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Originally posted by SonomaSearcher
Hey guys,

If your new HD channel turns out to be something other than a local channel, be sure and post it here when you find out what it is:


Do you already have Cinemax and Starz in your lineup (what is the Comcast HD lineup up there anyway)?

We currently have;

700 - Comcast HD (TV Guide lists it as FSNHD)
703 - KWBPHD (local WB affiliate)
704 - KATUHD (local ABC affiliate)
708 - KGWHD (local NBC affiliate)
710 - KOPB (local PBS affiliate)
734 - STZHD (Starz)
735 - ESPN HD
751 - HBOHDw (HBO West)
761 - MAXHDe (Cinemax East)
776 - SHOHDw (Showtime West)
788 - INHD
789 - INHD2
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So 700 looks like it will be a special events type channel for you, where for example you will see Fox Sports Net HD games.

Do you get Mariners home games* on your FSN standard definition network? If so, that's what you'll probably see show up on channel 700 until the fall when NBA (Blazers) and NHL starts up again.

*There is a schedule of Mariners FSN HD games in the Seattle thread for you to check out.

EDIT: Also found this-- http://story.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=228&p=2&c=252959
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I currently have Comcast HD. In my previous married life before the divorce, I had DTV an OTA HD in the old house
I hope Comcast understands that if they Don't have local CBS and Fox available by next football season they are going to be history in this household.
I can survive without season pass, but not having the locally broadcast games available in HD is a deal killer
I do understand that not all local games will be the featured HD game.
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I am surprised that Comcast does not have your local Fox station's digital signal yet, because it is owned by Meredith (I believe) which has deals with Comcast for its digital signals in other markets.

Does it (KPTV?) pass through Fox Widescreen and 5.1 for those shows/events offered by Fox Network? Regardless, once it passes through Fox 720p HD, I would be very surprised if Comcast did not carry it, based on the agreements in other markets.

Your CBS is another matter, since it is owned by Emmis. Emmis has a very hard time getting along with cable companies. I don't think it has a deal with any major cable company anywhere for carriage of any of its stations' digital/HD signals.
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The only reason given so far for them not adding channels that they have contracts with in other markets is that they say the don't have sufficient bandwidth. But they had enough bandwidth to double broadband internet speeds recently, so I take that claim with a grain of salt.
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Originally posted by EchoOfGecko
But they had enough bandwidth to double broadband internet speeds recently, so I take that claim with a grain of salt.

That bandwidth was already reserved for cable internet and even in use by those who paid extra for the faster internet speeds (Comcast Pro).
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Sonomasearcher, thanks for the reply.
Yes Fox, Kptv does pass on the national widescreen Fox digital signal on I believe 30.1
I have heard the plan is for them to be up and running with their HD equipment when Fox goes HD in the fall
I realize that our local Comcast Cable is dependent on coming to an agreement with the local affiliates national ownership in terms of aquiring the Digital rights. I also have heard that Emmis is pushing a cockamammy plan to tie up local digital signals in a pay per view tier.
Having said that, I am still "selfish" in my desire to have what I consider the important HD stations available to me. It is not petulance on my part, but rather a recognition of what they must have to keep me from churning to DTV.
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What do I need for Install?

I have been a long time DishNet customer and I am having Comcast HD installed Sunday. Since I have comcast broadband it will only be about $7 more a month for basic + HD. So most of my TV viewing will be via Dish PVR and special events/HD will be from comcast.

According to the support person we talked to when we signed up they said the HD cable box that is installed does not come with an optical cable and although the box has a DVI output connection it does not currently support DVI. Which contradicts recent posts on this forum. The installer will however connect the box up using monster cables.

My question is, do I allow the cable guy to install it the way he wants, then go buy another optical cable and a DVI cable and hook it up correctly after the firmware update is done? Or should I buy the stuff in advance and have the installer do it that way to start?

Also, any advice on what cable to get, I would rather not spend $99 on a cable.
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I'd say let the installer install it his way. Ask him for the other cables you want - I think I got an optical cable from the guy who installed mine. Then worry about hooking up another way after everything is working properly.
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Rumor has it that Discovery HD is on its way.

Confirmation anyone?
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Anyone have any new info on adding Koin or KPDX to the HD lineup. With Fox going HD in Sept and football starting then as well, this is a deal breaker for me. If KPDX and KOIN aren't available by then in HD, it is goodbye Comcast.
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From what I have read it appears FOX plans to give us HDTV this Fall on Comcast BUT the owner(s) at our local K0IN are apparently really GREEDY because the FCC mandates that for what Cable pays them for Analog signals they are to provide Digital (hdtv) signals, if they have them, for N0 additional charge. K0IN will not comply with that ruling and are trying to make Comcast pay a 'premium' for their hdtv signals. What a bunch of CRAP eh?

I just wrote K0IN to let them know that I and others refuse to watch their programming until they comply with the FCC rules and allow Comcast to broadcast hdtv from CBS. PLEASE do the same.

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Discovery HD on or before the end of the month! That will be NICE.
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I have called and e-mailed KOIN. Somehow I think it probably doeesn't get to the higher ups at Emmis, but it is worth the try
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It does alright - I was surprised too - today I received a good response from a "higher up" at K0IN about this issue and after hearing their side, and others speak to the problem - I have now e-mailed Comcast and asked them to : Please work this out w/o charging us more for it.

More to this than meets the eye - like most things - at least we let them know - we WANT OUR HDTV!


Thank you for writing with your inquiry about KOIN TV's digital signal.

I want you to know that we too are excited about digital broadcasting and the many advantages and choices it offers, including HD. The station has invested more than $3,000,000 to build a state of the art, full power digital facility. We made this commitment while some other broadcasters chose to meet the Federal Communication Commission's minimum standards in complying with digital build out.

There are several ways for consumers to receive this digital signal. One is the alternative that a cable company might offer, and Comcast is intent upon using this to create a new business for itself. Comcast wants KOIN to give them our digital signal so they can turn around and charge subscribers for access to the HD product. What we're asking Comcast for is to share in the economic benefit of our investment. Comcast routinely pays cash to other program providers; CNN, ESPN, Fox News Channel, A&E, etc. on a per subscriber basis. We are not trying to change the business model; rather we want to participate in the current model.

I hope this information, while not eliminating your frustration, helps you better understand the situation. The real issue is one of fundamental fairness.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.


David B. Lippoff

KOIN TV Vice President & General Manager
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If you search the forums here on Emmis or KOIN, or search the forums devoted to DirecTV, you will find that there has been much foot-dragging on providing access to KOIN/CBS programming to satellite and cable viewers.

I won't go over the old arguments in detail, but it does boil down to fees paid to the station.

KOIN has the exclusive right to CBS programming in the Portland market.

It would seem that KOIN and Emmis would want as many viewers as possible watching programs provided by the station. Not having the station available as viewers wish means that these same viewers either go to the expense of getting the program over-the-air (not always possible) or forgoing the programming altogether.

After several years of delay, Emmis/KOIN finally granted access to programming on DirecTV; though the digital link was in place for some time, subscriber acces did not come until federal legislation made it mandatory, and it was made available on the day the law was enforceable.

Today, there is no legal requirement for KOIN/Emmis to provide Digital or HD programming to Comcast. While Comcast does have access to the Standard Def analog VHF signal, it does not have the right to carry any of the digital broadcasts.

Emmis is behind the effort that may provide an alternative delivery method of premium programming using over-the-air digital broadcasts.

This new method would be a competitor to cable and satellite services.

The Emmis plan is to cooperate with other digital broadcasters within a market, and use the digital channels to provide paid content - i.e. premium channels, movies, other programming.

Similar service is running today in the Salt Lake City market.

So...what it looks like is a revenue model that permits Emmis/KOIN to recoup their investiment in providing digital broadcast capability to the local market. While CBS-HD will remain free OTA, there will be business incentive to minimize the bandwidth for CBS HD, while using the remaining bandwidth for other premium services, that may provide a reliable revenue stream

None of this is set in concrete, but is surely affecting the negotiations for carrying KOIN content on Comcast HD.

So...perhaps someday this will work out for the benefit of viewers. In the meantime, Comcast subscribers simply won't be watching CBS/KOIN-HD programming unless they make a separate investment for OTA equipment as well.

There is some merit to what Emmis is trying to do, but in the meantime, they are not getting the viewers they could be.

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Comcast's Reply to what K0IN just said:

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting Comcast Cable.

I do apologize but i do not know where KOIN is getting this information,
they charge us to carry their signal digital or otherwise. We do not
charge our customers for the HD programming. We charge 5.00 per month
for the equipment, just like with digital. How can we charge our
customers for something that they are already getting, meaning that all
local channels are included in a basic lineup in which you already pay
for, it would not make sence for us to charge you again. If we were
going to charge you for the programming it would be for then 5.00 per
month just like the digital equipment.

Thank you for choosing Comcast.

Comcast Customer Care Specialist
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Also, you don't even have to pay the $5 per month if you have your own QAM 256 tuner. Comcast does not encrypt (scramble) local HD channels, which would include KOIN HD if Emmis were to consent to Comcast's retransmission.
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One beef I have with KOIN that they do not broadcast true HD. They down res the bit stream to 12MegBit Sec to fit in the other sub-channels. On programs such as CSI this leads to a noticeable loss of broadcast.

This ties in to the above where they it looks like they want to use the bandwidth for other services besides HD long term. I was going to switch from Dish to Comcast hoping to get the full res feed but it look like I may not get that.

What is the point of HD if the greed of the locals prevents it from being broadcast?
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Say what you wish about KOIN but I have to give Lee Wood credit for taking down their SD sub-channels during critical HD events from CBS, like the Super Bowl and Masters and weekly PGA golf. Some of the best HD I have seen OTA was delivered by KOIN-DT, IMHO, by them dedicating maximum bandwidth. They gotta get 5.1, though. :-/

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Originally posted by Stephen Sturges

What is the point of HD if the greed of the locals prevents it from being broadcast?

Perhaps GREED is too strong a word here.

The FCC mandate wants all stations to go digital eventually. HD is but one service the OTA stations can provide.

Right now, I would say all stations are in the red on equiping their broadcast facilities for HD, and it will be some time before there are huge numbers of viewers that advertisers care to target.

So for now, we are probably all thankful for the efforts to date, and definitely want more. But someone is going to have to pay for all these improvements.

Looks like Emmis has proposed one way to pay for the station upgrades if the idea works out. But the method is at odds with cable and satellite delivery.

It's not GREED; it's BUSINESS.

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Good News:

Comcast and Discovery HD Announcement.

I don't know when it'll come to Portland, but Seattle is expecting Discovery HD July 1st.
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Emmis/KOIN has their local staff pretty much thinking the same way as corporate.

Up until last week Lee Wood believed that all Comcast HD local stations were scrambled, therefore requiring a subscriber to pay an extra HD package fee.

Even though Comcast doesn't charge for the local Hd channels, their marketing doesn't say it and certainly suggests the HD package is what you need.

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I have several friends in other Comcast markets. They are recent converts to HD, and were pleasantly surprised to find that their new TVs with HD tuners are able to decode Comcast HD broadcasts using their evidently QAM compatible tuners.

These friends simply connected their new Sony TVs to their basic cable service, and were surprised to find that they could not only receive the network HD broadcasts of their local stations, but also some of the premium content as well; I don't know the technical reason on the premium channels, but they were pleasantly surprised.

These friends are in the South Bay area of CA.

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Those premium HD channels are obviously not encrypted (scrambled) yet in their area. Eventually, all the premium HD channels will be encrypted-- it is just a matter of time. But it's a nice bonus for your friends in the meantime.
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I can report today that the Fox Sports Net with the Mariners game was not scrambled and I received it on my 3410a with QAM tuner.

This was some of the absolute best(PQ-wise) HD I have ever seen.

It's really a shame baseball doesn't do it for me.

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The somewhat unreliable Titan TV shows channel 707 as D-HDTV, and the programs listed are from Discovery.

I've tried tuning to 707 (with the Comcast set top box) with no result.

Does anyone get any programming on 707?
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I'm sure this info is available in bits and pieces if I wade through all the previous pages, but can someone please post a list of what HD channels are currently available through Comcast? Locals, HD-package, and premium? If this info is available on their webpage, I can't find it.

I'm a DirectTV subscriber myself, but I have an aunt who just purchased an HD-capable set, and she's thinking of cable.

Also, what cable boxes are they supplying, and do they have active DVI outputs yet?
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Portland, Milwaukie, Salem, St. Helens, Vancouver, Tualatin Valley, McMinnville, Salem, Linn County, and associated service areas:
Display Channel Service More Information

703 KWBP/HD (WB) wb32tv.trb.com
704 KATU/HD (ABC) katu.com
708 KGW/HD kgw.com
710 KOPB/HD (PBS) opb.org
734*^ Starz!/HD starz.com
735* ESPN/HD espn.go.com/espnhd
751*^ HBO/HD hbo.com
761*^ Cinemax/HD cinemax.com
776*^ Showtime/HD showtimeonline.com
788* inHD inhd.com
789* inHD2 inhd.com

Discovery HD Theater - will also be added anytime now.

She will need their 6200 Receiver which handles HDTV and the DVI oUT is now activated. And their 6208 with HD for recording is also out in some areas and will be here soon also.

Good Luck Michael
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Thanks a lot Cyberized, just what I needed to know.
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