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From this months bill:

On or shortly after 10/8/12: NHPTV Prime will move from ch 11 to ch 2 and NHPTV Prime HD from ch 711 to 702, being replaced by NHPTV Explore HD on 711. NHPTV Explore will move from ch 312 to ch 11; WGBH 2 & HD 702 and WGBX 22 and HD 718 will no longer be carried. NHPTV is changing to better serve you. For more information go to NHPTV.org/updates

Looks like NHPTV is merging with the bigger WGBH, or something like that anyway, I don't fully understand it: http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/61383/wgbh-wants-to-be-your-master-control

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Lost WBZ TV 4.1 on QAM tuner this weekend. Comcast says that they no longer care about users with QAM tuners and will not fix the problem.

I am in Walpole, NH. Just spotted a Comcast repairman on the street and he said that we are on the Putney, VT headend.

I did the channel reset procedure on three TVs with different manufacturers tuners and they all lost WBZ. When I tune 4.1 , I get channel 56 CW. When I tune 56.1, the screen is blank.

Is this part of the FCC ruling to allow Comcast to scramble the broadcast channels?

thanks for any help.
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Here it is folks; the latest Comcast lineup per the bill that arrive today.. no new channels, but they did re-align the packages quite a bit:

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They still have WGBH there? I thought that got taken off.
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indeed the WGBH channel is gone now according to my MOXI. WENH 11.1 has all the WGBH 2.1 programming now, afaik.

also according what I see via my MOXI and a "phd-201" tuner as well, the latest list could be updated to include these channels which are viewable via clear-QAM for the 'limited basic' aka 'basic service' subscribers, or presumably also for those who pay for internet but pay nothing for comcast tv service:

- weather-channel, two of them, one in HD, one not.
- cspan2 is there as of a couple days ago. I don't recall seeing it previously 'in the clear'. seems new. and cool.
- cspan (#1) is still there like it 'always' was, but i don't see it listed in the above table.
- a couple of WBIN subchannels are present in addition to 50.1/WBIN. "50.3' shows a weather forecast all the time. 50.2 shows some perpetually useless and nonentertaining programming, iirc.
- 20.1 and 20.2 have the local-access channels for my town.

(fwiw, "SD" versions of all the HD channels appear in the "800" channel range on one of my other clear-QAM tuners, such that the 8XX channel number is 800 plus the normal/OTA channel number.)

thanks to wdwms for maintaining the channel list...
and if possible, wdwms, could you post here the link to your disney world info site here?
I would like to refer some folks to it and I suspect other readers here would find it useful...
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Just noticed new HD channel in Kingston, Speed Channel, up near 840, sorry am at work. Being a car guy, I appreciate it.
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Any idea as to whether NH Comcast (seascost area) has started encrypting all clear QAM channels? I still seem to be able to tune all of my network stations (with a basic cable subscription).
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7.1 and 7.2 were absent last night, as if they may have been the first clear-qam channels to be scrambled from the Londonderry headend.
I did not try a re-scan however.
Maybe they will be back tonight...
But if not, interesting that they disappeared just in time for first NFL game of the season.
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Same here , Comcast is making sure we must use a box frown.gif

What little I once got is no more , what little I still get will be gone , forever more.

Like the Raven , nevermore !
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Overnight I found the missing WCVB and WHDH HD channels had moved and are now channel 116 subchannels.
Evidently the psip data is such that they don't show up on their 'home' channel numbers any more.
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A few weeks ago the clear-qam channels channel numbers randomized a bit, and today they are all gone... Londonderry NH & vicinity. channel-scan picks up a comcast infomercial advertising/offering DTAs.

Time to go into the attic and swap out the old preamp (12 years) for a new one...
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Originally Posted by tveli View Post

...and today they are all gone... Londonderry NH & vicinity. channel-scan picks up a comcast infomercial advertising/offering DTAs.

So what is our best option Comcast offers given they've effectively neutered the QAM tuner in our TVs?
The Comcast website is not very helpful, all I want is a DTA that gives me what I had last week - that is full HD on the alphabet networks with my Basic Video service.
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good question, fraserf!
I'll be happy to work with you and folks on this forum to get a successful OTA setup if you go that direction...
Fwiw, I've had one HDTV "outlet" working via YAGI antenna since 2001. [ Channelmaster 4248 UHF antenna, no preamp, currently. ]
So that's my new "baseline" .

My goal is to get a bunch of DTVs working via same antenna & preamp via distribution-panel in basement.
But I have not made an iota of progress with the new (channelmaster titan 2) preamp, after sudden failure of the old preamp (winegard UHF-only). .

Possibly your goals are similar to mine but if not just let me know.
For your first step I recommend antennaweb.org & telling us how far you are from Needham, MA?
I'm >55 miles and get all the stations except 38 reliably - but only on one DTV - wired direct to antenna - without a preamp.

Another possible consideration, a 180 degree change from"cut the cord" direction, obviously:
- Upgrade comcast performance-starter internet (7Mbps, $50) to the new comcast bundle offered: blast plus HBO (25Mbps, $70/limited-time).
I think this comes with one free HD-tuner or cablecard.
I understand this new comcast package includes the OTA channels and many cable channels.
Also this comcast package includes non-HD DTAs for free or for $1 per month.
I'm not sure what the price of this package is long-term beyond the "N months for $70".

what do you think?
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After spending hours waffling between Dish and DirecTV I realized I was still going to need Comcast for internet, so yesterday afternoon I went into the Comcast location on Amherst Street in Nashua and stood in line for half-an-hour and talked to Jane. She knew exactly what I needed, it's an HD DTA. They were just getting them in so I said I'd come back later. She called me back about an hour later when I was driving but I had to get home to see the kids off the school bus so I went back today. Jane gave me 3 HD DTAs, each with HDMI and Coax outputs, HDMI cable, power adaptor, and XR2 remotes. (She immediately disabled the 3 analog DTAs I already had at home, I need to return them in the next few days.) I brought home the HD DTAs, hooked them up and they started to work after a minute or two. I then activated them (not sure what changed because of the activation)

I was a little peeved initially because I thought I was getting an SD picture scaled up by the DTA, but then I found the HD channels are in the 700 range - don't get confused with the aspect ratio settings until you've looked at the HD channels.

Afterwards I found this nice write up that includes links to the documentation from the original manufacturer of the DTA.
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sounds good, fraserf - nice timing picking up some of the first HD-DTAs.
i almost went to the same comcast office to sign up for HBO and get a dvr-box & DTA... But instead HD Homerun arrived from amazon (~$60)... HD homerun sure is cool. Easiest setup ever.
I hadn't used windows-media-center in quite a while - it's gotta be one of the best things about MS-Windows. I haven't found the right app to get HD homerun working with ipad/iphone yet however.
( Wouldn't it be the coolest if ipad/iphone could be a windows-media-extender... :| )
[ as shown in the above comments, seems I won't have much relevant to contribute to this thread unless i sign up for comcast TV service some day. ]
Best regards to all ...
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for those who had internet-only service and are considering to add comcast tv service, you may find the 'internet plus hbo' package to be a good value to consider.

it costs $20 to upgrade to internet-plus-hbo from performance-starter-internet ($50).
this adds 8 HBO+OTA channels and a low-def box, plus HBO GO, increases internet from 8Mbits to 30Mbits . per second.
i opted not to rent any box from comcast, only using the default non-hd explorer 2200. non-hd via composite video is fine for much material.
I'm using google chromecast & HBO GO when i want to watch HD HBO . also it adds xfinity streampix for a bunch more streaming movies which i haven't checked. (already got netflix) .

and as far as the old/previously unencrypted qam channels, they are encrypted now but are included with internet-plus-hbo service. including weather channel.
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