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Speaker stands  

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I just got some new speakers and need to find some 18" stands. The speakers are bookshelf (Rocket RS150's) but heavy 20 lbs each. So I need a stable stand to keep them from tipping over. Does anyone know a good source for resonably priced speaker stands that may fit the bill? I was also thinking of maybe making some box stands for these. If I did such a thing would I need to fill the boxes with sand or something, or would it be ok to leave the hollow?
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Here's a good place to start: www.racksandstands.com

Probably the worst stand you could have is a large, hollow box. I highly recommend you just get a plain wooden or metal stand that doesn't require filling it with anything. No mess, no fuss, and you won't hear any difference.
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I guess I am worried about a stand not holding the speakers very well. I have two small children and I am afraid they will tip them over.
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What do you consider reasonably priced? Also, isn't 18" a little low? Typically, it is suggested that you raise the speakers to a level where the tweeter is about the level of your ears, which in most cases requires about a 24" stand...
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With kids, get something fillable, if not just for the resonance but for stability. Make sure the top plate dimensions are as close as possible to the speaker cabinet dimensions.

Follow ez-v's advice for height determination.

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Thanks guys. The reason they are low is they need to fit under my screen.
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I was going to suggest the stands that are designed specifically for the Rocket 150's and sold on **********, but it appears those only come in 30". They are quite nice though because the bottom plate fits the speakers exactly, and are finished in the same piano black.

You can of course get the same stand in an 18" version from other vendors, minus the matching plate.
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thanks brvheart I saw those too but they are unfortunately too tall.
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There is always the custom route. I had custom stands made for my Ascends, and since they have a threaded insert, the builder made a top plate that allows me to fasten the speaker to the stands.


The builder is Brian Bunge of Rutledge Audio Design . He might be able to do something that looks nice with the Rockets.

edit: They are fillable as well. I filled each stand with about 25lbs of sand, bringing the total weight of each stand to about 45lbs.
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These ones are getting good reviews (http://www.goodsound.com/equipment/p...akerstands.htm).....


They come in different heights too, but they are high-mass weighing about 25lbs. each.
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Thanks rexxe, THose look good, especially for the price. Thanks a lot.
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I measured out what height my old Infinity Kappa 5's needed for stands to be optimal height, and my speakers were 21 inches, and my stands needed to be 18 inches, so if your speakers are 12 inches, then you seem a little short on your stand height for optimal listening. You will have less cabinet before woofers and stuff, but I think 24 sounds more like the right general size.

If you are doing these stands on the ground then that is the height, and I don't know what the level of cost/performance thes have, but if they are expensive types you may also want to consider some stands that enhance imaging, but if inexpensive then not cost effective for that level.
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I know they won't be at optimal height. I have a projector and in order for the speakers to fit under the bottom of the screen the stands need to be 17-18". I had my speakers higher and further apart for the last year or so, but i got some new speakers and tried out some different locations and they sound better in front closer together but a bit lower. SO for my room this seems to be a good location. Of course sound won't be optimal in back row, but it doesn't sound bad at all.
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The Premier stands are also a pretty good value. I use a pair of 18" stands for my Studio 40s up front. Paradigm distributes them so you'll find them at dealers that carry their speakers. Their two entry level series cost less than $100 and are pretty well made. The columns are fillable for added stability.

If you're willing to go higher in price for something more rugged, Sound Anchor can make custom welded stands to any height you want for around $200. These are rock solid stands and can be prefilled at the factory. I use their $350 adjustable stands for my surround speakers (which weigh 28 lbs. each), and the Sound Anchors were one of the few options I found that went above 36" in height AND support heavy speakers. Probably overkill for what you're looking for, but they are VERY stable and solid and weigh about 65 lbs. each.


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Have you thought about DIY? How about the TNT Stubby?

I just made a TNT FleXy over the weekend.
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You might want to consider speaker stands from Atlantis or Sanus Systems. Both brands are available from ACI. Just go to their website at "www.audioc.com".
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Since you'll be making boxes, anyways, you can try building something similar to what I did. Mine was tailored for the RS250s, but you can probably try to tailor yours to the RS150s. That way you can make it whatever height you would like:

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That truly is one helluva nice stand you built there. Very impressive.

Hope you don't mind me linking to that photo here.


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Originally posted by Nhan

Since you'll be making boxes, anyways, you can try building something similar to what I did. Mine was tailored for the RS250s, but you can probably try to tailor yours to the RS150s. That way you can make it whatever height you would like:

Go to hell. ;) I'm probably more proud of myself for making three cuts in a piece of MDF to construct a FleXy than you are of that speaker stand! :D

That is absolutely gorgeous. I could only dream of being skilled enough to craft something that beautiful. Hell, I could only dream of doing ANYTHING that good.
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Thanks for linking the photo, Mr. Biggles. I couldn't figure out how to do that on the AV123 site, so I gave up for a while :) Gx35 & ClutchBrake, thanks for the compliments. Only took me two weeks being locked up in my garage to finish the project :) TNT Flexy was one of the sites I checked out for speaker stands before my good buddy Brucer shared his designs with me.

The AV123 guys were nice enough to provide me with some extra spikes for the base. Hopefully, I'll get around to it within the next couple of days. Had one of my neighbors over for football this past Sunday. His rotweiler made me kinda nervous when she was circling the stands :O
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