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Pioneer DVR-57H VS Panny E80H ?  

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Ok take price out of the picture cause I can afford the DVR-57H which one of these is the best?

My factors by importance

Picture Quality of recorded material
Tivo like features
Editing what is recorded on harddrive
Bit rate options to fit whats recorded on HD to 1 DVD
Pro-scan of recorded or viewed DVD's

Heard a lot of good things about the Panny, seems to lack the tivo features I'd like, the pioneer's have gotten bashed for picture quality but not the Elite units which I can't find many people who actually own one.

Does this Pioneer have as good pic quality as the panny?
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I don't know about the Elite units, but a major drawback of the non-Elite Pioneers with TiVO is they lack the ability to edit ANY content recorded to the hard drive. If this is the case for the 57H, then I would recommend the E80 or the E100 (if you were willing to drop the big bucks on the Pioneer). The E100 adds 4X DVD-R lossless dubbing (including Playlists, which the E80 lacks), menu thumbnails, firewire input/device control, and a 120 GB HDD.

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I was just reading this morning about this unit. Excellent marks on the Tivi munus and functionality, but the dvd writer will only accept data from the tivo hard disk and there is NO editing capability. It makes very nice tivo dvd's with compatible and integrated tivi style menus on the dvd. Also an important point is the format of the recorded dvd cannot be added to from another dvd-w device. This is ONLY for dumping tiv recorded files from harddisk to the dvd-w. It is one of the nicest available now and works very nicely. I have looked at it several times.

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Is the E100 an american model? Did a search on google and it only brought up UK related info and prices.
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Yes it is a US model. Check out this link on pricegrabber for info and price comparisons (full model number=DMR-E100HS):


Lowest price is right around the $800 mark.
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