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A Viewsonic N4 might be a way of feeding the H30 RGB@800x600...it has S-video input...The N5 & 6 models have component in also I believe...
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So is there physical masking of the DMD chip in some modes or not? Even if there is, it doesn't sound like it works all that well at eliminating the light spill. Or am I getting the wrong impression?
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I sure would like to find a Optoma H50 but they are no where to be found. The reviews for this PJ are excellent. If someone knows where to find a Optoma H50 that's $1500.00 or lower then let me know. My budget will be $1500 max.
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The masking is just the bottom half of the chip and the light spill is always at the top ceiling or table mounted.

" physical masking of the DMD chip" Just the lower part so you only have to mask the wall above the screen. Not above and below.

The viewsonic Idea is a good one and I hv one handy. Will give it a try as running my Sony STB over was to difficult to test last night.
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Well, I ordered the H30 and it should be here next week. I hope this projector will work great in my bedroom as it will be replacing a 50" Toshiba HDTV. I also have a Marantz VPS1 HD1 DLP projector so I will be able to see how it stacks up against a 720p DLP projector. The contrast on the H30 is about double that of my Marantz so the H30 will definitely have the edge there.

Thanks again to Tom for all his judgements\\opinions on this projector.

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Mike, think bright!

Wait till you see all the adjustments available. There's tons

You'll see snap pop all that and an interesting lack of screen door.
Enjoy your new toy.
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how do you think this compares to the beloved sharp xv z90?
which i currently enjoy a choice helped by your fantastic reviews
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I know you are not very sensitive to them, but did you see more rainbows on the H30 than on the DT-200?

I have seen a Z90, and did not see rainbows. In fact, on a well calibrated Goo 0.5 (modded X1) I did not see rainbows.

My only rainbow issue was with a NEC LT240. I am figuring the brightness exaggerated the effect. I was very bad that time. I am afraid the H30s brightness might do the same.

Hard to pick between the benq and the H30...resolution or wheel speed. I am slowly drifting away from LCD. Nice screen shots!
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The DT-200 is a great machine but the H30 is better, it's brighter/way brighter and in econo mode, more natural and most important the SD is hidden better, also the scaler/deinterlacer is incredible for a budget machine. It passed the Galaxy Quest intro and only the Farouja chip could do this. This deinterlacer means all your other video will be artifact free. Direct TV looks smooth. The new Silicon Image chip is arrived and Farouja better watch out.

Whoops there it is again, I just replayed the GQ intro several times with the player set to interlaced. Smooth as glass and this clip wreaked havoc on my JVC players and Bravo in progressive. Very impressive

As far as rainbows, I haven't seen one rainbow yet and I've tried. I have seen very fast and small rainbows occasionally with the Sharp. Maybe it has to do with how intensely your viewing the film and then break away.
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guitarman- wow you are on top of this thread! Good morning. Have you tried watching a black and white movie? Also any new input on really colorful movies and color bleed?

Thanks for all your input on this projector you've certainly sold me on it (you sure you don't work for them? just kidding =) ).
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Do you kmow if the optoma h30 is compatible with PAL (625/576i/p)
Thanx for your assistance
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lol, when something strikes me as very good I have to say it. You should hv read my thoughts on the Z9000. It lasted only a week at my house. I had a good list of projectors and once I started trying the DDR chip models things changed for the better. Like the Z90, HT1000, H30 are all great machines. My earlier LT150z, Seleco HT200, Sharp Z9000, AE100 were not so good compared to these others.

Black and white movies look great because the out of box grayscale is right on. Still haven't seen any color problems either.

Re PAL, I assume so since these were first available overseas, plus they come with a Scart adaptor for European use. Check out the Optoma Manual it's on their world wide website.
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Nice pictures and info Tom.

I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere in the thread (maybe I missed it), but what make and model 92" wide screen are you using and what's the gain?
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This thing takes component 480i through the VGA port, correct? Are all the picture adjustments available this way?
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Hey Tom: I am thinking of upgrading from my trusty LT150. What would be the main differences I should expect if you can cast your mind back to the dim past? The main thing I am concerned about is the reduced resolution - anything noticeable when it comes to DVDs or HDTV? Any other issues?

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Originally posted by guitarman
the scaler/deinterlacer is incredible for a budget machine.

Have you tested the projector with television sources? My PowerBook G4 produces horribly jagged edges with DVDs of TV shows. It's most obvious in the Star Trek: TNG disks, but it also affects EVERYTHING else I've watched, with the possible exception of Firefly. It doesn't appear at all in movies.

I don't know whether this would also affect composite video from TV sources such as TiVo, but I'm concerned. This is annoying on tiny screens; it would be a nightmare if it turned up on big screens.

~ Kiran
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Dalite Matt white screen.

All the picture adjustments are availble with VGA. Full picture control - C,B,S,CL,H etc & 3 color temp, 5 gammas, RGB/RGB brightness & contrast, pre-set features for Film,video, graphics.

Re the LT150, yes you'll enjoy the picture more with the H30. Contrast, fan sound, colors, res will be fine for DVD & HDTV looks great also. The scaler helps that out.

Re TV, it's very smooth and artifact free. Again the scaler/deinterlacer.

Hehe, didn't you guys get this thing yet? Shop around see if you can get 10% off or better maybe.
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Thanks Tom. What DVD player are you using? Are you just running 480i into the H30?

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Originally posted by guitarman
Hehe, didn't you guys get this thing yet? Shop around see if you can get 10% off or better maybe.

Hah. We're all waiting for the firmware bug to be fixed.

(Seriously, if the projector actually did 800x600 for all inputs, I'd probably have ordered at least one by now. I sure hope Optoma is reading this thread. )

~ Kiran
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I picked up a Denon 1600 for $250 so I use it in progressive, kind of a waste because it looks as good in interlaced.

Kiran, they're listening, I directed a couple of their Tech people over to this thread. I explained how I have allot a 4.3 Music DVD's and need to play my Star Wars Trilogy with the Laser Disc player. These are Non-Anamorphic so I need a Normal Aspect ratio otherwise they're compressed like all other NA-DVD's. I could watch the Music material compressed in the 16.9 screen but got use to the giant image of lets say Jeff Beck playing his Stratocaster.
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Guitarman - Jeff Beck rocks. The playing of non anamorphic video is the only down fall i can see from this machine. But i have confidence the fix will be released. I found one for way under the 10 percent but they are out of stock so im waiting =) I also found ordering out of state helps alot that will cut the cost 10 percent in itself.
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Hi Tom, the DT200 is the equivalent of the Z90-91?
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DT200 is the same as Z90 except it has a short throw lens
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Yes same machine, Z90 is a long throw and DT200 short.

Re Jeff Beck, I can watch it with bars one the sides since is native 4.3. (JB & Jennifer Batten Japan Tour). Right non anamorphic stuff like the original Star wars on laser disc is where it hurts.
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Hey Velvetpoet: Care to PM me with your good price? I have to wait awhile anyway.

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anyone compare this with those new lcd pjs? (AE500, Z2)
I wonder the lack of DVI input and lower res will hurt it in displaying hi-res. besides, the use of a vga adapter is no good in my view
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The vertical banding on LCDs like the AE500 makes the picture intolerable for me. Even if it was a 1080p LCD I couldn't stand vertical banding. The contrast and black level of DLP is so much better than LCD that having a little lower res is a better tradeoff for me. For people who have LCDs and don't have vertical banding and think the contrast is good enough for them then LCD might be better for you.

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Check that site out for a shootout with the Sanyo Z2.
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Thanks Guitarman. A bit hard to read but comparing the pictures. i perfer the h30.
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Paste the site here -

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