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PB12 Problems - JBL - Subwoofer  

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I have a PB12 Subwoofer, i got it open box about a week ago and just got around to hooking it up. I paid $100 for it. It has the 2 LED lights that light up in the front just fine, however there is no bass any way I hook it up. When I turn it on I don't hear a "click" as I have with my old subwoofers, is this normal? What do you think my best route would be. Being that I only paid $100 for it, would it be worth buying a new amp board for it, I hear that is the problems with most of these...would I still have the same problem in the future (the amp blowing), or would a new one make a difference. Is this really that great of a subwoofer to be spending another $100 for a board on it, or should I look elsewhere...its hard to find a 250w woofer for this price. Any input is greatly appreciated

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i have the PB-12 and cant complain , especially after upgrading from a KLH 150 W 12"... LOL ,

i think if you can get this sub working for $200 .00 youll be happy you did. its a robust 250 W subwoofer . IMO ... cant go wrong for 2 bills . any more $ than that ... keeep loooking . HTH 'S

BTW , did you try wiring your fronts through this sub, that is how mine are wired , and it made a HUGE difference , i know its a kinda of a DUH question , but you never know ...
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Yeah, I tried it both ways...there's nothing...I'll go ahead and try to purchase a amp. Do local shops usually ahve them in stock or is it something they'd have to order...and it would end up being more?
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I looked into this sub but after seeing about 20 Non working units being sold on ebay in the last month, im looking elsewhere.
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I've read on this forum that its an Amp problem...I don't really know much about audio...but if the driver is good then getting a replacement amp should fix the problem being that it was a faulty or a not well manufacturer'd amp before. Getting a new different one would solve this problem therefore making it a great find! I like this sub however they go for about $160-$200 on eBay and thats working...after reading this I don't think I'd want to get one with the original amp for fear that it might be broken!
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Our parts phones are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at 818-894-8850. The best times to call are between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. (Pacific Standard Time)

this is the parts department at JBL ... give em a hollwer and see what they say , like i said ... if you can make this work for 200 its WELL worth it . !
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What's your opinion on my returning this one and purchasing a Yamaha SWT-315 instead...My speakers and reciever are Yamaha and I've never had a problem with them, or is this JBL superior to anything Yamaha could produce?
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