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DIY Silver Screen?  

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Does anyone know if it is possible to make a diy silver screen.
Being a total tighta** I liked the reviews of the Silverstar, but aint got da cash.
(Although the whites looked horribly overblown and crushed in all the pics I saw, the loss of detail in the whites in the cafe shot was ridiculous)

So screen gurus is there a silver fabric out there that while not as good as the vutech might be better than white or grey? What did the cinemas use in the old days?
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There is another DIY silver screen post floating around this forum somewhere. If you do a search you should beable to find it. From what I remember, they had pretty good sucess with it
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I have made 2 DIY screens now; one a matte white, and one a silver fabric. The white one (Parkland Plastic) was easy, and had minimum negative side effects. The silver fabric causes multiple problems including hotspotting, limited viewing cone, and color shifting. It also has great up sides, such as better blacks, sharper picture, more dynamic colors, whiter whites. The silver metallic base is a much stronger beast, but it needs to be tamed. I think that the strength of the Vutec product is that they spent a loooong time perfecting a process to tone down the silver, without losing it's good properties. If you apply the wrong topcoat, you will just end up with a dull grey finish, which is a huge step backward. I just don't think that a quick and cheap process is going to be found that will provide the exact qualities necessary for a great overall picture from a silver base.

It is like viewing a show car with 15 coats of lacquer paint and asking, "How can I get my car to look like that?"
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The original Ddog screen was a silvered painted blackout cloth screen. I built one and I enjoy it very much. Try a search using Ddog.
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There is also another forumula using silver and topcoat.

Pure Silver metallic undercoat, followed by a topcoat consisting of:

1 quart Beir "White Opal" Perlescence
1 quart Beir Deep Base (1300)
1 quart Beir Ultra Pure White (Increase this to two Quarts)
1 "96" particle droplet of Red
1/96th Oz. of Lamp Black (Use this ONLY if you have poor contrast AND over 700 lumens)

First, lay down a "Primer Coat" that is Kilz Latex mixed with enough Lamp Black to create a Grey background that matches the basic grey color in the Metallic Silver. This will allow 2 coats of Sliver Metallic to cover evenly.

2 coats of SM wet sand

1 coat of 3qt mixture - wet sand

1 coat of 3qt mixture - wet sand

1 coat of 3qt mixture -

So 5 coats total.....
((6 including Primer)
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