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Originally posted by hometheaterguy
Bass waves mature with distance

Quotation of the day. :), good one, but it's true. Sound proofing (blocking) is more than sound diffusing, or absorbing. Bass traps help.
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Threaten the neighbors with pitbull and shotgun..

Originally posted by freychris42424
Is there a cheap way to sound proof an apart.? I went to the sound proofing web-site and that stuff is $. I've heard old egg cartons can work, is this true. Anybody have any other suggestions?

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According to the soundproofing.org website they talk about egg cartons not being good for accoustics, http://www.soundproofing.org/infopages/myths.htm

common "Eggcrate" cardboard egg holders. You have no idea the number of people who tell us their trials and tribulations to find quantities of it, buy it and install it only to find it does little or no soundproofing! This appears to be because it is frequency "holy". That is, it has characteristics where sound at certain frequencies passes freely through it! Some have told us that some sound transmissions seems to be somewhat enhanced!

Not sure what the real deal with egg cartons is. Has anyone bought from that site? I am considering putting some insulation in my basement windows to absorb the bass for when I get my new sub hooked up.
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What about old mattresses nailed to the walls? This technique has it's followers, but unless butted well together with no spaces, caulked edges, and only if you are willing to put up with the possible odor, mold and moisture they have or can accumulate, not to mention unwanted rodent critter type "guests" that may take up residence - are they a possibility. I died when I read that.

No, I have not bought from these guys. I buy from www.acousticsfirst.com and www.acousticalsolutions.com
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I found this to be a very good discussion thread on the topic of sound proofing:

I do not think insulation will help, at least according to all of the sites I have looked into on the topic. Typical insulation offers very little sound reduction and is meant for thermal purposes.

Materials like MVL, Homasote (http://www.homasote.com/sb.html) and so forth need to be used on combination with proper building techniques.

This site has some good info on materials and techniques:

Im in the process myself of investigating how to mitigate potential sound problems with a planned 2nd floor HT in an older 1860s 3 floor home. My floor consists of beautiful wide wood planks on floor joists, no subfloor! LOL
The one plus, is that the walls are thick, 3 coat plaster which offers better sound deading properties than standard drywall.
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Distance is the best sound insulator. The strength of sound drops off by a squared factor with respect to distance.

I remember when I was in band class back in school, the walls in the classroom had these large square "frames" affixed over the walls. I wish I asked what that material was.
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You guys need to read this, it's great.
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I thought sound dropped off with the cube of the distance, since the sound was spreading out in three dimensions... but that we can hear on a logarithmic scale, which is why dB is a logarithmic measurement of the actual displacement of air. but my physics is quite rusty...
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