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New Integra DPS-10.5 THX Ultra Universal Player. HDMI, iLink  

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Integra Previews Universal DVD Player at 2004 CES

DPS-10.5 features customizable High Definition scaler, HDMI digital output, iLink for DVD-A/SACD digital output, and THX Ultra certification.
LAS VEGAS (1/8/04) – Integra is previewing its new flagship DVD player to Custom Installers at the 2004 CES here today. The DPS-10.5 is a THX Ultra-certified universal player that delivers the ultimate performance potential from nearly every disc format currently in use, including high resolution DVD-Audio and SACD formats. Advanced features include a sophisticated internal high definition video scaler, and both DVI-compatible HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and iLink (IEEE 1394) outputs for direct digital output of high resolution audio and video material.

"The DPS-10.5 is designed to do exactly what a high-end source unit is meant to," commented Integra and Custom Installation Product Manager Eric Harper, "which is deliver the audio and video information to processing and display devices in the most transparent way possible."

The DPS-10.5 is the company's first player to include an HDMI output, which is capable of passing video directly to DVI-compatible high definition display devices entirely in the digital domain. This not only prevents degradation of the video signal due to intermediate digital to analog conversion stages, it also enables the use of the player's sophisticated O-Plus FlexScale circuit to upsample video to a variety of customizable formats, including 720p or 1080i high definition standards. This scaling circuitry can also be employed to scale external sources via the player's rear-panel composite and S-Video inputs.

For conventional and older high definition sets, the DPS-10.5 features a high end Analog Devices 216 MHz/14-bit D/A converter, and includes both interlaced and progressive scan component video outputs.. There are also two composite video and two S-video outputs, and all video connections are always active, eliminating the need for extraneous setup menu configuration.

For audio reproduction, the DPS-10.5 features a pair of iLink ports on the rear panel for digital output of DVD-Audio and SACD signals at their highest possible resolution. This not only maintains optimal signal integrity, it also allows for the use of the receiver or processor's bass management circuitry. For DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW (including MP3-encoded discs), there are two optical and two coaxial digital outputs, and a full set of 7.1-channel analog outputs ensure maximum compatibility with existing home theater equipment. The player features audiophile-grade Wolfson 192kHz/24-bit audio DACs and Integra's acclaimed VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) to deliver smooth and analog audio. It also includes Integra's enhanced Direct Digital Path to ensure maximum fidelity of audio information delivered to the coaxial digital output jack. For critical listening, the video circuitry can be shut down completely to avoid any possible interference with audio signals.

For custom installation professionals and optimal system integration, the DPS-10.5 includes a bidirectional RS-232 port, IR input and output jacks, and a 12-Volt trigger input. The front-panel LED and display lighting can be adjusted with a four-way dimmer control. All of the player's setup and functions can be controlled with the included preprogrammed/learning remote control.

The Integra DPS-10.5 will be available in April at a suggested retail price of $2500

Integra designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers. Systems integration and convergence technology protocols include RS-232, A–BUS, IR and on-board Ethernet for network connectivity and TCP/IP control. Integra has access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over 50 years of audio engineering excellence. For more information about Integra and its many fine products, visit www.integrahometheater.com or call 800 225-1946.
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Sounds just like the 59 AVi.
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My thoughts exactly...why pay more for the Integra badge? Plus, you know Onkyo will release a ringer of this player around the same time, and sell it for less than the Integra model.
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The Onkyo version blurb was posted previously. It's $2k. The Integra Research version is $4k!

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Eric, are you an HT dealer? (Looking to pre order this player)
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Will it have the same mediocre de-interlacer and the same mediocre layer change as the Pioneer too?

The 5900 is still where it's at. And I have a 47ai! :)
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I think the deinterlacer has been replaced with the Farjouda and it can deinterlace and scale other sources! Add the better Wolfson dacs and better connectivity to the list and the Integra begins to look quite attractive.
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Well, one thing I have always liked about Pioneers (except for the 47a which had Cirrus) are the Burr Brown DACs that they've used. But Wolfson also make pretty good DACs too. :)
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I realize this thread is getting old now, but is there any news on when this player will hit the stores?

It seems as though the Integra Research RDV 7.1 Pre/Pro won't hit until June (originally it was supposed to be April like the DPS 10.5).

I think the DPS 10.5 with the IR RDV 7.1 will be a powerful combination due to the firewire connection for SACD and DVD-A. Then use the HDMI to the display, or potentially use the RDV 7.1 for HDMI switching when that option becomes available later in the year.

These are things you cannot do with Denon or Pioneer...or anyone else that I know of.
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My dealer just confirmed to me that June is when they expect to see the new Integra/Integra Research products.
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The DPS-10.5 will use the SIL504 for deinterlacing, and the OPlus Rembrandt 1A for scaling the HDMI output. The player will also deinterlace and scale other sources.
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Thanks for the info Steve. I guess it wont scale on the analogue outs at all and hence may not be of much use to me if I get a CRT. For those in Europe I spoke to Onkyo Germany (HQ for Europe) a month ago and they said the IR RDV-1.1 was due in June but they hadnt heard of the DPS-10.5!!
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Are any of these players available yet? Anyone know anything about the analog section or the mpeg decoder?

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Not really a lot of info, but they are to be shipping by July 1...apparently. My best guess is that it is based on the Pioneer 59 avi, but with SI de-interlacing and O-flex scaling. Also, it uses Wolfson DACs, but I don't know what DACs the Pioneer uses.
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Pioneer uses Burr Browns.
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We can now resurrect this thread since my local store has one now.

They have moved it around a bit and tested it on various digital displays. They feel the HDMI output is better than component (we should hope so), and it is as nice a picture, if not nicer (if that is a word) than the $11K Farjouda player they have. The owner of the store was not too happy about that.

It was not hooked up when I stopped in today. They needed some cable to connect it to their Qualia projector.

I picked it up, and it felt beefy - for what that is worth. One other thing I noticed; the powercord was quite substantial. Very thick and very flexible...again...for what that is worth.

I will have one when they get more in stock.
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Any info on iLink? The specs dont have iLink checked off but the rear panel clearly shows the jacks. For the record, HDMI is unchecked under the specs as well.

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"They feel the HDMI output is better than component (we should hope so)"

Now ....... I'm confused. Does this player output 1080i over component or not or is the comment above referring to 480p over HDMI versus 480p over component?

This brings up another question, does anyone know if the $10K Faroudja DVD player with built-in Faroudja scaler outputs 960i or 1080i over component?
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No, none of these players output a scaled resolution via component, it is not allowed per the DVD spec.
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My guess is that since the new Integra receiver (and Integra Research pre/pro) has iLink inputs, and they are touting this feature to their dealers, that the iLink outputs in the 10.5 are properly functional. Someone would have to test it to be sure though.

I don't know the details of their comparison between HDMI and component video, but I will say that these folks were quite skeptical of HDMI/DVI (with the exception of the Faroudja player) because the PQ of component video out of a good player was just as good. At least they felt this way until I stopped in yesterday. This change of heart leads me to believe there actually is an improvement.

They probably used the player's video processing for scaling and de-interlacing when trying the HDMI, and maybe just the player's de-interlacing when using component...depending on the display. Perhaps it is not apples to apples, but they would likely try for the best PQ using each scenario.

I am stopping by there again today to drop off some stuff for the owner. I will ask the questions so I can stop guessing at the answers.

Although, once I get one to try, I will know for sure.

Kris - when will you be getting one?
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The Onkyo DV-SP1000 has iLink for all audio formats and HDMI for deinterlaced and scaled video (480p, 720p, and 1080i). The HDMI connection also works for two-channel PCM audio and Dolby Digital and DTS. It performs bass managment on both DVD-A and SACD, apparently at a fixed 80Hz crossover point, but the manual does not mention crossover slope. The speaker distance settings don't apply to SACD.

I suspect that the RDV-1.1 and DPS-10.5 will be similarly limited, as they are based on the same core technology. The Onkyo unit has s-video and composite inputs that can be deinterlaced and scaled. The Integra player adds a component input, and the Integra Research player adds to that an HDMI input, though I think it is just a pass-through.
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Hey Steve

Didn't see that you were from Olympia, nice to see another PNW member. Maybe we can hang out sometime!
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Originally posted by Kris Deering
Hey Steve

Didn't see that you were from Olympia, nice to see another PNW member. Maybe we can hang out sometime!
Sounds good! I've met Stacey, but not most of the Puget Sound contingent.
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Well - back to the subject for a brief moment...I saw the 10.5 yesterday (very briefly) on a Qualia. Very nice...but was it the 10.5 or the Qualia that made it so nice? The guys at the store seem to be pretty happy with it.

I should have one by next week to judge for myself. I really hope I am not disappointed (on audio as well as video).

Kris - when will you get one for the shootout?

BTW...I miss the PNW! It has been a few years.
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Dave- I'd be personally curious as to what the layer change is... :)
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We should get one in for the benchmark, but with CEDIA coming up most of the press relations guys are pretty busy right now I imagine so it maybe later.
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Kris -

What does your gut think about the 10.5 even though you haven't seen/heard it? Tough question I know...but in your mind, does it have potential.

I ask for obvious reasons, but perhaps not so obvious is that I am wondering how Integra intends to justify $2.5K for this universal when it has no TA for SACD, and apparently, a fixed crossover point for its BM. This scenario looks bad on the features front when Denon's new 3910 (for $1.2K) will have TA for DVD-A and SACD, and BM for both too, and with multiple crossover points. The difference between these two players on the video side seems to be Faroudja processing on the Denon (who know about the so called "macroblocking") against Silicone image on the 10.5. Scaling - who knows on both...certainly not me.

So- the bottom line will be - is the Integra's execution that much better that its feature set deficiency will not be an issue, and performance alone will justify doubling the price when compared to the 3910?

Also - there is Denon's reliability issues (my source on Denon's reliability is not this forum). I have never heard of an issue with Integra. Nevertheless, the new Denon products look promising.

Let's not touch on the 5910 until it is at least visible on the horizon.

For the moment, I am player-less (sold my Lexicon) and need something NOW. I will try the 10.5 no matter what.
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Hey Dave

Tough to call. I haven't been overly impressed with Integra's offerings so far, as you can tell by the results on their benchmark tests. But those players all used all in one MPEG decoder/de-interlacing solutions. This time around they are using a good de-interlacer and as long as it is implemented correctly it should be good to go there. I am not sure what MPEG decoder they are going to be using or how the analog stage will stack up. As for scaling, again until I see it and test it I won't know. Sometimes you can look at a feature set and give a good guess, but in this case there are too many unknown variables.

The thing that bothers me at the moment is the whole Onkyo/Integra/Integra Research thing. So far I have found that the differences, DVD player wise, haven't been that significant, especially considering the price difference. The IR player features that Apogee clock in it but I have reservations on how much that is really going to improve things. I am using a Arcam DV-27A right now and it has three seperate clocks in it for its audio stages and while it does sound excellent I haven't heard a huge sonic improvement over the other players I've had recently.
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On the video side - since this player is based on the 59 AVI with an upgraded de-interlacer and a different scaler, I am hopeful it will do better than the 59 AVI in your evaluation, and obviously better than Integra's previous offerings.

Audio is a question still, and value is a question - especially with the 3910 around the corner...well supposedly around the corner.
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