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Z2, new dedicated Media Rm, imperfect smooth walls, need paint.  

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I have spent a couple of hours reading post from CRMA, scoob, MM and others with an eye toward turning my new wall, new media room, new house, new Z2 projector (hasn't arrived yet) into a reasonable alternative to all things new AND a $1600 screen. I know that here are some pretty good cost effective alternatives out there including Carada and others, but I wanted to see if there was a good starting point using paint and a flat black mitered frame. I thought things might be working toward a solution until everyone started to turn to glass.

While I greatly appreciate the obvious successive approximation toward the goal of seriously accurate color and particularly skin tone reproduction, I think I'm at a point where my need to get a reasonable picture on the wall in order to justify (to my wife) all the expense for the new wall and new media room for the new house outweighs my desire to continue watching the unfolding of what I am sure will be a dynamite new DIY screen to compete with and likely outdo the high dollar commercial offerings.

So... Given the fact that I have a new wall (imperfect smooth wallboard finish) that is currently painted a moss green (along with the rest of the room) in a dedicated, light controlled room and I am wanting to formulate a plan of attack that will result in a DIY screen that will work well with the attributes of the Z2 to deliver adequately dark blacks, bright whites and decent skin tones, I ask for advice on the following points:

Wall preparation: MM has outlined a pretty clear plan for making sure that the wall is flat and smooth. I think I can get that part done fairly easily. I am wondering, though, about the current moss green paint on the wall and what role that will play in affecting the final screen performance. Is there a difference between starting with a base coat on virgin wall board vs. board that has been painted a fairly (medium) dark green?

Paint formulation: Here is where my following of the threads led me to a point of some comfort only to go immediately into brain fart when things started getting glassy. I want to stay with simply painting the wall for now and am not sure if the formulation modifications that were evolving to varying degrees of satisfaction for various writers were suited for plastic, fiberboard, black cloth, plexiglass, mirrors or silly putty. All I want to do is find a starting formulation for my moss green, imperfect smooth wall. Misty Evening looks like it might be a good starting point, but the sample I picked up looks a bit too bluish which makes me fear too much effect on skin tone. My sense is that any number of factors can play into making the final application look less blue, but I don't know what those variables are or to what degree they interact to influence the final outcome. ME+ sounds like a possible compromise, but the formulation seems to have morphed quite a bit and I'm not sure I know which is the most current and I don't know if anyone has used it for conditions similar (or hopefully identical to) mine. MM's formulation seemed to make sense, but I think I got lost in the various cross posts and am not sure what formulation and application approach is the most recent and the most satisfying to MM (and others).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Some folks suggest using Behr Ultra Pure Flat white wall paint as a
starting point. If you are worried about covering the existing paint
then a good primer such as Kilz latex primer should work fine.

If you want to experiment with grey tinted paint then check here for
further help.


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You'd probably like the ME Lite formulation that someone proposed in my ME+ thread. I was getting ready to try that one when CMRA came up with his SD (and now the combined SD/MM). I lived with my straight ME screen for a few months before switching to ME+, and I still have that one. You won't be disappointed by skintones because your Z2 has all of the necessary controls to make the screen look the way YOU want. It's not difficult and you and the wife will be pleased. Don't forget to get a copy of the Avia or Digital Video Essentials disc.

Then when you read that the SD/MM solution has matured, you can switch to that one and the expenses that come with it (a few hundred $$).
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I just changed from ME to the MM mix. This is with a Z1. While I did some testing before painting over ME. The biggest thing between these 2 paints was skin tone. Skin tone was more realistic with the new MM. I think there would be that much difference but there was.

Any more questions let us know....
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Thanks for the replies. I think something along the lines of a G16 might be a safe start. The ME lite is also appealing. I think I'll do the screen panel in thirds and limit my experimentation to these two and probably the MM formulation. I'll post my results. Thanks again.

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A majority of people in this forum don't use acoustically transparent screens (perffed). Instead these are screens hung directly on a wall or from a ceiling with speakers beside, above, or below the screen. Therefore the paint on the screen has very little to do with the acoustics.
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