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Roanoke, VA / Bluefield, WV - HDTV

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Here we go, a new thread for Roanoke/Lynchburg!

First, a link to the old thread:

Now, the normal information about the local stations.

Roanoke stations:

07-1 CBS WDBJ-DT 1080i "WDBJ-7"
07-2 MY. WDBJ-DT 480i- "My 19"
.. 18 WDBJ-DT LIC 1988' 675.0 kW ND
.. 04 W04AG-D LIC 647.' 0.006 kW DA
.... (540) 344-7000

10-1 NBC WSLS-DT 1080i "WSLS 10"
10-2 WXC WSLS-DT 480i- "WSLS 10.2 Go"
10-3 ME- WSLS-DT 480i- "Me-TV Roanoke"
.. 30 WSLS-DT LIC 1942' 1000. kW DA
.... (540) 981-9110

13-1 ABC WSET-DT 720p- "ABC13"
13-2 RTV WSET-DT 480i- "RTV 13.2"

13-3 WXN WSET-DT 480iw
.. 13 WSET-DT LIC 2050' 28.70 kW ND Trouble with signal in the New River Valley.
.. 05 W05AA-D LIC 0.00' 0.300 kW DA Covers Roanoke and little else; impulse noise and e-skip.
.... (434) 528-1313

15-1 PBS WBRA-DT 1080i "Blue Ridge PBS"
15-2 PBS WBRA-DT 480i- "Blue Ridge PBS"
15-3 Wld WBRA-DT 480i- "Blue Ridge PBS World"
.. 03 WBRA-DT LIC 2015' 9.800 kW ND Impulse noise, e-skip, low bandwidth on HD.
.... (888) 332-7788

21-1 CW. WWCW-DT 1080i "CW5"
21-2 FOX WWCW-DT 480i- "Fox 21/27"
.. 20 WWCW-DT LIC 1641' 916.0 kW DA Trouble with signal in the New River Valley.
.... (540) 344-2127

24-1 REL WEFC-DT 480i-
.. 24 WEFC-DT LIC 1240' 63.00 kW DA Weak signal; no PSIP.


26-1 REL WEDD-LD 480i-

.. 26 WEDD-LD .CP 1920' 15.00 kW ND Weak signal; no PSIP.

27-1 FOX WFXR-DT 720p- "Fox 21/27"
27-2 CW. WFXR-DT 480i- "CW5"
.. 17 WFXR-DT LIC 1948' 695.0 kW DA

.. 17 WFXR-DT .CP 2012' 1000. kW DA
.... (540) 344-2127

38-1 Ion WPXR-DT 720p- "ION"
38-2 Qbo WPXR-DT 480i- "qubo"
38-3 Ion WPXR-DT 480i- "ION Life"

38-4 Inf WPXR-DT 480i- "Shop TV"
.. 36 WPXR-DT LIC 2043' 700.0 kW DA
.... (540) 857-0038

43-1 REL WTLU-CD 720p- "The Liberty Channel"
43-2 REL WTLU-CD 480i- "The Liberty Channel"
.. 43 WTLU-CA .CP 642.' 15.00 kW ND Coverage only in Lynchburg area.
.... (800) 332-1883

44-1 HSN W44CL-D 480i-
.. 44 W44CL-D LIC 922.' 15.00 kW DA Coverage only in Roanoke area.

44-1 IND WMDV-LD 480i- "Martinsville's Own"
44-2 IND WMDV-LD 480i- "Danville's Own"
44-3 CMV WMDV-LD 480i- "Route 44 Country"
44-4 REL WMDV-LD 480i-
.. 44 WMDV-LD LIC 488.' 15.00 kW DA Coverage only in Danville/Martinsville area.
.... (434) 791-3440


Bluefield stations:

06-1 NBC WVVA-DT 1080i "WVVA"
06-2 CW+ WVVA-DT 480i- "Two Virginias' CW"
.. 46 WVVA-DT LIC 1220' 1000. kW ND
.. 43 WVVA-DT .CP 896.' 15.00 kW DA
.... (304) 325-5487

09-1 PBS WSWP-DT 1080i "WV PBS"
09-2 Cre WSWP-DT 480i- "WV PBS.2"
.. 10 WSWP-DT LIC 1042' 24.00 kW DA
.... (304) 556-4900

40-1 REL WLFB-DT 480i- "LFTV"
.. 40 WLFB-DT LIC 1282' 1000. kW DA
.... (888) 275-9534

50-1 ABC WOAY-DT 720p- "WOAY-TV 50"
50-2 ABC WOAY-DT 480i- "WOAY-TV 50"
.. 50 WOAY-DT STA 656.' 645. kW ND
.. 50 WOAY-DT .CP 777.' 1000 kW ND
.... (304) 469-3361

52-1 PBS WMSY-DT 1080i "Blue Ridge PBS"
52-2 PBS WMSY-DT 480i- "Blue Ridge PBS"
52-3 Wld WMSY-DT 480i- "Blue Ridge PBS World"
.. 42 WMSY-DT LIC 1469' 100.0 kW ND
.... (888) 332-7788

59-1 CBS WVNS-DT 1080i "CBS 59"
59-2 FOX WVNS-DT 720p- "FOX 59"
.. 08 WVNS-DT LIC 1893' 3.680 kW ND
.... (304) 787-5959

Some people may have luck with certain fringe stations listed below in no particular order:

03-1 ABC WHSV-DT 720p- "WHSV-TV 3"
03-2 FOX WHSV-DT 480iw "The Valley's Fox"
03-3 ABC WHSV-DT 480iw "ABC3 Winchester"
03-4 MyN WHSV-DT 480i- "My Valley"

03-5 CBS WHSV-DT 480iw "CBS The V"
.. 51 WHSV-DT STA 2217' 0.500 kW DA From Staunton; best near Lexington.
.... (540) 433-9191

11-1 PBS WVPT-DT 1080i "WVPT"
11-2 Cre WVPT-DT 480i- "WVPT Create"
11-3 VMe WVPT-DT 480i-
.. 11 WVPT-DT LIC 2113' 10.00 kW DA From Staunton; best near Lexington.
.... (800) 345-9878

29-1 NBC WVIR-DT 1080i "NBC29"
29-2 WXC WVIR-DT 480i- "Weather Plus"
29-3 CW+ WVIR-DT 720p- "CW29"
.. 32 WVIR-DT LIC 1207' 1000. kW DA From Charlottesville; best in Lynchburg/Appomattox area.
.... (434) 220-2900

41-1 PBS WHTJ-DT 1080i "PBS HD"
41-2 Cre WHTJ-DT 480i- "WHTJ Create"
41-3 MHz WHTJ-DT 480i- "MHz World View"
.. 46 WHTJ-DT LIC 1087' 165.0 kW DA From Charlottesville; best in Lynchburg/Appomattox area.
.... (800) 476-2357

12-1 NBC WXII-DT 1080i "WXII 12"
12-2 ME- WXII-DT 480i-
.. 31 WXII-DT LIC 1876' 815.0 kW ND From Winston-Salem; best in Danville/Martinsville area.
.... (336) 721-9944

26-1 PBS WUNL-DT 1080i "UNC-TV"
26-2 KID WUNL-DT 480i- "UNC-KD"
26-3 PBS WUNL-DT 480i- "UNC-EX"
.. 32 WUNL-DT LIC 1637' 575.0 kW DA From Winston-Salem; best in Danville/Martinsville area.
.. 50 W50DV-D LIC 0.00' 0.600 kW DA From Sparta; best in Galax area.
.... (919) 549-7000

Have fun!

- Trip
Charlotte Co., 79 miles from Poor Mountain

Edited by Trip in VA - 3/20/13 at 5:35am
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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU VOTE!!! WFXR-DT was on the air for about 3 weeks with dead air in September. There were problems with the PSIP encoder so it had to be sent back and they are now off the air. If you didn't get an opportunity to test WFXR-DT when they were on the air, do NOT vote until they return to the air.


- Trip
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Originally posted by mainecooncat
I just added the Sat C kit to my DirecTV dish (getting ready for the HD DirecTivo in a few months). Now I want to get and install an outdoor antenna for the digital OTA stations from Roanoke. I'm on a ridge on the east side of town and can easily pick-up the stations that broadcast off of Poor Mountain (WBRA, WSLS, etc.) with a simple rabit ears. The one that will be tough is WSET.

Anyone from around Blacksburg have a recommendation for a reasonable size outdoor antenna that may get WSET-DT? I'd rather not go with the very large (15 foot size) antenna as we are looking to sell our house later this year and the antenna farm look isn't that appealing to most buyers (even if told they'll get WSET and Monday Night Football in HDTV).

I can do the install myself but am looking for suggestions for a good outdoor antenna that balances size and performance. Would I be best going with a UHF only antenna and then a dedicated antenna cut for just channel 3 to pickup WBRA on 3?

Thanks in Advance,
Blacksburg, VA

The Channel Master 4228 is liked, but the Winegard PR-8800 is also very good. You're probably better off with a split UHF and VHF. The Jerrold is big, but you shouldn't need something that big. I don't think it'll make a big difference what kind of VHF antenna you have, so long as it's good with channel 3. You might want to make sure it tunes 7-13 also, since some of our channels might move back when the transition is over.

- Trip
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I'll go ahead and post this in the new thread.

I had read that Adelphia in Blacksburg may have been testing HDTV early in 2003. Does anyone know anything about this?

I know as a whole Adelphia isn't that good a cable company, but I'm not too familiar with the one in Blacksburg.
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Yes they are testing HDTV in blacksburg for Adelphia.

Currently they are offering CBS, PBS, NBC, HBO, ABC, and Showtime.

I think the CBS has the best picture quality for the hdtv, they run native 1080i, but HBO is right there with them. The PBS is HDTV on all of the programs, but all of the other channels are only HDTV when they are broadcast that way from the network. The good thing is most of the prime time on the networks are broadcasting most of their shows.

Last I heard, they are going to allow subscribers to come on board in the next few months.

Its still in the testing stages. They have a demo of it in the office, they have a HDTV monitor setup last time I was in there.
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Any news on when WFXR will be coming back online? I haven't had much luck with receiving WJPR here in north city. Would be nice to view some Fox programming even if it's only EDTV.

Also I thought I heard a rumor that ABC (WSET) was going to put a feed up on poor mountain as well. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?
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Originally posted by DaJoker
Any news on when WFXR will be coming back online? I haven't had much luck with receiving WJPR here in north city. Would be nice to view some Fox programming even if it's only EDTV.

You mean SDTV. They don't do 480p and won't, and nobody there knows whether or not the owner (Grant Media) will do HDTV or not when it becomes available. I'll call Fox 21/27 again this afternoon.

Also I thought I heard a rumor that ABC (WSET) was going to put a feed up on poor mountain as well. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?

Not as far as I know. They've only got an LP transmitter at the main site; what reason would they have for putting up a second transmitter at this time? Besides, I don't know that they could even get a license for it unless they bought out W49AP or something and then dropped power to 15 kW.

- Trip
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The problem with WSET's transmitter site at Thaxton is that the line-of-site of anyone along I-81 south of and incl. Christiansburg is blocked by Poor Mtn. Radford, Dublin, Pulaski, etc. Even when they go to full power I doubt the signal will make it. Blacksburg is out of the shadow though, and should be in pretty good shape when they ramp up.
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It appears DirecTV is set to announce that they are puttin up the Fox 480p signal up (soon to be 720p this year). Since the local Fox has told you they have no intention of passing the high resolution signal through any time soon, I was hoping if you contact their engineer again if you would ask about this and the possibility of them giving waivers to those that want the national feed.

CBS is going up as well - luckily we have a top rate CBS affiliate.

Hopefully - the satellite providers getting HD transmissions up will put more pressure on the local affiliates to get with the program.
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Last night while viewing ER on WSLS-DT via Adelphia cable in Martinsville, there were momemntary audio dropouts and video feezes. It eventually transitioned to upscaled SD and then back to HD. Of note was the appearance of a small e near the upper left hand corner with a small red dot in the letter's lower right curve. This disappeared after the transition. Does anyone know what this symbol means?
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There is info on that in the HD Programming section. It was a network problem not WSLS. The E was supposedly an NBC Enhanced logo . . . but the whole thing appeared to be an NBC mistake.
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Update: It was a failure of the hardware at NBC(New York) that inserts the little NBC peacock logo. The "E" is actually the logo for the company that makes the inserter - as it defaulted back to its preprogrammed logo.
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A little background info:

I live in the Peakland/Boonesboro area of Lynchburg. My house sits relatively low and has significant tree coverage.

Just picked up my new Mits 55" widescreen and the Samsung 160 is in route.


1. Any suggestions on which antenna I should purchase? I would prefer something not obtrusive, perhaps an attic antenna (trying to keep the wife happy).

2. With the above recommended antenna, conservatively; what stations should i be able to receive?

Thanks in Advance
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Goto www.antennaweb.org and put in your address. It will tell you the color code for the antenna you need.

If as you said your house is low with a lot of trees I'd say you are going to need an outdoor antenna to get reliable reception. You definately should be able to get ABC, CBS, PBS, PAX (as ABC is fairly close and CBS,PBS,and PAX are at high power). You may have trouble with NBC (Channel 10) as they are still at low power. Fox is at low power as well and you may be able to get but since they aren't passing the Fox Widescreen signal they really are not of much use anyhow.
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I have to agree with Chris, although I think you should have little trouble with either WSET-ABC or WJPR-FOX; WB. WDBJ-CBS blankets the area nicely, as does WPXR-PAX. WBRA-PBS is a bit of a pain without the proper VHF antenna. WSLS-NBC will be your biggest challenge at low-power, but is on Poor Mountain along with WDBJ, WPXR, and WBRA.

BUT don't trust what antennaweb says anymore! Since their last revision, they tried to tell me I'd need the biggest antenna I could get my hands on just to get WSET, and it listed no other digital stations (though it did seem to think I could get a ton of LPTVs I've never heard of but not W54BT in Roanoke)! I can receive all of them--even WFXR-DT when it was on the air, with a weak little GHOSTKILLER thats about 16 years old, though we now have a Winegard PR-8800.

WDBJ, WSLS, and WSET do HD during primetime (WDBJ does some outside of primetime too), while WBRA has a 24-hour feed that right now is VERY compressed so it looks pretty bad. The engineer over there is working on that problem. No word on when WJPR/WFXR will begin (though not before FOX begins 720p in the fall), and the owners of WPXR want to use multi-casting in the future to lease the various subchannels and make money from them, though at this rate, WPXR may be bankrupt soon and sold along with some other Pax stations to the highest bidder (I'm rooting for WDBJ to give us an Indy with Home Improvement, I Love Lucy, extra Seinfeld, Becker, and Andy Griffith, etc. plus another 10PM newscast in the area, but a sale to WDBJ can't happen until Mikey Powell's new rules pass).

- Trip
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What's going on at Fox 21/27? I can't get to their rerouting system to get a complaint in about the dead picture/low audio.

- Trip
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Current status of HDTV reception via Adelphia in Martinsville:

CBS via WDBJ-DT - great picture
NBC via WSLS-DT - great picture
PBS via WVPT-DT (Staunton) - great picture until birds and camera move. Apparently, they do like WUNC - broadcast several side channels.
ABC via WSET-DT - not sure I've seen any HD programming on this channel yet.

Showtime - HD I discontinued service because it was $15 a month. This charge was presumably because I didn't have digital basic. With digital basic, it would cost $11.00 for the first premium package and $7 for the second.

No HBO-HD yet (this was originally promised). This would also cost $15 a month.

No Discovery-HD, HD-Net, STARZ-HD, etc.

As I heard somewhere, our cable company is owned by Adelphia, but is actually a different legal entity (as may be most cable systems). I assume there is some financial or liability reason for doing this. Contracts must be negotiated individually with our local cable entity. I presume that we are pretty far down the nogotiating list.

I expect the price structure is still shaking out. I get the basic analog package. If I got the basic digital package, it would add an additional $12.95 to the bill. Use of the SA 3250 HD STB was to cost me $8.95 a month. When I went to office to ask about my most recent bill (they added HBO even though HBO-HD wasn't available), they said it would cost $3.95 a month. I am also getting the digital cable channels, although I am not signed up for them. I don't know if this is on purpose or not. So I am getting digital basic plus HDTV for $3.95 a month instead of digital basic for $12.95 a month.

As many of you know Adelphia just changed their pricing structure last fall.

The staff here is very helpful, but obviously have not been trained very well. When I asked about an DVR (didn't really expect to get any good news), they started talking about having to sign contracts with ESPN.
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Well, I talked to Ron Smith at WBRA.

He intends to get the software similar to that of UNC so they can shut off 15.2-4 by March 1, but no guarantees. Also, possible ideas for the subchannels include a continuous feed of the General Assembly (like C-SPAN for the state of Virginia almost).

Just thought y'all'd like to know!

- Trip
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What's up with WSLS? I am getting a color bar on 10-2.
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Dunno, but I hope it's a continuous weather radar like sister station WKRG-DT in Mobile, AL. With that VIPIR radar they're plugging a ton recently, that's the only reason I can think of.

- Trip
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Now that would be most excellent. I can see them doing that especially since WDBJ has 7-3 going.
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First off, I got a call from the engineer at WSLS who I left a message with and he said that it would be VIPIR radar. I brought the tuner back up here and sure enough, there it is! I've added it to our list at the top. *points*

I called WFXR and asked to talk to Steve. The receptionist said that today and tomorrow were bad days because he's "installing some new equipment." New digital encoder, perhaps?

I'm off to call Mel at WDRL. I want to pass along a suggestion to him about WDRL-DT.

- Trip
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I also sent an email today to WFXR asking about their plans for passing the Fox Widescreen and future HD signal.

I also inquired about the possibility of waivers for DirecTV subscribers until such time as they do go live with the true Fox signal.

I'll let everyone know if I find out anything.
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Originally posted by Chris Loker
I also sent an email today to WFXR asking about their plans for passing the Fox Widescreen and future HD signal.

I also inquired about the possibility of waivers for DirecTV subscribers until such time as they do go live with the true Fox signal.

I'll let everyone know if I find out anything.

I already said that Robert Lynch told me they have no idea about HD and they will NOT be doing 480p EVER. He said it's up to corporate, who has kept the whole station in the dark about HD once it becomes available.

I'm going to try to call on Monday to ask about when WFXR-DT returns to the air and if you haven't received a response, I will ask about waivers also.

- Trip
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Trip? Chris? Any word from either of you guys from WFXR?
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I haven't received a response to my email. Since Trip said the guy was very busy last week - I thought I'd give him a little time before emailing him again.
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Sorry. I've got an SOL test this week (I am still in 9th grade) so I haven't had a chance to call. My test is today, so this afternoon I will try to call.

Did anybody watch the State of the Union, "Simulcast in HD where available?" I thought I saw a hole in Mr. Bush's head that let me see a void where the brain should be. Hmm...

I thought it was very good. I watched ABC's coverage, but flipped to CBS every so often. On the 4:3 19" non-HD screen, you could EASILY tell the difference between 13-1 and 13-2. 7-1 was cut off on the left and right sides. I think that has to do with my TV itself. It does that sometimes.

- Trip
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Thanks for the update fellas. Trip, good luck with the tests and thanks again for all the legwork you've done so far. It's been great.
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Well, I talked to a Robert (not sure if it was Robert Lynch that I e-mailed or not) and he said they have no idea when WFXR-DT will return.

Also, no waivers. Not their decision. Blame Grant Media, which owns the stations.

- Trip
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Before I forget, Robert told me that he had a report of 'sparklies' or the little black dots/streaks on 21-1, but not 21-3. I believe he wants reports on how many people see it. If you receive 21-1, please check to see if you have any sparklies in the picture, then post it here. In a few days I'll call in with the information. Even if you don't see them, post it and the type of tuner you have here.

Zenith HDV420--Does see them.

- Trip
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