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WMUR-HD (Channel 709) forgot to "throw the switch" last night and wound up broadcasting the SD broadcast over their HD channel. I kept hoping they would figure it out by after about 45 minutes and across 2 different shows (that are normally HD) I clicked it off.

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Well, now MUR-HD has no audio... it's beginning to look like they are having some trouble. Too bad because the picture for these hockey playoffs is stunning. Looks better than the NESN picture that the Bruins had.

EDIT: Still no audio last night here in Atkinson. Does anyone else have audio problems with MUR-HD? I doubt their offices are open today on Memorial Day so it will have to wait until tomorrow to call it in.

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Aw crap! The Stanley Cup Finals on WMUR-HD switched to the SD broadcast right in the middle because of audio problems again. Is this happening to everyone with WMUR-HD or just Adelphia customers out of the Londonderry office?

BTW, if they would just keep showing the HD picture with no audio, I'd be all set. I just play the audio from my SD VCR and it's OK. Well, the delay would suck for a show but for play by play, the delay isn't noticeable.

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Kevin: Same problems here. I was away for the long weekend, but was looking forward to the hockey game last night. I called MUR News, they transferred me to engineering control. He said that because they're having problems with their new audio encoder, he was told to stay with the SD broadcast. Sure hope they figure this out before tomorrow night's game.
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OK, I have a basic question here. I mentioned a few weeks back about the slight pulses of brightness on INHD and INHD2. It is also showing up on ABC-HD. It does not happen with any other stations. (BTW, it also is apparent when using the non HD input using S-Video on the TV, so I know it isn't a cabling or input hardware issue).
My question is-why??? I thought it may be the 720p, since ABC has it, but INHD is supposed to be 1080.
I have the 40XBR800 from Sony, and do not have the scrolling bar problem (anymore), so that isn't it.

I am going to try and change the picture settings to get around it, but was hoping for some help?
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Rich, I have a Sony XBR and I had a pulsing brightness. I found the thread here on the AVS Forum and went into my service menu and flipped that bit. I've never had that problem again. BTW, the best way I found to see this problem was to tune in PBS-HD during the day when there was a black screen (no programming). I could see this white pulse across the screen easily then.

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Are you talking about the scrolling white bar? That is gone. The HDPT fix was performed.
When I am on an HD station, and power off the cable box, I get no pulses or anything. I think (hope) my brightness settings are off. The weird thing is even in S video, which should be 480, these HD stations (709, 774, and 775 only) show the problem. It is the whole screen the pulses ever so slightly. Does that sound like the same problem you saw? If so, and you fixed it in the service menu, can you point me to that thread?

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Rich, with my box off, regardless of the channel, I do not see any artifacts. It may be your box. Maybe you can get a new one from Adelphia? BTW, I use the DVI input to my Sony if that helps.

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does anyone know if these nifty adelphia HD channels such as nesn, espn, inhd1, inhd2, hdnet are curently broadcast in "clear QAM' or are they scrambled. someone out there with adelphia must have a TV with built-in QAM tuner, or an LG-3410 ?
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While WMUR and the other OTA availables MAY be in the clear, I highly doubt any of the other HD channels (HDNET et al.) are. I highly doubt that even the networks are.
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In Sandwich, MA, only the networks are in the clear QAM, all others are scrambled. FWIW
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Anyone have problems with the 'new' HD channels (hdmvs etc) this weekend or is it just me? I haven't checked today but as of last night HBO/SHO/MAX were fine but the new ones were wacky.
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Actually, the new stations were better for me-774 and 775 were no longer having the pulsing brightness changes. It may have been my tweaking the TV, but I was happy with the picture on all HD stations.
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no problems here last night & today (from what I've seen).
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Hrmmm, I know I have marginal cabling in the house...I bet the new channels use a higher frequency or some such thing and I did something to piss it off. Thanks Perrycom.
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On an unrelated note, what are you guys using for display devices? I'm debating a new projector and a little shootout would be nice

I have: LT150 with a 119" dalite hipower. The SA3250 and an HTPC with a hipix are my primary display devices. I also use laserdisc.
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I have a Samsung RP 43" DLP that we're very happy with in our relatively small living room. The DLP technology is also used in projectors.
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Hello All
Haven't posted in a while and stumbled on this thread while researching my move back to cable from satellite. Once NESN HD appeared I began selling off my sat equipment immediately. I was in the Londonderry office recently and they said the HD PVRs were due to arrive in a few weeks. They blamed the manufacturer. I asked about a waiting list and she looked at me cross eyed . Is there such a list? Any word out there on the ETA of these much awaited boxes?
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Thats typical-when HD was rolling out, I called and they said there's no waiting list, there's enough equipment for anyone interested. A few weeks go by, I buy an HD TV, and call up and they say not only is there a waiting list, but the original wait list got all the equipment, and I went on the second wait list for the next hardware shipment.
I would keep calling every few days if you are really interested. I'm going to wait until it the service is well established.
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I'm trying to find out about the HD-DVR, but my management contact w/A* is no longer there. As of a few weeks ago, only the SD-DVR is available. From what I've heard, it's going to be a SA 80gig box. They're also about to launch their VOD, so they may be a bit distracted...

Oh well...with the channels we've got, I'm still a happy camper!
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Right now I have 2 boxes on my tv, the sd dvr and the hd box. I tell you what, we'll never give up that dvr. What a great invention. I cant wait until the hddvr comes out. My SD box is a little buggy, I hope the HD one is stable.
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That's weird... I called about a week after the HD came live and walked in that afternoon to pick up my HD box. Anyone know how the on demand channels will/do work? They've been on the guide for a while now but I'm 'not authorized' yet I subscribe to basically everything.
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Originally posted by Troubleshooter
That's weird... I called about a week after the HD came live and walked in that afternoon to pick up my HD box. Anyone know how the on demand channels will/do work? They've been on the guide for a while now but I'm 'not authorized' yet I subscribe to basically everything.

Trob - Not sure we're talking about the same thing...you already have an HD-DVR? Thought they only had SD available at this point.

As for the VOD, they're still testing it out before offering it, but a Tech told me he didn't think any of the on demand offerings included HD programming. However...they've been known to be ill-informed...we'll see. They should be close to rolling it out.
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Yep I misunderstood, Thought it was referring to standard tuners, not DVR's. Personally I'd rather just have a HD box with firewire out to record to a PC. After using the hipix for so long, I take the recording ability for granted.

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Found out about the HD-DVR box. The model is Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8010- HD/DVR combination converter. It has 160 gigabytes of hard drive capacity- it can store 115 hrs of standard programing or 15 hours of HD programming.

It's supposed to be available near the end of June/beginning of July. Anyone interested should call customer service *shudder* and asked to be placed on the waiting list. Cost will be $4.95/mo. in addition to what you're currently paying for the HD box. Not a bad deal, IMO.
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Great news on the HD DVR. Question : how do I get on the waiting list, call the local office or the national number? Anyone know whether archiving to DVHS is possible with that box via firewire?
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Try calling the local office, but they've changed/consolidated their call centers to Buffalo. If you don't get anywhere with them, best bet would be to stop into the Londonderry office.

As for firewire, I don't think it's enabled as yet. Needs a software update not available until later in the year, according to this website:
(go to Explorer's Club/FAQ's)
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Does anyone have the number to the Londonderry office ? The 429 0848 is disconnected. I bet I am better off anyway dropping in.
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Did anyone else's STB start acting different recently? Last night, it came up with a fixed output (720i maybe?). Very weird as I have had it set to "Auto DVI" since the day I got it hooked up. In fact, I don't think the output format could be changed before. Maybe new firmware?

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My STB did the same thing. Also was ER in HD last night? I had to "Zoom" the image which normally I don't have to.
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