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Polk PSW505 vs. Velodyne CHT15  

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Has anyone heard a direct comparison between these two subs. I have the PSW505 and while it's a nice sub but I need something more powerful for my room size. I've moved the sub around and while it sounds good for music I am not able to shake the house during movies as I was before in my old house(old room size was 19*12 directly connected to the kitchen whis is about 10*12. The new room is about 20*18 open to a kitchen which is about 20*14. The new room has a 9ft ceiling with a cathedral ceiling). I am most interested in the Velodyne CHT15 because I want to buy local.
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How about a second PSW505? :)
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Do you have a CompUSA near you? A HSU STF-2 is more potent than either sub you are looking at, and probably around the same price or lower. $400 gets an STF-2.

I'd be concerned that 1 subwoofer might not be enough for that room size though... Honestly, a VTF-3R or something of that caliber is probably better suited to your room size.

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I do have a Compusa very close but i don't think they have home audio but I can check. The only issue that I have with Compusa is that I'll want to try out the sub and I believe they have a silly restocking fee on anything in the store.

I did think about another PSW505 but I'm not sure if 2 of these subs are powerful enough.
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If your looking down at CompUSA and see they have the HSU STF-2 you can also ask when they get the bigger HSU STF-3. The STF-3 is basically a VTF-3 MK2 in max output mode without the option of variable tune and glossy Piano Black. If your in the market it's definitely worth a listen because IMO it will easy out perform the other commercially available subs at this price level.

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