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Plasma/LCD Brand Index (FAQ - Link) Volunteers needed to maintain links  

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Welcome to the AVS Plasma/LCD Forum’s (Manufacturer’s) Brand Index

Click on the Brand name to take you their AVS Plasma/LCD Forum home page
Click on Model Summary for a listing of some key specs for their models
Click on (website) to take you to the brand’s corporate website
If two website hyperlinks are shown; (Pweb) is for their Plasma web page and, (Lweb) is for their LCD web page
Click on the User ID of the Brand Information Coordinator to PM your comments
Volunteers are welcome - just check out Panasonic Model Summary
to see what a little attention can mean to finding and accessing information about a brand

Click here for a JuiceRocket thread consolidating brand comparisons plus other things

Akai (Model Summary) (Website)

Akira (Model Summary) (Website)

Audiovox (Model Summary) (Website)

Bang Olufsen (Model Summary) (Website)

BenQ (Model Summary) (Pweb) (Lweb)

Cornea (Model Summary (Website)

Daewoo (Model Summary (Website)

Dell (Model Summary) (Website)

Dream Vision (Model Summary) (Website)

DWIN (Model Summary) (Website)

Elite Video (Model Summary) (Website)

Epoq (Model Summary) (Pweb) (Lweb)

Faroudja (Model Summary) (Website)

Fujitsu (Model Summary) (Website)

Gateway (Model Summary) (Pweb) (Lweb) Maceo

Hitachi (Model Summary) (Website)

JVC (Model Summary) (Website)

LG (Model Summary) (Pweb) (Lweb) robert123

Loewe (Model Summary) (Website)

Luce (S-Squared Tech.) (Model Summary) (Website)

Marantz (Model Summary) (Website)

Mitsubishi (Model Summary) (Website)

Nakamichi (Model Summary) (Website)

Optoma (Model Summary) (Website)

NEC (Model Summary) (Website1) or (Website2) or (Website3)

Panasonic (Model Summary) (Consumer Web) (Commercial Web)

Philips (Model Summary) (Website)

Pioneer (Model Summary) (Consumer/Elite website) (Industrial Web)

Planar (Model Summary) (Pweb) (Lweb)

Polaroid (Model Summary) (Website)

Princeton Graphics (Model Summary) (Website)

RCA (Model Summary) (Website)

Runco (Model Summary) (Website)

Sampo (Model Summary) (Website)

Samsung (Model Summary) (Lweb) (Pweb)

Sanyo (Model Summary) (Website)

Sharp (Model Summary) (Lwebs) (Pweb)

Sony (Model Summary) (Lweb) (Pweb)

Toshiba (Model Summary) (Website)

Totevision (Model Summary) (Website)

Viewsonic (Model Summary) (Pweb)(Lweb)

VInc. (Model Summary) (website)

Westinghouse (Model Summary) (website)

Zenith (Model Summary) (Pweb)(Lweb) robert123

Some other pertinent AVS forum threads

Newbies here's the best place to start
Plasma/LCD Buyers Guide
LCD/Plasma Comparison
Plasma/LCD Market Share Tables (early draft)

We have also identified the following brands, but either have not found many models for sale or a reasonable corporate site, or just not had the time to set up the page, thus they are not activated at this time.

AU Optronics
Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO)
Electrograph (more of a distributor)
Fortec (Note site req. IE)
HD Vision
Helios (S-Squared Tech.)
Moxell (Motorola)
Pixa Inc.
Studio Experience

Tatung p46actp
Vizio P4
Gateway 46"
BenQ pdp46w1
Monovision pwv46mcb1
CTX CPM46wv1
Studio Experience 46"
Lyns 4610
Vidikron VP46
Nation Wide Electronics VA46PDP
Arcadia 4.6
Philips BDS4611
Maxx 4600T
Viewmaster PD46SL
Albatron USA PWV46MCS

Note to others: The development of topical pages has been taken over by Glauco BruZZi. To experience the development framework of this project, one should visit the Panasonic Home Page (by clicking on the Panasonic brand name above). You will find several topics he has under test. It is the only brand currently where this development is taking shape. You might ask why Panasonic is getting special treatment, and the response would be – it is the only brand that has an AVS member willing to volunteer to support their brand. If only we had some volunteers, it would be so much easier to find information on brands and models, as placeholders for quick access to this information would be available.
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made temporary sticky

semigolfer- what an impressive job

Thank you!:)
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Volunteers needed

we will be calling for volunteers to take on the various links listed above and maintain them: semigolfer did a lot of work setting them up but needs help

please post here if you can help and list what links you want

Thank you!
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I got a fabulous Christmas present today - no not a plasmaTV - even better - the first person to step forward as a Brand Information Coordinator.

The Panasonic Brand is now in the capable hands of Glauco BruZZi.

How does the process work. Mark Rubin identifies and approves candidates. They are put in touch with me, and generally provide me with an email address (although this probably can be done AVS's private message service).

All my work has been done off-line. I email the volunteer 2 (sometimes three) (.doc) files, containing all the brand information collected to-date. They assume ownership and repost the information under their name (so they can edit it in the future).

They inform me that they have reposted, or better yet, the URL's that get created, and I link these pages to the brand index. They then have the keys to the car. Process will probably take you 10 minutes - all the pages are preformatted - it's simply copy/paste.

Considering I set up the framework and data for all 33 brands in about 50 hours (although I have to admit here, that I built this off the previous work of others at the forum, which I copied with permission, - it really helped the process), I have a pretty good handle of how much effort it takes to do this. The key pages are the Home Page and the Model Summary (ask yourself how often does a manufacturer introduce new models that you would have to keep track of - did I hear you answer once a year). Maintainence of a brand I still contend should take about 2 hours per week per brand. One hour reading (which many of you do already) recent posts and then linking to them if they relate to your brand, and one hour hunting through previous posts or the internet for items pertinent to your brand. Larger brands may take slightly more, because of the topic pages, but these BIC's should seek out sub coordinators for the topic pages.

Now being a brand coordinator does have some responsibilities, and you should know this up front - here is a draft copy of what we feel these responsibilities are:

Brand Information Coordinator Responsibilities

1) Maintain the Brand Home Page
-Be aware of how to edit this (your) page's posting, and visit the page at least once a week and read any comments to it. Take action as necessary to the comments posted.

2) Coordinate page layout (not information editing) changes with us, so that there is consistency across the brands
- It is expected, that a brand task force (including the forums moderators, editors, and forum experts) will be chosen to set some minimum requirements as to what is on your home page
- It is also expected that some flexibility will be given, to the Brand Information Coordinator to have an area maybe titled “Coordinator Specials†where you might want to experiment with information particular to your brand (i.e input cards, or external tuners)
- Check your private messages, to see if change recommendations have issued, such as new topics, or page re-organization ideas
- Once a month communicate with us to let us know your problems, and new ideas or suggestions that have occurred during the month
- It’s important that you do not change your page’s identifying thread numbers, or start a new home page or model summary thread without informing us, because - for this to work - your page(s) should link back to the Manufacturer’s Index (which I currently have edit control), as well as to the Plasma/LCD FAQ page (which Deeann edits)

3) Maintain the Brand Model Page
- Seek verification of all information posted
- Correct information when it’s proven wrong
- Try to fill in the missing field data
- Manage the anticipated model section
- Share resources if you find information that would be valuable to other brand managers

4) Maintain other topic pages as they are introduced
- Scour the Plasma/LCD posting board for relevant topics that can be associated to your brand and then link to them. Scouring need only be done once – thereafter you only need to review recent posting (i.e. since such and such date, or any posting since my last visit.
- Decide where a link should be set: under the brand page, the model page, or under specific detail about the model, or possibly all three
- Suggest additional topics that may be of interest across all brands
- Share resources that you find with other brand coordinators

5) Look for additional volunteers to help the process
- It’s fine if you delegate responsibility to others for these other topics especially if you have a large brand (see 4) – above)
- If you coordinate with others let me or Deann know who this person is should something should happen to you - she will know who to contact (see 2) above)

6)Shared Hints for Faster Development
- Read and understand the section on how to search and experiment with some advanced search techniques (AND, OR, NOT)
- Read and understand the vB code section that can be found at:
- Ask other brand coordinators if you need help with something
(If this experiment works and we recruit some volunteers, I will circulate through private messages who the brand coordinators are.)
- Consider developing your posted pages off-line – it’s much faster
- Consider using a word processor for development of your pages
- Consider developing in landscape layout (page turned sideways) to get slightly wider pages
- Consider using an equally spaced font (each character has the same width) in your word processor such as Courier – this will let you create postings that look more like tables (along with the use of the code command when posting (see vB code)
- Consider storing your master copy of your pages on your own computer. The edit function of your posts will change your post to what you desire, but I found if you edit a second time, it will pull up your original post, and you will have to make changes for all prior edits. This was mostly evident in the post testing area, and I’m not sure if this is true elsewhere in the forum. But why risk it – save your master pages on your hard drive.
- VERY IMPORTANT if you’ve taken the suggestion to develop off-line, when you copy/paste your work into the message posting area – it’s kind of important to uncheck the Option box regarding automatically parsing URL tags on any http: addresses (this option is pre-checked whenever you create a new post). I’ve run into many problems with this option double-inserting these tags. As you build your page off-line you should be inserting these URL codes yourself to give you better control on how your page looks. The good news is, if this happens to you, that you will have your master pages on your own computer, so just recopy/repaste.
- Be aware that although you can edit your posting at any time, there is a five minutes deadline on editing the subject title - choose carefully.
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a warm Welcome and Thanks to Robert123 who has adopted the LG and Zenith brands

more volunteers are needed- would appreciate the help- and semigolfer has made it easy: please PM me or post here if you want to adopt a link

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The LG link is for there Global site. The Global site has products not listed that are for sale here in the US.

They also have a USA site and that link is

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The LG and Zenith model specifications are up. I just added some preliminary info for LG including a 55" LCD and integrated digital tuner (including CableCard) plasmas.

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Here's my list of LCD Monitor-TV Brands & Official Links ;):

LCD Monitor-TV Brands & Official Links

Acer LCD Monitors http://www.acer.com/APP/AKC/INTERNET...2?OpenDocument
ADI LCD Displays http://www.adiusa.com/lcd/productlcd.html
AG Neovo LCD Displays http://www.neovo-usa.com/products/products.htm
Akai LCD Displays http://www.akaiusa.com/products/monitor.htm
Akira large LCD TVs, Special Monitors http://www.akiradisplay.com/comm.htm
AOC LCD Monitors http://www.nam.aocmonitor.com/aoc/monitors.html
Apple LCD Displays (requires Apple OS) http://www.apple.com/displays/acd23/
Audiovox LCD TV Monitors http://www.akiradisplay.com/comm.htm
Bang & Olufsen LCD TVs http://www.bang-olufsen.com/sw172.asp
Batesias LCD monitors & HDTVs http://www.batesias.com/products.html
Belinea LCD Monitors http://www.belinea.com/include/zeige...monitorclass=4
BenQ LCD monitors http://www.benq.com/display/lcd_index.html
BenQ LCD monitors – new 2004 releases http://www.benq.com/news/20040108-displays.html
CMO LCD Monitors http://www.cmo.com.tw/english/product.jsp
Cornea Systems Inc. LCD Monitors (official site) http://www.corneasystems.com/
Cornea Systems Inc. LCD Monitors (Amazon.com) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/se...796767-6372049
CTX LCD Monitors http://www.ctxintl.com/products/product_lcd.htm
Daewoo LCD Monitors (shopping site) http://www.lcdmonitoroutlet.com/LCD_Daewoo_Monitors.htm
Daewoo LCD TVs http://www.daenacorp.com/products/tv_lcd.htm
Dell LCD Monitors http://www1.us.dell.com/content/topi...934&l=en&s=fed
Dell LCD Monitors (accessories, deals) http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/s...3_snp_primary4
Eizo LCD Monitors http://www.eizo.com/products/lcd/index.asp
Electrograph LCD Monitors (distributor) http://www.electrograph.com/category...LCD%20Monitors
Envision Ultra-thin LCD http://www.envisionmonitor.com/default.asp
Formac Gallery LCD Displays http://www.formac.com/p_bin/?cid=sol...4157144dbe4668
Fortec Communications Inc. - LCD TV (shopping site) http://www.sadoun.us/Sat/Products/Fo.../FLCD-20NA.htm
Fujitsu-Siemens LCD Monitors http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com/rl/pe...1_premium.html
Gateway LCD TVs http://www.gateway.com/home/ce/tv_lcd.shtml
Hansol LCD Monitors http://www.hansol-us.com/products/products.html
Helios (SST) LCD TVs (shopping) http://store.audio-discounters.com/t...elios-lcd.html
Hercules LCD Monitors http://us.hercules.com/products/index.php3?t=21
Hitachi LCD Monitors http://compare.monitorsdirect.com/hi...ts.jsp?cat=lcd
IBM Flat Panel Monitors http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/accessories...allmodels.html
Iiyama LCD Monitors http://www.iiyama.com/default.asp
JVC LCD TVs http://www.jvc.com/product.jsp?productId=PRD4208300
LG LCD Monitors http://us.lge.com/products/models/monitors_index.html
Luce (SST) LCD TVs http://www.lucetv.com/
Marantz LCD Monitor-TV (shopping) http://www.djmart.com/malclcdmowib.html
Mitsubishi LCD Flat Panel Displays http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/
MoniVision LCD TVs http://www.monivision.com/Products.htm
Moxell (Motorola) LCD Monitors & TVs http://www.moxell.com/en/products.aspx
Nakamichi LCD TV http://www.nakusa.com/master/homevideo.htm
NEC/Mitsubishi LCD Desktop Displays http://www.nec-mitsubishi.com/coreme...k__en,type=LCD
Norcent Tecnology Inc. LCD TVs http://www.norcent.net/norcent/produ...asma-lcdtv.htm
Panasonic LCD Monitors http://www.panasonic.com/medical_ind...tors/index.asp
Panasonic LCD TVs http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp...tGroupId=11067
Philips LCD PC Monitors http://www.consumer.philips.com/glob...PC_MONITORS_CA
Planar LCD Monitors http://www.planar.com/products/flatp...l_desktop.html
Polaroid LCD TVs http://www.polaroidelectronics.com/p...ding/tvLCD.asp
Prestigio LCD Monitors & TVs http://www.prestigio.biz/products/monitors/P190
Princeton Graphics LCD Displays http://www.prgr.com/products_main.htm
Real Digital LCD TV (shopping) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...267016-9510240
RCA LCD Monitor-TVs http://www.rca.com/product/viewmodel...00301,00.html?
Sampo LCD Displays http://www.sampoamericas.com/001/productitem.php?id=33
Samsung LCD monitors http://www.samsung.com/Products/Monitor/index.htm
Samsung LCD TVs http://www.samsung.com/Products/TV/F...VLCD/index.htm
Sanyo LCD Monitors (may be discontinued) http://www.sanyo.com/home.cfm
Sceptre LCD sizes http://www.sceptre.com/
SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) Displays overview http://www.sgi.com/peripherals/displays/
SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) Legacy LCD Displays http://www.sgi.com/products/legacy/displays.html
Sharp Aquos LCDs http://www.sharpusa.com/products/AQUOS/0,2338,,00.html
Sony Flat Panel LCDs http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTE...anelLCDs_20%22
StudioExperience LCD TV http://www.studioexperience.com/press.asp
Tatung LCD TVs http://monitor.tatung.com.tw/products/LCDTV.htm
Toshiba LCD Monitors (shop Toshiba site) http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/t...&plin=Monitors
Toshiba LCD Televisions http://www.tacp.toshiba.com/televisions/flatpanel.asp
ViewSonic LCD monitors http://www.viewsonic.com/products/lcd_vx800.htm
V Inc. LCD TVs http://www.vinc.com/product.asp?id=43&PID=23
Westinghouse LCD TVs http://www.westinghousedigital.com/products/
Zenith LCD monitors http://www.zenith.com/index.asp?url=...asp%3Fcat%3D11

I'm mostly in the HTPC Forum here @ AVS, and the LCD's seem to be really coming along (in size and lower prices)!

What I've done to list specs is make a HTML table and/or spreadsheet (using OpenOffice & Excel) with a Legend representing colums - e.g. in my Headphones models specifications and prices over $90 (web page). That way one can easily compare "critical" specs like screen size, resolution, price, best street price, etc. etc. etc... ;)
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Great work!
BTW, that Headphone comp spreadsheet is fantastic!
Do you have it "stickyed" at Head Fi? (it oughtta be)

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Thanks for the great compliment Randu! :D A lot of members @ the Head Fi forum suggested the same thing when I started a thread there... So instead of making the thread a sticky (had listed headphones and a few specs... right in the thread), I made the Headphones spreadsheet & put it up as a web page & link... IMO it was much more versatile.

At least some sort of "stickyed hyperlink" would be nice, especially for the members. ;)
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Thanks for the excellent job: much appreciated

we may move or link your list as we rearrange the FAQ: we will establish a link in the FAQ so it can always be located
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Mark (markrubin) - no problem, & thanks for the compliment! ;)
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Sorry for being a newbie, but I just wanted to add another manufacturer to your list:

Fortec (www . fortec . ca)

I just bought their 20.1" LCD TV, and I'm loving it so far. Great bank for the buck. Thanks!
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GMGQ, all I could find is this (your link & some others are Japanese sites): Fortec Communications Inc. - LCD TV (shopping site) http://www.sadoun.us/Sat/Products/Fo.../FLCD-20NA.htm

I did a Google search on Fortec Communications Inc. & Fortec 20.1 LCD... Thanks for the mention though, I'll add it to my list above. :)
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Yet another 2 more added:

Real Digital LCD TV (shopping) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...267016-9510240

Tatung LCD TVs http://monitor.tatung.com.tw/products/LCDTV.htm

small bump... ;)
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I'm a newbie and was trying to compare shop for an LCD. Landed on your site and would like to thank all those responsible for their time and effort in making such a great site.

I stumbled across this brand in my research and didn't see it on your list. Thought I might mention it and ask if anyone had any experience with Batesia's.

w w w . b a t e s i a s . c o m
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Welcome to the Forum ld_in_sc! :) I added that in the list above. The site you mentioned does have a good selection. IMO, I try to look at LCD monitors & not LCD TVs (if I can). By monitors I mean a LCD with no speakers or included tuner etc., as I can add much better of those "separate" parts easily.

Once one gets past 22" size & 1280x720p or 768 resolution they get REAL expensive too. For the big sets (>30-40") I like the LCD DLPs (rear projection) like Samsung - they have native HDTV resolutions too.

The smaller ones can make great kitchen, bath, bedroom or small living room TVs though... ;)

PS - I think once you hit 5 posts, you can add in hyperlinks... :)
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this thread will be unstuck but will remain open: there are links to it in the FAQ and below in my signature area
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The LG models have been updated for the 2004 models.

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This morning I tried two of the model summary links - the Pioneer and Panasonic. Both have been moved off to the archive2 area. Looks like an update of the links may be in order . . .
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Yes- we are working on it- some of the links are proving hard to find!

Request everyone involved with the FAQ check/update the links

I had to get David Bott to help me here:


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Originally posted by fizbin
This morning I tried two of the model summary links - the Pioneer and Panasonic. Both have been moved off to the archive2 area. Looks like an update of the links may be in order . . .
Here's the new link for the Panasonic FAQ:


Or simply click on my signature (Already updated) :)
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Also updated my links in this thread for LCD Monitor-TV Brands & Official Links. I know I've added a few in the past few months.
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