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Subwoofer Smashed Question - Look at Picture  

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I saw a subwoofer that looks like this:


Is there any real damage to the woofer itself...its a 250 watt JBL so I'm thinking it may just pop back out, but I'm by no means an audio expert so anybody's opinion would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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it should still work fine. my 9-year-old pushed in the dome on one of my double advents a few months ago, and i didnt notice it for a week. i was able to push the dent out by hand by working against the points of the dent. took a few minutes. you could also use a drop of super glue on a pin head as a puller. i would try the finger method first.

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A vacuum cleaner is another option.
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that's GREAT! This is like a $250-$300 subwoofer I'll get for about $80 or $90 on eBay just because of that!!!! Ya just gotta know where to look for these things! (not to mention the fact that the seller didn't put the model number of the item in the title, it just says "brand name subwoofer" it has all the info inside the description!!!
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There is no way to tell from the photo if the voice coil was damaged by the blow to the dust cap. 99% of the time it's not a problem, but sometimes....

There may be torn paper on the cap, but you could replace it if need be. How does one smash a dust cap on a downward facing driver anyway?
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I'll let you guys know how it turns out. A downward facingdriver seems like a much easier one to crush or damage to me being that you are placing it down and it it was a display model or whatever it seems like it oculd have easily gotten crushed in repackaging or something of that sort. It also doesn't have a protection cover on it I believer like some other Yamaha sub's I've had before.
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Just noticed there are some CVT 12" cerwin vegas on ebay for 169 and JBL S120s for 349. Both supposedly new in box. Those would both be excellent values assumign they are indeed new and in perfect operating condition.

Tom V.
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I eyed those Cerwin Vegas that they sell out of LA on EBAY, they just looked old and ugly ... i guess you cant complain about the price, but I couldnt find any reviews or input on whether they sucked or not ...

Also, they seemed to have an older feature set. Are they any good?
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