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Bay Area KPIX and KQED problems  

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For unknown reasons, I have been having a lot of problems getting KPIX and KQED in the last two weeks or so. The signal strength is bouncing up and down (79% to 0%). Sometime the reception is very weak between 6-7 pm but around 8 PM, it improves. I don't have this problems with other stations. Even channel 11 comes in pretty well with 50% signal strength.

I went over to my dad's house on friday night and he had the same problems and he lives in direct line of sight from Sutro Tower in the Sunset district.

Is anyone experiencing this problem?

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Both are working fine at my end. Have you checked your rig?
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The equipment are fine. The problem appears to be related just to KPIX and KQED. I think these two stations transmit from the same section of Sutro Tower. These two channesl are working fine tonight.
I though it might be multi path problem but my dad has the same problem and he has direct line of sight to the tower w/o any obstructions only five miles away form the tower.
I don't what the problem is but I hope it behaves long enough for the Suprer Bowl.
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I am line of sight (and nearly at same elevation) as Sutro Tower - on Mt San Bruno. Although KQED's signal has always been weaker than other stations since I started receiving DTV two years ago (KQED 70% - others 82%), since the seismic work began KQED has dropped to 50% or less - whenever they are broadcasting. All other stations remain higher than 80%.

Also, curiously, KCSM - which until recently has been unwatchable in spite of a strong 75% signal - has suddenly become watchable within the past week or so.
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Originally posted by Mr Fixit
Also, curiously, KCSM - which until recently has been unwatchable in spite of a strong 75% signal - has suddenly become watchable within the past week or so.
I noticed the same thing with KCSM-DT. They've also switched their channel to 60-1 instead of the 43-1. The signal is much better - like they've gone to full power.
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I'm getting KCSM fine now, in constrast to a few weeks ago. They are not multi-casting now: I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
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I was attempting to watch KCSM-DT last night and had major problems with low signal plus they where showing up on 43-1 and 60-1.
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We had similar problems when we started receiving OTA HD signals from the Bay Area. We live in El Cerrito - the towers have a little bit of mountain and house blockage from our line of site. (We can see the south end of GG Bridge, but NOT Sutro Tower.) Anyway, we started with an indoor antennae. We had symptoms as you explained -- some stations came in at 80-90% and other (KQED) came in at 65% or worse - causing major dropouts. They were worse once the sun went down.

We then decided to install a Roof-mount antennae. That helped immensely for most stations - got 95-100% on nearly everything -- except maybe 2 or so stations. When we moved the antennae to bring in the 2 that weren't strong, the other 5 or so would now experience 40-50% ... wierd, considering they all come from Sutro, RIGHT? Again, night time was the worse when we experienced the dropouts.

Well, what we figured out is that we were receiving signal "reflections" - our antennae in its optimal state - wasn't even pointing at Sutro ... but rather it was off by about 15 degrees (East). So we went out an purchased a 16 foot pole (Radio Shack - $13) and got the antennae up as high as we could. This has pretty much solved this problem. We pick up all the major stations now -- and they're all in the 90+ range (mostly 100) even at night ... (except when they're doing that damn retro-fit work).

Good luck.
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I spoke too soon. KCSM is back multi-casting and the signal looks crappy and the signal level is bouncing up and down again.

We got their March program guide the other day, and it says they are killing their analog transmission on channel 60 to save money. If the digital situation doesn't get better, I'm out of KCSM.
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I haven't noticed any reception problems on any of the digital channels lately. I have to use two different antennas to get everything, but we've learned which one to use to get which stations. We have an A-B video switch to go from one antenna to the other.

I now receive 19 digital stations, including the ones in Marin and on Mt. Diablo. I'm located on the hill between the Castro and Noe Valley in San Francisco.

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You've had not problems with KNTV-DT 48.2? The last week or so, you'll be tuned into 48.2 and my tuner (sirt150) will randomly flip to 48.1. I've been watching 48.2 flawlessly since it came on line. But this week I've been observing this problem. Eventually last night (after 10pm) I couldn't even get 48.1.

Thanks for your info.

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