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Is the HSU STF-2 best bang for under $400 dollars. - Page 2  

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At that price get two of the STF-2's instead of the SVS or VTF-3.
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One STF-3 or VTF-3 is usually preferrable over two STF-2 or VTF-2 because of the low frequency extension advantage. A single STF-3 is still cheaper than two STF-2 at that price (though admittingly that is an amazing price if valid price).
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Whether you get two "lesser" subs vs one "greater" sub depends on your goal. If you want the ultimate low end extension, the larger sub will usually go lower. However, if you want more output in the mid-bass range, then two smaller subs will do that. Of course the more subs you have the harder it will be to place them to avoid cancellation effects. Basically, it's not always correct that one sub is better than two and vice versa.
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Originally posted by mimason
At $315 at Comp USA I had to try it out.
he's right. compusa is carrying the hsu's stf-2 in store. i picked one up a month ago at $350+tax (that's even lower than what HSU's selling them at $399 + 25 s/h). the unit has performed spectacularly since it replaced my former monitor audio sub.

and now compusa is having single item 10% off sale -- lasting until closing of 1/19. at $315 + tax, it just can't be beat! if you are standing on the fence, now would be a good time to look at this sub.
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I hate I missed this post! The sale would have saved me the tax. Plus, CompUSA really HID this page on their website. I don't know how you found it! Yesterday, I searched on hsu, sub*, stf-2. Nothing! Oh well, my local CompUSA is supposed to be getting 3 in some time soon (tomorrow or Friday). I'll have to go give them a listen. For $349 + tax, it's still a steal!!! Also, I get to take it home with me. HA! HA! HA! No waiting for the UPS guy.
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But remember...if something goes wrong with the sub, you have to take it back to CompUSA. And if you want to return it, they charge a 15% restocking fee.
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I live in CA.
I bought my STF-2 for $315+tax last week.
If something goes wrong in 14 days, you can walk-in for full refund or exchange. No waiting and no shipping cost. If it's a common defect, the return period is not limited by 14 days.
If you don't like it in 14 days, you return it with 15% restocking fee.
If you buy it from direct, you pay shipping cost.
$315X15%=$47 may be cheaper than UPS with insurance back to Hsu.
After 14 days, it deserves the same warranty as Hsu direct products.
And if you don't want to pay the shipping/repair cost for potential repair, you can buy Compusa extended warranty for instant exchange in the next 4 years for $35.
So I don't see a good reason to buy STF-2 from Hsu direct and pay $399+shipping+tax for CA residents.
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diamond....thanks for the clarification.

Then that is a GREAT deal!
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Good info cschang and diamond! Thanks! If nothing else, it's an opportunity to actually HEAR an Hsu sub. I wonder what they will have it hooked up to? I'd like to use LOTR as my demo piece.
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Hi Diamond,

Just bought HSU STF-2 from CompUSA for $315, but paid $60 for extended warranty. The salesman said that the warranty is for repair, not for replacement. You mentioned about the replacement warranty for $35. Is that different from what I got?

Anyone know how Hsu handles it’s warranty? Do we have to send the unit to them for repair? They seem to have pretty good warranty (2 years electronics, 7 years woofer); but if I have to ship the unit to their repair facility from east cost, it will cost me more that $60 for one incident.

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Having returned my STF-2, I can attest to the incredibly expensive return shipping fee... I almost fainted. 65 effin bucks..
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Darn UPS without a business rate. We feel your pain.
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Compusa has a TAP(Technology Assurance Program) brochure, it says 4 yrs Speaker Replacement warranty $34.99 for <$399 and that's what they wanted to sell me. I guess in your case they charge you as Electronic which is higher instead of Speaker because the brochure is nationwide.
I didn't buy it but the salesman said you can come back to Compusa for replacemnet and you can add it within 14 days of ur purchase.
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I happened to find one of these STF-2's at my local Compusa and went and had a listen. Mind you the room was real small and the sub had just been hooked up. I was not all that impressed though. I think it was the fact that is was only a 10" subwoofer. I listened to the 12" JBL next to it which seemed to sound better and not clip at higher volume. still both seemed to be boomy. One of my problems is that I am basing sub comparisons with one of my favorite subs which is the Paradigm Servo 15. It is really what I want but at $1500.00 is just tooo expensive right now. I want something that can move that amount of air and go real low so you can sometimes feel it more than hear and is tight as a drum. I wish SVS was in a retailer as well so I could audition these well liked products. Oh well I guess I will save up and do with out for now.
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Thanks, Diamond. I guess this afternoon I need to pay a visit to my local CompUSA to see if I get the TAP program instead. I would like to get the extended warranty, but $60 (about 20% of the purchase price) seems too high.
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at my local Compusa and went and had a listen. Mind you the room was real small and the sub had just been hooked up.
You have about as much chance of winning the lottery as getting any sort of decent answer from demonstrating in a CompUSA store. They are box movers not an audio shop, its just a horrible shopping trolley place that is only about grabbing what you want and heading straight out the door.

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I just listened to the VTF-2 at a local owners house. Thanks Brad! It sounded good! For grins, I stopped by my local CompUSA. Just to see if they had them in stock. There was one on display! I had a listen. It sounded good! Especially with the fact that it's in this huge, open building. The volume was turned up to about 3/4. I turned it down to 1/2. Unfortuantely, the floor model was all that was there. However, they did order one for me. It should arrive in a week or two.
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The reason for turning up volumn knob 3/4 is due to the low input sensitivity issue associated with the previous production runs. They claimed some VTF-2 owners had problem to fine-tune balance(They must own very low sensitity Hi-end speakers to have such a problem.) and something with auto-on/off and humming. Hus corrects it due to STF2 owners' complaint and all STF2 shipped after 1/24/04 won't need to turn up so high anymore.
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The gain had to be set way up on my mates Onkyo receiver (and VTF-2), but on my Denon way less gain was needed on both.

So there obviously is a fair difference between recievers
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