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Velodyne? NSU?....Which sub?  

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Hi Folks...

Im in the market for a sub 300-400 bucks....

I have a velodyne dls-3500 nailed down for 300 plus tax....(on super sale at sound advice).

Or I can go for the NSU STF1/2.

Or..I can go for other suggestions that ive seen - a JBL....and even a YST yamaha.

What are your thoughts?

My living room is about 12x12 ....and Ill be using a yami....rx series reciever...
I appreciate all feedback and look forward to hearing your replies...
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Small correction: it is Hsu Research. Nsu is how it sounds when someone has a stuffy nose
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Thanks...It sure didn't sound right when I put it there...now I know why... :)
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For about 6yrs now the VTF-2 has given me sheer trouble free awesome sound quality. It been a total pleasure owning the little Hsu. A lot of subs say they can do what the little VTF-2 can do but unless your DIY almost none can beat it. Tom Nousaine in Sound & Vision measured 109.7 dB from 25 to 62 Hz with under 10% total harmonic distortion. Reviewer Peter Aczel measured 0.63% distortion at 100 dB! 25 Hz to 100 Hz ± 2 dB frequency response. For under $500 its a great buy and best thing is it can play music which most can not because of the orientation to being just a special effects boom box.

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The VTF-2 is currently on sale at the Hsu website for about $450. If you can stretch your budget beyond the 300 bucks you stated, you'd probably be very pleased with that or the $399 STF-2. Of course, the STF-1 is only $299, but that extra hundred gets you quite a bit more.
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