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Trying to watch the golf on INHD...freezes every 5-10 seconds here...totally unwatchable. Called in for a service call (they're coming tomorrow) to see if it's just me, but I think it's the headend.
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Any help, guys? Please check in.
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No issues here (7pm Hudson)
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Getting pixelation and freezing on the new channels to the point that it is unwatchable. Starz, HBO, and the others are all fine. I'm in Londonderry (8:00 PM)
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Here in CT, getting lots of pixelation on the HD Net channels and INHD channels. Unwatchable.
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I'm in Windham and haven't received any of the new channels yet. I called the local office Monday and they said they were having issues. I've been out of town and just got back home and still none of the new channels. Called the national 888 # and they sent a signal to my box but nothing yet. Will call local office again tomorrow but does anyone have any ideas to get the box working? Thanks.
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sarky....maybe your local office isn't making the channels live until they have all the pixelation issues, like the rest of us are having, are worked out.
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I haven't noticed any problems on any of the new or old HD channels since the first night the new stuff came on. Dunno why I wouldn't and you guys are.
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I watched CSI on CBS-HD last night and there was only one freeze-up which was not uncommon before they added the new channels. After CSI, I switched through all the new channels and watched them each for a few minutes and they were all fine. PQ isn't that great on HDMovies, but since they seem to show older movies, I doubt they can get the greatest PQ out of the source.

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My only problem is still the slight brightness pulses on INHD1 and INHD2.

If your stations are still black, check the splitter, if you have one. In my earlier posts, when I took the splitter out of the loop, the picture came on instantly. I was only missing the broadcast HD channels and NESN, and the splitter was affecting those. Bought a better splitter and that fixed the problem (at least that time). I have seen the issue since, but it was not the splitter those few times. I think they are having some signal strength issues for sure.
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Back in January, I switched all my splitters over to 2 GHz and added a broadband CATV amp (with available gain up to 2 GHz) so I guess that might be why I've never had any problems getting these channels.

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Originally posted by sarky
I'm in Windham and haven't received any of the new channels yet. I called the local office Monday and they said they were having issues. I've been out of town and just got back home and still none of the new channels. Called the national 888 # and they sent a signal to my box but nothing yet. Will call local office again tomorrow but does anyone have any ideas to get the box working? Thanks.

Try resetting the box (instructions posted by dj in an earlier post):
1. Unplug the power cord.
2. With the power cord unplugged, press and hold down the power and center ( small button in the middle of the volume and channel buttons) buttons at the same time, while still holding the buttons down plug in the power cord. After the display starts doing a count down you can release the buttons.
3. After the boxes finishes resetting itself (3 min or so), wait for the actual time to display (it first defaulted to 12:00 then updated to the actual time) then turn on the TV.
4. It will take a few minutes for the box to update the guides and channel info. then all should be working.
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Where did you get the splitters and the amp ?
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I did the same thing as Kevin, changed the splitters to 2 gig and added a bi direction amplifier. No trouble at all with digital channels. I put the amplifier on the incoming line before the 4 way splitter. The 3250 has a service mode where you can see the signal strength the box is receiving. I adjusted the amp so the box received +12db. Over amplifying the signal causes problems too.

Here is a link to thread on the 3250, for those that haven't seen it yet.


From the 3250 thread.

To get into diagnostics screens:
1. Press and hold the Enter button (the button in the middle of the arrow buttons) on the box (on the box, not the remote)
2. After about 5 seconds the mail light will come on
3. Let go of the Enter button
4. Press the Info button (again, on the box, not the remote)
5. A diagnostic screen will come on
6. Press page down (Page -) and page up (Page +) on the remote to scroll through the pages

The above is for boxes running the SciAtl interface. There's a different method for boxes running Pioneer Passport.

Some of the more usefull info includes signal quality measurements ... signal level, S/N ratio, errors per second, etc.

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A tech came today from A* and, naturally, there were no pixelation/dropout problems on the 770 tier while he was here. He took a reading on my signal coming in and said it was one of the best he's seen, so there's no problem there. He's going to let the engineers know about the problems we've had - it was helpful that I could tell him that customers in Londonderry and Prospect were reporting the same issues...AVS at it's best!
Thanks guys.
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Originally posted by sog3
Where did you get the splitters and the amp ?

The splitters are available anywhere that satellite stuff is sold. I bought some 2 GHz RCA models at Radio Shack and a Monster Cable model at CompUSA. I can't say who's is best. The Monster Cable ones certainly look nicer.

As for the amp, I would shop around. I got lucky in that I have a brother who used to install video conferencing gear so I got a nice Multiplex Technology Channel Plus DA-1000 for free, but I believe it's no longer available. They make a DA-520A that looks good and it runs around $100.

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Aw man.... the Red Sox game is coming in in stretched SD tonight! C'mon NESN, throw the switch!

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NESN doesn't broadcast Friday games in HD. If you go to NESN's website it tells you that Friday home games are excluded. I think it has something to do with UPN38 broadcasting in HD for those games.
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Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that as of this morning, all the HD channels are coming in really good here in CT. In fact, I'd have to say that right now they look the best that I've seen them, even HD Net looks better now than it did before they added the INHD channels. I hope this is now fixed for you guys in NH as well. I also hope that they have finally straightened things out, and they stay like this.
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Well, I guess I spoke too soon. The HD channels are back to their usual crappiness now.
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here in VT we just got the new channels in the guide last night. Today I noticed that on the channels labeled INHD1 and 2, they're actually showing hdnet and hdnet movies. On the hdnet channels, they're mimicing hbo and starz hd. ESPN hd is blank.
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Adelphia seems to be working on a lot of issues right now, concerning the addition of the new channels. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.
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FYI. I changed the F connector from the the cable to box and all now the HD channels are coming in fine. The only pixelation I get is at the end of movies when they run the credits. This is nothing new. It's been an on going thing. Just by changing the connector and making sure there was a good contact with the box, I gained an extra 5db of signal strength which seems to have made the difference.
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everything is on now and looks good.
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Yesterday into last night, I watched a lot of programming on my HD tier. The Red Sox game was a good as it gets (as usual) with regards to PQ. I watched a couple of shows on HDNet and InHD and the PQ was fine. Then, last night, I watched the season finale of "Alias" on ABC-HD. The audio was synchronized (Yeah!) but the PQ was terrible! Blacks were not black, they were patchy blobs of grey, some even pulsed. The was a lot of granular looking objects. Not very good. I played around with the cabling going into my STB but it didn't change it much.

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Anyone having problems with ESPN-HD tonight? I'm just getting a black screen. Don't care too much about the basketball game tonight, but hockey's on tomorrow!
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I dont have it either.
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Could you do me a huge favor and call it in? I called them tonight for the 4th time this week and I'd like them to know it's not just me! Thanks!
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ESPN-HD is back on now, but compared to the sox game it looks a little washed out. Still miles better than sd.
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I've got it too. I thought the game looked great here, even compared to the Sox. Great game as well!
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