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Attention Phase Technology fans:

I just received my October 2010 issue of HOME THEATER magazine - check out page 72 !!
The PC 1.5's got a tremendous review (all 5 stars for performance, value, and build quality) and earned their "Top Pick" award. It was great to see them get this recognition finally.

Remember, I can beat the pricing of any brick & mortar store and ship directly from the factory to you. Please send me a message if you are interested in adding these or other Phase Tech speakers to your system. I'll help in any way that I can.

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We will be moving in the near future (if I can ever sell my house in this damned market) and a priority will be real space for theater (in our current house I have it in the family room, and there's really only room for a satellite system, so I have the KEF silver eggs).

I've been looking quite a bit into the possibilities for fairly full range speakers across the front. And I like the idea of three identical speakers. It looks like three of the PC 3.5s would be pretty spectacular. Anyone have or heard this setup?
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I have heard the PC 3.5's and they are indeed spectacular.
Three across the front would take things to a whole different level.
Let me know if you want additional specs or pricing info.

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So I've got a pair of old PT 3.5Ts that I listen to music with and am extremely happy with for what I paid. I want to put in some surround sound capability, but want to defer getting a fairly high end system and I am skeptical that I can find a bargain/ moderate set of speakers that I will like more than the PTs. Is is it going to be futile to try and find a center speaker that matches well with the 3.5s. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I would suggest going with the PC 33.5.
It will serve you well now and be there for the upgraded soundstage later on.
Send me a message if you want pricing on the 33.5 - I use that in my 5.1 surround system!

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I just picked up a PC-3.0 Soundbar from Jack @ Solon HD Install over the weekend (Thanks Jack!!!) & all i can say is "HMoG!!" It's a beautiful sounding musicial instrument of a speaker!!
I'm using it (for now) in place of the 3 separate speakers on the front end of my living room HT set-up to burn in & compare - Wow! Very dynamic and articulate sounding with no cheap processing feel to the music or movies. This one's going into my coffin when i die.
It was an expensive purchase for me to use in my bedroom, but since i already had the Marantz NR1501 receiver & a pair of PC-0.5's for surrounds, i can now happily say i have a system that will smoke all my friends stuff.
The prices may have gone up, but i think that the PC line from Phase Tech is a step above Paradigm, KEF, Polk etc.
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You cann't go wrong with the PC-3.0 soundbar. My client I did the install for was highly impressed with the tonal accuracy of the unit.

I am headed out to CEDIA on Friday morning and hear that there is some new product being released. From what my rep told me it would have been worth while to wait and see but my client is happy. I will try to take pics and post hear but there might be a few people that beat me to the punch.

Munroe, hope you continue to enjoy that PC-3.0 because it is definitely a great sounding speaker.
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Yes, take some photos of the new Phase stuff and keep us updated!
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Well just checked Twitter and CE Pro has already posted it. http://www.cepro.com/article/phase_t...When:19:17:43Z I believe there will be more to report and will do so if I am correct.
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Thats it? No press releases? Have they replaced the Velocity Line? Any pics?
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I just returned from the CEDIA expo and spent a lot of time at the Phase Technology booths. The Phase Velocity line is not being phased out, it has been transformed and improved. The look and sound of the speakers is exceptional as always.

From their brochure on new products for 2010:
Phase Velocity

Vapor Deposited Titanium woofers for a smooth and extended midrange
One inch silk blended soft dome tweeter
Black ash finish
Modern design with curved cabinets similar to the PC line
Absolute Phase crossover networks
On wall surrounds available that are switchable (bipole/dipole)

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By chance I found that my stereo sounds much better along the long wall instead of the traditional short wall. In the two years I have lived in my current home I have sold off a pair of PC1.1II and V8's. If you recall from some of my earlier posts I didn't like the V8's very much.
Upon moving the system over to the long wall, my ancient 7T's came to life and have provided many hours of great sound. A pair of V8's recently came up on Audiogon. I wanted to give them a second chance and I snagged them for $150 shipped. In the current setup the V8's are fantastic. Clear, detailed, musical, and miles ahead of the 7T's. These are really great speakers and I detract any prior negative comments I made about them.
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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this - I haven't been able to find much about Phase Tech speakers online. We have an old and somewhat neglected pair - the sound is OK, but suffers badly at any volume. I think this is because the lower cone is blown (see picture below). Is it worth having them repaired, and if so, is it a repair that would be easy to DIY?

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I wouldn't have them repaired as you could find a newer pair [used] for pretty cheap.
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About 5 years ago, I contacted Phase Technology about a blown speaker in one of my tower 9T's. I asked how much, if possible, it would be to replace the speaker inside of the cabinet. At the time, the speaker was at least 12 years old. They sent me a new one........free of charge. Just unscrew, switch wires and done. Wow!!! Now that's customer service. I don't know if I was just lucky, or this is their policy, but I'd give it a try. Then you could just wrap the speakers with new speaker cloth and you'll have good as new speakers.

A side note:
I have these speakers
Phase Tech 9T (pair)
Phase Tech PC-Center
Phase Tech Cl-10 Series IV-B in wall surrounds (pair)

I've decided to part with them, but I don't want to just give them away. All are immaculate. I would rate them acoustically as close to brand new and cosmetically 9.5 of 10. I have pampered these since I bought them brand new in about the mid 90's. They have been used very little. Give me a shout if anyone is interested.
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Attention Phase Tech fans,

No matter where you live I can help you with any questions that you may have. I have owned Phase Technology speakers for over 20 years and they impress me even more today than years ago. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.

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I have the velocity rear surrounds that I was planning on putting downstairs in the remodeled basement. Unfortunately, the beam I want to mount them on is about 2 inches too short and they don't meet wife's approval. Plus it could be a safety hazard There's a column I could mount it on, but that would put them in front of our seating location, so that's out.

So my question is, does anyone have a suggestion for rears that would go well with the phase tech brand? Need to find some substitutes.
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Hey PT fans,

I'm looking at a used set of PT speakers that consists of the following:

2 PC9.1
2 PC6.1S
1 PC33.1
1 Power 12B

They are in great shape. The guy is asking $850. I am frugal and extremely patient when it comes to these types of purchases. My question is whether a set like this can be found for less money. Does anyone have experience purchasing used Phase Tech speakers that could offer some guidance?

Also, does anyone know when they stopped manufacturing the PC9.1s?


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Skank, a local A/V place closed down about 5 years ago now, and their "going out of business" price for the 9.1s was $1,400/pr.
$850 for all of those is a STEAL in my opinion. If I were looking for a complete system, I probably couldn't resist that deal.

I believe they quit selling them in 2007ish. The 9.5s came out in 2008 I think. One of the dealers (Solon?) should be able to steer you closer.

Also Solon, I have a question for you that I think I already know the answer to.
Do you have, or know anyone that has, a pair of old PC8.5s in black? I have been looking on Craigslist, ebay, and garage sales everywhere and cannot find any ANYWHERE!

I have 10.5s, 6.5s, and a 3.1 II, a pair of 8.5s would complete my collection.
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Thanks for the info, Pyro. I purchased the speakers and, of course, they are amazing. I'm used to having to search long and hard for good deals on specific AV purchases but this one just popped up within about a week of the start of my search. I couldn't be happier. This forum is an amazing repository of info. On to the next hunt!

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Does anyone have an opinion on how to sell/market my Phase Technology speakers? They are immaculate!!!!

I have
9T (3 Way Tower: Pair)
PC Center
CI-10 IV-B (in wall: Pair)
Monster Cable M-Series (2 x 15 ft., 1 x 10 ft.)
I also have two replacement speakers for the 9T's (tweeter and woofer)

I was in contact with someone at Phase Tech recently and they told me that comparable speakers today would cost $2183.

I have a Craigslist ad (useless) and tried EBay, but shipping is killing it for me. Packing and Shipping from Indiana to California is at least $350. Phase Tech is such a niche market that I don't know what will work.

I'd be happy to get $350 for all, so someone is going to get a great deal.

Does anyone have an opinion on how I should properly market these and where?

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Someone I work with bought my speakers. All five Phase Tech speakers and a M&K sub for $325. He got a steal, but I needed to get rid of them.
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Can't help you with the 8.5's - sorry.

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Originally Posted by Solon-HD Install View Post

Attention Phase Tech fans,

No matter where you live I can help you with any questions that you may have. I have owned Phase Technology speakers for over 20 years and they impress me even more today than years ago. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.



I contacted Phase Tech through the website and they sent me a dealer location in san diego instead of san jose, probably just an oversight. Since then they haven't responded, it seems like a one-woman gig there.

I'm located in San Jose, CA, northern california. and I'm interested in the PC 9.5. I've heard fantastic reviews about them and they're at the top of my list. Also, I would consider used but I've yet to see any of them on sale.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated!

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The 9.5's should be at the top of a lot of lists but Phase Tech flies low under the audio radar in many ways. They are fantastic speakers and will serve you well for many, many years. I can help you for sure - just send me a private message and I'll help in any way that I can.

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just for the sake of discussion, what are the speakers that are most comparable to the PC 9.5s. either they are in the same price category?

I was originally comparing the Canton Vento 870, PSB Imagine, and Salk SongTower. The PC 9.5s percolated to the top of the list since the enormous feedback, any others to compare it too?
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I own a pair of Canton towers that are about the same price point and I prefer the Phase Tech's. Great soundstage, bass clarity, and a subtle warmth that the Canton pair do not have. I get provide details on great savings on the 9.5's if you are interested.
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Originally Posted by Solon-HD Install View Post

Attention Phase Tech fans,

No matter where you live I can help you with any questions that you may have. I have owned Phase Technology speakers for over 20 years and they impress me even more today than years ago. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.


I posted this before but had no bites...

I have a pair of PC-500's and a PC-3 (I think that is the correct model) as my front soundstage and they are still going strong. The only complaint I have is that when I turn the sub volume knob up or down there is a crackling sound coming from the sub. Any ideas as to what this could be?

Thanks for any help.
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Sounds like the potentiometer has oxidized in spots and you've got some bad spots on there now - I believe replacement is the only way to go...
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