are working with Motorola.
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Any news on Comcast adding Koin or any other Hd channels. Also does anyone know if there are plans for comcast to make available a PVR box that would record HD material
Thanks in advance
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Hey my comcast digital service just went down 4/5 @ 10:30pm...anyone else in the same boat?

All I see is the menu bar on the bottom (which won't go away) and a black screen...no current program info either...though it does show the correct time
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Mine went out for a few minutes on Sunday durring the Sopranos , but nothing yesterday.

I also sent an angry-gram to Comcast yesterday about their lack of HD programing, but I just got a canned response of "We currently have no schedule for the addition of HD programing".
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If you want more HD programming consider VOOM. I was a Comcast customer and got tired not only of the lack of HD programing but also about the poor PQ - a lot of noise on analog channels and pixeletion on digital channels. The change for me has been like from hell to heaven.
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I would LOVE to go Voom, but unfortunately (well, fortunately really) my house backs right up to about 5 acres of densely packed 100' douglas firs to the south, so satellite will never be a possibility.

But Voom will be first on my list if I end up moving.
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EOG: Actually Voom satellite is more to the East.
Michael: There was an article on CBS Marketwatch where an analyst who follows Comcast said they are rapidly expanding their HD offerings, at least in the East Coast markets-- "Philadelphia-based cable giant Comcast (CMCSA: news, chart, profile), which a few months ago announced plans to try to acquire Walt Disney (DIS: news, chart, profile) in a hostile initiative, continues to expand its operation.As Merrill Lynch analyst Jessica Reif Cohen pointed out in an investment report on Monday, Comcast plans a "major expansion" in its New England hub in digital television products. It's taking video-on-demand content from 1,500 hours to 20,000 hours and increasing high definition TV channels from 12 to 27."
27 HD channels would sure be nice!
Walter: Can you believe Adams stood me up again on Sat? I went nuts and complained to Voom corporate who got me a different installer and took things up with Installs Inc. They also gave me 1 month free. They are going to replace my antenna, and even test a 30"-er for me. Since I did the DIY repair, I've had no problems at all. Great picture, few freeze-ups. I also signed up for Playboy-HD, which is why I haven't been posting much here lately ;-)
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For some reason Comcast always starts all the good things (such as firmware upgrades, added programming etc.) in the east coast leaving the west for the end.

Vince: Adams did again - unbeleivable. I'm glad you scalated the issue to VOOM management and got compensated - way to go!!! By the way, I've seen a couple of other posts in the Yahoo group of people complaining about Adams here in Oregon.
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Vince, thanks for the info. I guess here on the left coast, we have to live with the trickle down theory
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Walter, I finally got the permanent Voom dish replaced today and everything is running fine. The new installer was out of Direct Broadcast Satellite on NE 122nd, a really professional outfit. He found that Steve had previously just bolted the larger dish onto the arm of the smaller antenna resulting in an improper dish-to-LNB distance (as I suspected). I told the Installs Inc rep. to use Direct Broadcast for all their future installations in this area to save others from the frustration. Now I'm happy. The new installer had some high tech equipment with him and also determined that I am, in fact, too close to the towers to get locals OTA (they go right over my head). So it looks like Comcast limited basic will stay.
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Vince glad to hear the happy ending of your problems!!! Whatt signal strength are you getting now? Mine has been consistently 90-94 and the box has been very stable since the 5.68 upgrade.

By the way I started this other thread on SatGuys to discuss installation issues, OTA reception in our area. It would be good if you could post your installation story if/when you have a chance so that other people in our area know what installers to ask for, etc.
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Thanks Walter, I posted my reply over there.

Back to Comcast, I wish there was a way to feed the cable into the VOOM BOX for locals. Why does the box distinguish between OTA and cable signals? Is it the resistance? Surely someone here can help this Noob.
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Vince, the issue is that Comcast cable signal is analog while your VOOM OTA is digital. Your VOOM box can only handle digital.
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Portland Comcast HD new channel, anyone have any info?

Channel 700 now appears in my list but I can't view it. CHDTV I think?

It looks like a Comcast HD Demo channel.
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I saw that too, but i'm also blocked from seeing it.
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Hey guys,

If your new HD channel turns out to be something other than a local channel, be sure and post it here when you find out what it is:


Do you already have Cinemax and Starz in your lineup (what is the Comcast HD lineup up there anyway)?
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The box won't be widely available until the end of the year, but the news that Comcast is preparing to offer a state-of-the-art entertainment system through a set-top box should grab the attention of satellite TV providers DirecTV and Dish Network, as well as San Jose's TiVo.

Comcast is expected to announce today that it will test the Moxi Media Center, offering TV viewers enough features to make DirecTV's TiVo box and Dish Network's own DVR look primitive.

The box itself doesn't look much different from cable boxes in use now. But it's what's crammed inside that matters: a TiVo-like digital video recorder that stores programming on a hard drive instead of tape, a dual tuner that allows users to watch one program while recording another and networking capabilities that will bring digital photos, music and video clips from the home computer to the TV screen.

The media center includes a new user interface that puts all programming -- video-on-demand movies, pay-per-view events and recorded programs -- on one on-screen list, doing away with the grid-like programming guide that's awkward to navigate.

Some models will come programmed to display shows that are broadcast in high definition. And future boxes could have built-in DVD players, as well.

"This puts it all in one box," Digeo Chief Executive Jim Billmaier said.

Full article here: http://www.siliconvalley.com/mld/sil...ey/8521855.htm
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